Popular for its busy modern lifestyle, authentic food staples, and euphoric nightlife, Bangalore or Bengaluru is known as “The Garden City” of India. Also known as the “Silicon Valley of India”, Bangalore is the top IT hub of India having around 80% of the global IT companies powering this metropolis. Bangalore is also filled with huge spaces of plants, trees, gardens, and forests with various species of flora and fauna. The city is known for its pleasant climate offering balance among different seasons such as summer, monsoon, and winter.

If you are traveling for the first time to Bangalore, there are a bunch of must-visit tourist spots and local attractions you should explore. Famous spots such as Cubbon Park, UB City, Bull Temple, Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace, Bangalore Palace, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Nandi Hills, National Gallery of Modern Art, Ulsoor Lake, ISKCON Temple, Bannerghatta National Park, Brigade Road, Guhantara Underground Cave Resort, VV Puram Food Street, Wonderla Amusement Park, and many more attractions are there in Bangalore to make into your travel list. Loaded with a variety of parks, gardens, forests, lakes, caves, hills, forts, religious sites, museums, cafes, architectural buildings, and many more, Bangalore has a lot to offer for passionate travelers and escapade adventurers. Similar to Bangalore, Hyderabad is also filled with various IT parks and must-visit tourist attractions. Calling all the foodies for the iconic Hyderabad biryani. Make your stay in Hyderabad memorable and seamless by booking hourly hotels in Hyderabad for weekend stays or quick trips.

Explore Bangalore’s Hidden and Offbeat Places by Staying at Day Use Hotels in Bangalore. 

However, the downside of these tourist spots and attractions is the jostling mob and loud crowd. This can make your traveling experience less enjoyable. The unexplored places in Bangalore are packed with fewer crowds and offer a peaceful atmosphere and privacy for your outing/trip. These offbeat places also contain soothing and pleasant vibes which will make you feel amazing on your trip. If you are planning to explore Bangalore’s fewer known places for one day or so, then make your traveling experience comfortable by staying at the day-use hotels in Bangalore that offer budget-friendly stays. Also, consider hourly hotels in Bangalore for quick stops and refreshments on your trip. Tourist attractions are great, but if you love to explore unexplored places and often find your happiness in the offbeat places, or if you love to explore something new and unique, here are 6 amazing and less-known places in Bangalore for your next tour.

6 Offbeat and Unique Places in Bangalore

Hop on, fasten your seatbelts and make your weekend jaunt to the seventh heaven by exploring the unexplored and unique places in Bangalore as given below. These places are not only free of the mob but also offer privacy and comfort for your delightful trip.

Get close to nature, history, architecture, and fun by exploring the unexplored in Bangalore. Source:Holidify

1. Turahalli Forest

The last surviving forest in Bangalore city. Situated only 20 km outside the city, this straggling lush reserve is the hot spot for cyclists, trekkers, and hikers. Except for the cycles, no other vehicles are allowed into the forest. This rich and dense forest is the best escape from city life to get a piece of peace.

Filled with beautiful cycling trails, hill rocks, and prolific flora and fauna, Turahalli Forest is the perfect offbeat spot for outdoor activities and trekking. Hennur Bamboo Forest is also an underrated spot with well-laid trails perfect for cyclists and trekkers. Trekkers might also want to explore Kopatty Trek, a less-known place in the Coorg district which is known for its unique landscape varieties. Planning a trek at Turahalli Forest with your partner? Stay at the couple-friendly hotels in Bangalore that offer safety and privacy by making your trip memorable and peaceful. If you are planning to travel to nearby famous cities like Chennai, there are various day use hotels in Chennai and also hourly hotels in Chennai which you can book right away to make your travel experience a paradise.

2. Devanahalli Fort

Backed by 500 years of history, this astounding fort is a unique place for travelers. While Bangalore fort is a well-known place, Devanahalli is a hidden gem waiting for offbeat travelers. Covering around a whopping 20 acres, this fort has unique history and architecture surrounding it.

With spectacular architecture, this place is sure to amp up your travel experience. This fort was built in 1501 and is passed into the hands of various emperors such as Hyder Ali, Tipu Sultan, and lord Cornwallis. Being a paramount heritage spot, this is situated 37 Km away from Bangalore which also contains temples such as Nanjudeshwara and Chandramouleshwara temples. Gudibanda is also one of the underrated historical sites which are just a few kilometers from Bangalore surrounded by dense greenery, turrets, ramparts, and gateways with various stunning bird’s-eye views. Planning to tour temples in Chennai through Devanahalli Fort? Book couple-friendly hotels in Chennai offering safe and flexible stays.

3. Mayo Hall

Built In the 1800s in memory of Lord Mayo, the Mayo Hall is the adorned government building filled with various offices and the Kempegowda Museum on the upper floor of the hall. Its eye-catching and bewitching furniture, artistically designed architecture, chandeliers, Tuscan columns, elegant consoles, stone arches and many more will surely grab your attention. This hall is the bygone era antique situated in the center of Bangalore which offers panoramic views of the stunning city. Make your way comfortably to the Mayo Hall by staying at the day-use hotels in Bangalore which offer covid-19 safety precautions and flexible stays.  

4. Pyramid Valley

A tranquil place to cool your mind and body. The world’s largest meditational pyramid, Pyramid Valley has a capacity of over 5000 people and is located in Kebbedoddi just a few kilometers away from Bangalore. Constructed in a scientific way, this valley is the perfect energy spot for meditation. Spanning over 28 acres, this valley is surrounded by lush greenery, hills, and an iconic Buddha statute is also situated here. An ideal place for an unwinding and soothing experience.  There is also an art gallery, bamboo cottages, meditation briefing centers, dormitories, and more for added convenience to visitors. Book hourly hotels in Bangalore for a comfortable stay or a quick stop on your way to the Pyramid Valley.

5. Blossom Book House

Every book fanatic’s heaven. Located on Church Street, this book house is home to various books from a variety of genres. Being the largest second-hand bookstore in India and most loved by jealous readers, this book house is surely a bibliophile’s utopia. Atta Galatta is also an underrated place that is home to over 10,000 books in a variety of languages like Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, English, and more.

6. Jakkur Aerodrome

For that adrenaline and dopamine rush, Jakkur Aerodrome is the best destination for adventurers and offbeat travelers who seek fun, excitement, and escapade. Being one of the unusual and unique places which are 16 km away from Bangalore, this Aerodrome offers various fun and exciting activities to satiate your adventure cravings. From riding in an airplane to experiencing a stunning panoramic view of the city and going microlight flying above the city to parasailing, adventure enthusiasts can find more invigorating and thrilling activities at this aerodrome.

Freedom Park also makes it into the list of unusual places because it has a unique jail theme and is located where there is former Bangalore’s central jail. It is an interesting place representing India’s freedom and also serves as the venue for public meetings. A rousing and electrifying combo pack for the whole family lies within the Snow City, a theme park offering a wide variety of interactive games and 9D movies.


These are just some of the unique and unexplored places in Bangalore which are sure to provide peaceful and offbeat vibes for your next trip. There are also a bunch of various other less known places in Bangalore such as lakes, dams, parks, dance villages, historical temples, nature camps, waterfalls, hills, etc that will show Bangalore in a fresh and new angle which you have never seen before. While you are at it, take a quick stop at these unique spots on your trip to offbeat places in Bangalore to satiate your food cravings such as Cinnamon Café, Café Olive Planet, Grover’s Vineyard, Therpup Café, and Blind Fold restaurant. Never worry about your stay in Bangalore for your next trip, book day-use hotels in Bangalore offering budget-friendly and flexible stays.

Take a break from the mundane city life and escape from reality just like that by packing your bags to these offbeat and unexplored places in Bangalore. Make your stay comfortable and seamless by booking hourly hotels in Bangalore with MiStay now! If you are planning to travel to any metropolitan city, we are there too! Book couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai, day-use hotels in Delhi and various hotels in other famous cities and explore to your heart’s content.