In 1876, the king of Jaipur, Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II, ordered to paint Jaipur with musty pink color. He wanted to show his hospitality to his coming guest Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's husband. And what's more welcoming than the color of hospitality, pink?

Since then, hospitality has been a part of Jaipur. Home decor is an important ingredient of hospitality. That's why Jaipur is a hub for home decor items. You can find different varieties of home decor items that can become a pride of your home.

Welcome to the Pink City, Jaipur (Image Source: Unsplash, Swaroop Sathee)

So, what are you waiting for in home decor enthusiasts? Pack your bags, book an hourly hotel in Jaipur for your stay & shop for your home beauty! In the blog, you can learn about the types of home decor items you can shop for in the Jaipur Market.

Let's start with decor items available in Jaipur for your Drawing Room.

I. Drawing Room Decor Items

A drawing room is the most visited place in your house, so the decor of the drawing room must be top-notch. In Jaipur, you can find a variety of sophisticated home decor items for your drawing room. You can go for abstract wall hangings. These hangings can be a medium size rope style with miniature horses, camels, or elephant structures, or canopy styled with artistic Rajasthani designs.

You can buy wooden wind chimes with bells & Jaipuri-printed wall clocks for your drawing room's wall. There is a variety of chandeliers available for the roof. You can also sparkle your drawing room with decorative vases, wooden swans, Rajasthani style painted plates, paintings, and beautifying planters.

Colourful Wall Hangings (Image Source: Unsplash, Ibrahim Rifath)

So, what are you waiting for? Book a hotel for a few hours in Jaipur for your relaxing stay & shop these adorning home decor items for your drawing room. You can also book an hourly hotel in Delhi, reach Jaipur in around 4 to 5 hours, and shop for these fancy items.

II. Kitchen Decor Items

Home decor enthusiasts, it's the time to explore kitchen home decor items. You can enhance your kitchen's beauty by adorning blue pottery items. There are different sizes & qualities of tumblers available in the Jaipur market. You can use these tumblers for storing lentils & cereals.

You can keep Rajasthani-styled dinner set crockery, wooden & blue pottery trays, a collection of beautiful coffee mugs, and wooden coaster sets on your kitchen shelves. Deck up your fridge with fridge magnets. You can also lift the mood of a kitchen by keeping an indoor plant in alluring planters from Jaipur.

So, don't miss out on your chance! Schedule your stay in an hourly hotel in Jaipur, and buy these beautiful products for your home. You can also visit Ajmer's Naya Bazaar for shopping, as it's 2.5 hours far from Jaipur. Make sure to book a hotel for a few hours in Ajmer for a comfortable stay.

III. Dining Table Decor Items

Decorative Table Covers & Sheets (Image Soure: Unsplash, Ibrahim Rifath)

For prettifying your dining table, you can buy blue pottery-based salt bowls & black pepper bowls, Jaipuri printed table clothes, and food plates' covers. You can find specially designed adorable pickle tumblers and elegant designed small sauf (fennel seed-shaped mouth fresheners) for your dining table. You can also find vases, candle stands & other unique showpieces to be put on the table that adds grace!

So, when are you visiting? Book hotels for a few hours in Jaipur for your economical stay, and buy these exquisite pieces to add glamour to your house!

IV. Bed Room Decor Items

Shining Lamps (Image Source: Unsplash, Derek Story)

Now, It's the time to deck up your safe abode, your bedroom. You can find sangria-printed bedsheets for your bed. You can keep Jaipuri-printed night lamps at your bedside. For your bedroom's walls, you can get beautiful pattern-based wall hangings, abstract paintings & wall clocks. For room corners, buy charming planters, candle stands, or vases. You can also find adorable door knobs and mirrors for room decor.

So, pack your bags, travel hassle-free by booking hourly hotels in Jaipur, and buy these unique bedroom home decor items. You can also book a hotel for a few hours in Delhi, and then visit Jaipur for shopping these items.

V. Miscellaneous Decor Items

Embellished Blue Pottery Showpieces (Image Source: Unsplash, Daniel Brubaker)

Other than these specific room-based items, you can also buy various other items that can have an indirect impact on the decor of your house. You can buy decorative bangle storage bags & boxes, statues of idols, bathroom hangings, puppets, colorful turbans, umbrellas, decoration bottles & plates, and wedding envelopes.

You can also add Ajmer to your shopping list when visiting Jaipur. Due to Ajmer's 130 kilometers distance, you can travel & book an hourly hotel in Ajmer and shop for your home decor.

Final Words

Till now, you must have learned about the variety of home decor items available in Jaipur. Special blue pottery items are the crown of the Jaipur market. Intricate paintings & block carvings are artistically drawn in almost every item available here! It is interesting to observe the colorful nature of these objects sold here. Mostly these are of vibrant colors, either blue, red, yellow, pink, or green.

The awesome part is their prices! The cost of these home decor objects is so reasonable that you can buy them for yourself & even gift them to your family members too! Bapu Bazar, Johri Bazar, and Aravali Bazar are your go-to places in Jaipur. One thing more, remember to bargain in these markets! Yes, you heard it right! If bargaining is your art, these bazaars are your forte. Just start the negotiation with the half price that the shopkeeper has said.

Needless to say, for your economical & comfortable stay, book hotels for a few hours in Jaipur and shop for these unique Jaipuri home decor items.

Till then, Happy Shopping! Do let us what are you go to shop for in Jaipur?