They say the D in Delhi stands for delicious, and no one can challenge that statement. Delhi has always been a food heaven and a go-to place for many just for its amazing food. Apart from being the capital of India, Delhi is also considered the Paratha capital of India. It's not uncommon for bloggers to book a hotel in Delhi near famous paratha places, so they can go on food walks. So if you're planning to visit Delhi, and love paranthe dripping with butter (who doesn't?) make sure to give these 9 paranthas places a try.

1. Paranthas Wali Gali

The myth, the legend, Parantha Wali Gali. If you know one place from this, it's going to be this one. This little lane near Chandni Chowk is the 7th heaven for paranthas consisting of 4 shops that serve all kinds of paranthas you can think of. Aloo, panner, Chicken, peas, muli, you name it, everything is available here. Parantha Wali Gali is quite a famous place all over India, so getting a sight of a politician or celebrity isn't surprising at this place. If you're staying near a hotel in Chandni Chowk, this place is a must-visit.

2. 18 Paranthe Wale

This place is famous for serving huge paranthas that can stuff any normal human being. Apart from its big paranthas, 18 Paranthe Wale also serves more than 18 paranthas contrary to what the name might suggest, offering a variety of option for its visitors. With irresistible aroma, it is hard to miss this shop when passing by the Greeb Park metro entrance. Once you have followed the irresistible smell and ordered your choice of parantha, watch your food being prepared in front of your self and bone Appetit on the big boy.

3. Gulati

Unlike the other places on this list, Gulati a more premier choice hence they do things a bit differently. The paranthas at Gulati are infused with your choice of ingredient. Some of the scramtious are  Lal Mirch ka Parantha, Hari Mirch ka Parantha to Ajwani Parantha, and Pudina parantha . They also have one of the best butter chicken in the town, as voted by multiples places, so prepare yourself for a heavy mean when you're visiting Gulati.

4. More Than Parathas

A must visit place traditional India eatery, with huge variety of Paranthas. More than Paranthas is famous for for it's Rajashthani food, and the jodhpur garlic parantha is a proof of that statement. A very good choice for family dinner, with great ambience and delighful food. The size of each parantha is quite generous, and most people would be stuffed by only one. The place also offers delivery, in case you're want to have from parantha in the comfort of your hotel in Delhi.

5. Not Just Parathas

Do you love to slowly indulge your parantha in a good ambiance while trying new stuff? Then this is your place. Not Just Paranthas is one of the legendary parantha places in Delhi, that serves amazing food, which is not just limited to Paranthas. The chur Paranthas of here is quite famous here, but perhaps the most unique Parantha here is the Sharabi Parantha. This parantha is soaked with alcohol overnight and stuffed with dry fruits to give it bitter-sweet taste. While serving some rum is poured over it, so it can be mildly set on fire for a standout presentation and a smoky texture.

6. Moolchand Parathewala

There are many Parantha stalls all over Delhi, but some just stand out due to their amazing taste, Moolchand Parathewala is one of them. Their signature egg and aloo parathas with fried chilis, chat masala, and raita has drawn great attention throughout the city. Their Keema-cheese paratha is also a delight for meat lovers, and their great success has made them got from a cart to a cafe.

7. Prisha Parantha

So what if I tell you there is a place where you can eat a lot of paranthas and then walk away with 11k cash? You'd say I'm joking. Well Prisha Parantha claim to fame is they have a 2 feet in diameter parantha which weighs around 1.2 kg, and if you can finish it alone all by yourself, you walk away with 11k, that is if you can walk after eating that monstrosity. You might as book a day-use hotel and take a nap after visiting this place.

8. MOPP - Mad Over Parathas & Pakodas

Love the idea of Chocolate paratha? then you're going to want to visit MOPP. With highly palatable food, MOPP offers an enriching paratha experience. MOPP is famous for his home delivered paranthas so you can gauge over their tasty parathas (and pakoras) while at the comfort of your home. If you're staying over at a hotel in Delhi and don't feel like going out eat, this is your place order for some hot paranthas.

9. Chittaranjan Park Market

We end the list with a Bengali note. While the north India style of paratha is widely renowned and considered as the norm, the Bengal favorite, Mughlai parantha has made itself a good name in the Parantha capital of Delhi. This whole area of Chittaranjan Park Market is filled with Bengali eateries as the name might suggest, and all the eateries serve the Mughlai parantha. The Mughlai parantha is made of minced meat and onions covered with a layer of egg. The mughlai parantha is a true meal on its own, and brings tasteful change to all the parantha lovers in Delhi.

These were a few of the many amazing parantha places one can visit on their trip to Delhi. It doesn't matter if you're staying over at a hotel in Connaught place or Hotel in Aerocity, you'll always find a good parantha place in Delhi if you look hard enough. Parantha has been embedded into the Delhi food culture, just like the momos in Delhi, and the localities take great pride in the paranthas.

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