All of us love to travel, and these days most companies seek a room on an hourly basis for their meeting and professional requirements. So, the most asked question with respect to travel and professional commitments is, ‘can we book a room on an hourly basis?’ The answer to this question is a resounding YES! Hourly hotels in Delhi will not be only sleeping sanctuaries, but, from now on, they can also be placed for temporary stay-ins. Wow! Isn’t that the best news?

Not only professionals but travelers too can book rooms on an hourly basis with MiStay. What's more, even if you are not travelling, you can still take a break for a few hours from your regular routine by booking a room for a few hours. Read on this blog to see which are the 5 Couple-Friendly Hotels in Delhi that Offer Affordable Accommodation.

Book Dayuse hotels in Delhi whether you are a professional, student, or couple. Source: Frotels

Advantages of Day use hotels in Delhi

From a hotelier’s viewpoint, the best advantage of couple-friendly hotels for unmarried couples  in Delhi is increased revenue. There are a lot of reasons why guests may want to book a room on an hourly basis. A day room, and by giving them the flexibility to do so, a hotelier can instantly tap into the extra revenue without having to make any substantial alterations to the operations or even the property. Services of Day use rooms in Delhi are also a boost to the other services provided by a hotel. If you have a restaurant, on-site bar, gym, spa, or any other service which is bookable, then the increased footfall significantly enhances the likelihood of use.

Day use hotels in Delhi are a boom these days. This facility has a lot of advantages for travelers as well as hoteliers. Let us take a look at a few of the advantages that Day use hotels offer:

Flexible check-outs and check-ins: When you book a regular hotel stay, there is always a fixed time for your check-in and check-out. However, if you opt to book rooms in hotels for a few hours in Delhi, then you have the flexibility to check in and out as and when you please. There are no hard and fast rules. Just bored of following the same old routine every day, all you need to do is check into a hotel for a few hours all by yourself or a loved one and get that much-desired break you deserve. If you are in town just to attend a meeting for a few hours, then all you need to do is book a Day use hotel, attend the meeting and get back. That’s how easy it is.

Business: WFH does not only refer to Working from Home, but it can mean working from anywhere, including a hotel room. Working from a hotel room is a more attractive plan for a workday than having to work from an office desk. It means you can also access the private, quiet space that is great for meetings, and not to forget, when you are required to take a break then, you can access the hotel’s facilities right away. Take a sneak peek at some of the best hourly hotels in Delhi and see yourself working from one of their comfortably stylish rooms up in your beds.

Budget-friendly: Have you ever been in a scenario where, while travelling, you have a layover for like 10 to 12 hours and need to spend that time in the airport? Uncomfortable right? You have hourly hotels in Delhi for your rescue. All you have to do is pay for the number of hours you book the micro stay for and be comfortable. In fact, Hyderabad is another popular location in India, so you can go for hourly hotels in Hyderabad.

Local Stays: Imagine a scenario where you are living in Delhi and have to meet someone or take appear for an exam at an exam centre. We bet you cannot imagine yourself travelling all stressed and nervous trying to navigate through the traffic jams. You now have an easy option- all you need to do is leave early and book a hotel hourly. Booking a short stay by booking the room hourly near the exam centre or workplace makes it extremely feasible and does not exert much. Bangalore is well known for its traffic woes, so you can book hourly hotels in Bangalore too.

Romance: One of the most classic romantic getaways will always remain a night in the hotel, but why does it only have to be the night and not the day? Whether it is a Valentine’s treat, an anniversary gift, or a surprise only, there is always an excuse to book a room in hourly hotels in Delhi. Give your partner the time they deserve and do something away from the routine.

Luggage Room: When you live in a place like Delhi, there are so many beautiful places to visit. Now, the thing about long drives is that when you select a place for sightseeing, you do not want to carry your luggage to each place with you. The solution to this problem is to book a room on an hourly basis. You can leave your luggage in a room while you enjoy your sightseeing trip. All you have to do is to pay for the number of hours you have kept your luggage in the room for.Dayuse rooms are definitely beneficial to travellers. However, they also help to bring in additional business to the hoteliers. Generally, stays extending for a few days are common; however, a short stay for a few hours helps to attract a lot of crowds with diverse needs. Thus, dayuse rooms in Delhi are very beneficial to both the hotelier and the traveller.

Hourly hotels in Delhi

Do you want to book a hotel in Delhi for a few hours? Following is a list of the 5 Day use Hotels for unmarried couples in Delhi that Offer Affordable Accommodation.

  1. Vibe By The LaLiT Traveller
  2. The Grand Udhav
  3. DE Pavillion Hotel, Delhi
  4. Hotel Royal Saffron
  5. Gallivanto Inn

What we love about Day use hotels in Delhi

Discounted rates: A key part of the day use hotels are the discounted rates most of them offer for expensive hotel rooms. In fact, according to recent studies, deals from hourly hotels in Delhi are almost 80% cheaper than most night rates. This is indeed a win-win for both the customers as well as the hotel owners. Instead of having the room lying empty, they can rent it out and gain revenue, and customers get to experience luxury at discounted rates for their micro stays.

Last-minute hotel bookings: With Dayuse hotels, customers can make last-minute hotel bookings. These hotels have numerous booking windows that enable one to book the hotel on a same-day basis. This is also a simple solution for travellers who often go to business meetings in other cities on a daily basis. Mumbai usually has great discount options, so do check for couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai.


On the whole, we really recommend booking day use rooms in Delhi with MiStay as there are great options of hotels available within budget, and this trend seems to be growing quickly. Modern travellers are the most flexible than ever, and they need easy, quick and easy access to budget-friendly hotels for their short stays. For such purposes, do check out MiStay to book hourly hotels in Delhi.