Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India is not only home to the biggest tech giants in the word, but also home to many beautiful locations in India. Let it be cafes at Kormagala, or the couple friendly hotels at JP Nagar, the city offers a lot for the young adults to indulge in romance while they have a break from their busy work schedule or a tourist visiting the city. And being one of the most progressive cities, taboos towards couples, unmarried couples to be specific are slowly being erased, meaning the city is a highly desirable place to stay for unmarried couples. Having said that planning a date or getaway can always be gruesome, especially when you have so many amazing options to choose from. So to make things easier, here is the name of 7 most romantic places to visit in Bangalore for couples.

1. Ramanagara

This place is not exactly in Bengaluru as per se, located around 50 km away from the main city, Ramanagar is known for its vineyard. An experience distinct from your regular weekend getaways, Ramanagara gives you a chance to learn about winemaking and even lets you take part in it. And for the grand final, you and your partner get an opportunity to taste some different kinds of wine and spending some intimate. Ramanagara is also known for camping activities, in case you want to extend your stay and go for a night of camping with your partner.

2. Blue Ginger, The Taj West End

The Taj has been known to offer a class experience for all his visitors, and the Vietnamese restaurant Blue Ginger at The Taj West End does exactly that. It keeps on drawing its patrons and normally has something new to offer. Venture over the little wooden bridge that takes you from the walkway to the café and you enter an Asian desert spring dissimilar to some other. Regardless of whether by day or around evening time, the climate can be splendid considering the water bodies and greenery around. The serine ambiance is perfect for a romantic experience for you and your partner in the beautiful eatery at Race Course Road.

3. Microlight flying

Imagine if you could fly and watch the city from the sky. Microlight flying at Jakkur Airfield exactly offers that in the form of microlights aircraft. You can opt to book a 10-minute flight which will cost Rs. 3300, a 20-minute flight that will cost Rs. 6500, and a 30-minute flight that will cost Rs. 85000. The flying experience is available during the weekends, and it is advised to book a day prior. Considering Jakkur airfield is located on the outskirts, you can always opt for a couple friendly hotels in Hebbal to take some rest with your partner after the experience. Having the options to books hotels on an hourly basis makes the whole experience seamless.

4. Hebbal Lake

Spend some time in the embrace of mother nature. Hebbal lake the best of natural charms in the form of a park, that you can visit with your partner. The serenity of the location is unparalleled, and it is a treat for birdwatchers or photographers (in case you or your partner are either of those). From the Kingfisher to tailorbird, you can indulge yourself in the sight of many of the spectacular birds in their candid nature. Also in case you have a long commute on your way back, you can always opt for a couple of friendly hotels at Hebbal. Due to hotels by hourly basis being available, you can spend some intimate time your partner at the comfy hotel, after a long day of grazing through the beautiful premise of the lake to make it a perfect day.

5. Le Jardin- The Oberoi

A hotel in MG road, The Oberoi is a name most are familiar with, and synonymous with great hospitality for many. The European and Mediterranean based eatery is a heavenly experience. The hotel in MG Road is an all-day eatery, so if you are going to for lunch in summer or late-night date, Le Jardin has you covered. From lip-smacking food to a calm yet romantic ambiance. Soothing music is played to magnify the luxury dining experience, if you visit Le Jardin with your partner, you're assured to have a good time.

6. Hot Air Balloon

The 2nd flying romance in the list, this one is straight from the movies. Imagine a date where you are floating in the sky, far away from all the worries with your partner, romantic isn't it? You can float into the skies at dawn for a mystical ride that will amaze you and your partner. Even though it is a fastened ride, which means you won't float around, you will have dreamlike perspectives on the city on one side, and the open slopes on the other; no better photograph than that sky-high selfie with your partner when you're tp of the city. Ideal for experienced lovers or the affection struck. While there are multiple locations to opt for a hot air expedition, the one at Jakkur airfield is suggested.

7. Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Imagine how watching the stars! How romantic that can be, especially when the whole experience is presented so people can learn also. Not your casual romantic experience, some might say this is for the science fanatic couples, but the Realize Your Stars is for everyone. It takes place on the evening of the first Sunday of each month, and visitors are taught about the stars with charts and with images followed by an amazing experience of showing the stars through binoculars.

These few of the many romantic places one can visit in Bangalore with their partner. Instead of just listing similar cliched experiences, places that offer different experiences from one another have been listed so couples can have a go something new. There are many more different ideas to go on a date in Bangalore, you just need to explore and you shall find them.