Holi, the festival of colours, is a grand celebration that is eagerly awaited by people all over India. Pune, a city in Maharashtra, is no exception. Every year, the people of India look forward to celebrating the celebration of Holi, which is also referred to as the festival of colours.

The city of Pune, which is located in the state of Maharashtra in India, is not an exception. This city is well-known for its celebrations of Holi, an ancient Hindu festival in which people colour each other, dance to the music of a live band, and eat delicious food. The city of Pune has a wide variety of events, ranging from exclusive resort-hosted galas to low-key neighbourhood celebrations, so there is something here for everyone. In this article, we will provide you with more information on some of the top Holi party venues in Pune so that you may make the most of your stay there and Drop your bags off at one of the many couple-friendly hotels in Pune and go out to one of these not-to-be-missed Holi party spots.

8 Best Holi Party Places in Pune in 2022 - Time, Date, Entry Fee and More
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Wearing white and allowing oneself to be bathed in color is one way to really experience the exuberance of the Holi festival. The Indian festival of Holi, which is also referred to as the Festival of Colors, is a time that is filled with a lot of celebration and pleasure. It is a celebration that pays homage to the victory of good over evil as well as the beginning of spring. If your travels lead you to these Holi spots in Pune, India, you may check into a hourly hotels in Pune, drop your baggage, and spend a few hours taking colourful pictures that will look great on Instagram.

Pune, Maharashtra's capital, is no different. The following are some of the most popular Holi party venues in Pune, which are ideal for celebrating the spring festival.

Rang Barse, The Corinthians Resort and Club

Rang Barse is the name of the massive party that is hosted by The Corinthians Resort and Club in celebration of Holi. All night long, in addition to complimentary alcoholic drinks and food, there will be a live DJ and a rain dance. The resort hosts pool parties and draws its colour inspiration only from the natural world for its aesthetic. The exclusive Corinthians Resort and Club can be found in the city of Pune in the state of Maharashtra. The resort has 25 acres of beautiful landscaping and first-rate services. The vacation destination is well-known for its ability to host large-scale events and celebrations, such as the Holi festival referred to as Rang Barse. Reserve dayuse rooms in Pune catering to unwed couples, drop off your belongings, and go on to this beautiful place to enjoy the best holi party in the area.

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Rang Barse is an event that absolutely cannot be missed if you find yourself in Pune since it features live DJ music, a rain dance, as well as free beverages and food. The resort only makes use of natural colours, ensuring the guests' comfort and safety at all times. The resort also throws a pool party, which is perfect for those who want to unwind after a night of partying and dancing at the club or bar. In the event that you are looking for a venue to have a spectacular and remarkable Holi party in Pune, The Corinthians Resort and Club is an excellent choice. There is a special category of hotels called "hotels for a few hours in Pune" that cater to visitors who are just in town for the holi celebrations but still want a clean, well-maintained place to sleep.

The O Hotel

The O Hotel's Holi pool party is all the rage amongst the locals. There will be natural hues, live acts, a plethora of tasty beverages, and the sounds of renowned DJs. Pune's Koregaon Park is home to the 5-star O Hotel. Accommodations, cuisine, and amenities at this hotel are among the finest in the city. The hotel's Holi pool party in Pune has live music from famous DJs, natural colours, and plenty of food and drink. Music performances and  a rain dance floor will keep the party going all night long. After holi party, you can check into hotels for unmarried couples in Pune  which offer specially designed rooms that provide maximum privacy and security, ensuring that couples can enjoy their stay without any interruptions or disturbances

8 Best Holi Party Places in Pune in 2022 - Time, Date, Entry Fee and More
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One of the most opulent and exclusive Holi parties in Pune takes place every year at the O Hotel. The hotel's pool area serves as the setting for the event, which is a bright and boisterous celebration. The Holi celebration at The O Hotel is a widely anticipated event in Pune and draws a mixed mixture of residents and foreigners. The O Hotel's Holi pool party provides a choice of thrilling activities, including live music by prominent DJs, rain dance, and limitless food and beverages. To make sure that visitors are safe, the hotel only uses natural dyes.

Food and drink for the event have been carefully selected to complement the theme of the celebration; options range from Indian and international fare to a selection of cocktails and mocktails. The party is aimed to create a lively and bright environment, with decorations, lighting, and music adding to the overall experience. Those seeking a high-class Holi party with the who's who of the city need look no farther than this exclusive affair.

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Overall, people in need of a high-end and extravagant Holi party in Pune should make their way to The O Hotel. The hotel's poolside location, complete with live music and a well crafted cuisine, is likely to be a hit with guests of all ages.

Holi Cow, Pancard Club

Its famous Holi celebration, Holi Cow, is held annually at the Pancard Club, a luxury resort in Pune's Baner Hills. Festival-goers of all ages, including residents and visitors, will enjoy this event. Guests of all ages will have a fantastic time at this resort because to the wide variety of exciting and fun things they may participate in while they are there. There is an enormous rain dance floor, live DJ music, food vendors, and free beverages during Holi Cow at Pancard Club. In order to keep its visitors safe, the resort only uses natural dyes. There will be a special area set aside for children, complete with face painters, tattoo artists, and balloon artists, as well as other exciting activities. My best activity is to book hourly hotel in Pune after holi party which helps me to freshen up quickly and get ready for the next place.

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The resort's setting atop Baner Hills is part of its appeal; guests may enjoy beautiful views of the city as well as the surrounding forest. The resort provides an alluring package for families that includes lodging, meals, and entry to the Holi celebration. If you're searching for a kid-friendly Holi party in Pune, Holi Cow at Pancard Club is a fantastic option. The resort's many amenities, including a special play area for children, guarantee a good time for all ages.

Royal Holi Bash, Royal Orchid Golden Suites

The Royal Holi Bash is an exclusive event hosted by the Royal Orchid Golden Suites. The event features live music, food and drinks, and a range of exciting activities. The hotel also offers an attractive package for those looking for a luxurious Holi experience.

Guests of Pune will find the Royal Orchid Golden Suites to be the epitome of comfort and elegance in Kalyani Nagar. The hotel throws a private Holi celebration, known as the Royal Holi Bash, for its guests every year. There will be a variety of fun things to do during the event, all of which contribute to the party atmosphere that has been planned. Live music, delicious food and beverages, and fun activities like rain dancing, face painting, and henna art are just some of the highlights of the Royal Holi Bash at Royal Orchid Golden Suites. To make sure that visitors are safe, the hotel only uses natural dyes. To book hourly hotel in Pune after party, It is essential to check the hotel's policies before booking to ensure that they are genuinely couple-friendly and do not have any hidden rules or restrictions that could make the stay uncomfortable or unwelcoming.

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There will be a carefully selected menu of Indian and other dishes, as well as beverages and mocktails, available for purchase during the event. If you're searching for a high-end Holi experience, the hotel has a package that includes lodging, meals, and entry to the celebration. Kalyani Nagar is one of Pune's more affluent areas, and the hotel's position there contributes to its high-quality service, beautiful vistas, and elegant atmosphere. If you're searching for a high-end and elegant Holi party in Pune, the Royal Holi Bash at the Royal Orchid Golden Suites is a fantastic option. The hotel's varied offerings, well selected meal, and tempting package ensure that guests of all ages have a fantastic time.


In conclusion, Pune has a wide variety of great spots for Holi celebrations. You may find accommodations to suit every taste or budget, from romantic boutique inns to kid-friendly beach getaways. Some of the best Holi parties in Pune can be found at the O Hotel's opulent pool party, Pancard Club's family-friendly Holi Cow, and Royal Orchid Golden Suites' elegant Royal Holi Bash. Live music, the "rain dance," and other fun activities keep visitors delighted at these Holi events.

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Safeguarding guests' health with natural hues, while elevating the experience with carefully crafted cuisines and bar offerings. The Holi celebrations in Pune provide something for everyone, from opulent adult-only affairs to kid-friendly events. Simply put, the Holi parties in Pune are a blast, and they're a great way to enjoy the festival of colors with your loved ones. Get up, book any couple friendly hotel in Pune dressed up in white and get ready to have a ball at one of the best Holi parties in Pune!