Tech devices and traveling go hand in in the current times. While there is a certain appeal to going on a total hiatus on tech-free camping, but the tech just makes things easier most of the times. And for the record, you can stay off social media to have a peaceful trip and still have tech devices to make the trip more convenient. Tech devices can be a lifesaver, from your normal earphone helping you survive a long flight or train journey, to that Bluetooth speaker that makes your visit to a couple-friendly hotel in Aerocity with your partner more romantic. But tech devices do come in all price tags, and some are more worth it than the other for the buck. So here is a list of must-have gadgets for tech-savvy travelers which most people in India can afford.

1. Sony WI-XB400 Wireless Earphone

Excluding the phone, which is like a necessity in the current day's scenario, if you had the option to choose only one tech device, it'd be a wireless earphone. There is just nothing wrong with wireless earphones, they let you survive unbearably boring situations with tunes of your choice, they are compact compared to headphones, and wireless to avoid all the hassle of having it disconnected from your phone. The reason Sony WI-XB4000 makes the best choice is perhaps the price tag compared to what you're getting. Now if one can afford an Apple Airpod (₹14,900) or Bose SoundSport(₹18,990), they surely are much better, but at almost 1/5 of the price of those luxurious devices, the Sony WI-XB400 fares quite well. With 15 hours of claimed battery life, fast charging support, and a perfect fit to the ears. Thanks to the 12nn drivers, the sound comes off nice and unlike most devices in this range that in the quest to increase bass ruins the mids and lows, and it also has a microphone. The wired Bluetooth design of these earbuds does mean they're not 'truly' wireless but that also means if one were to come out, it won't fall off totally unlike the Airpod designed earphones.

Price- 3,299 on Amazon

2. Anker Power core 20100

Phones are getting smarter and more powerful, with 120 Hz displays faster processor, more RAM than some Laptops, but that also means they eat up more battery. And for that same reason power banks have become quintessential for every travel. Maybe it is a business trip at a hotel in Delhi or a vacation with your partner to a couple-friendly hotel in Aerocity, you need your devices to be charged all the time without being stuck at a charging spot, and that is where power banks come in as a live saver. When it comes to choosing power banks, Anker is perhaps one of the most reliable and consistent names, and the Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank is a reason why. With two super-fast USB outputs and one of the best size to power ratio in the market, this piece of device is a beast. Both USB ports can send 5V 2.4A to your selected devices, for a total output of 4.8A and is one of the smallest 20000 mAh chargers. While it might take 10 hours to completely charge this with a 2A charger, the downside is it takes 20 hours to do the same with a 1A. Apart from that durability and construction is amazing like any Anker device, and even though a bit old, this power bank is worth the buck.

Price- ₹ 2,999 on Amazon

3. Targus 12”-15.6” Cityline Pro Slim Convertible Laptop Backpack

Bag packs are not tech, but they are a core part of any tech-savvy travelers artillery. The backpack carries all the devices from your laptops to speakers and shields from any physical harm or spillage. The Targus Citylite pro-Convertible is an ace in that. It combines clever contemporary designing with lightweight materials and Targus-grade protection to create the perfect laptop bag for every occasion. It can also switch from business casual briefcase to stylish commuter backpack thanks to its detachable shoulder straps and retractable carry handle, giving you flexibility all while protecting your tech. While your suitcase normally is for carrying clothes, you should have a dedicated backpack always to protect your tech, and Targus Citylite Pro Slim Convertible is a great choice for that.

Price- ₹ 4,499.00 on Amazon

4. JBL Charge 4

Remember when we said 'a Bluetooth speaker that makes your visit to a couple-friendly hotel in Aerocity with your partner more romantic?' at the start, well JBL Charge 4 is exactly that but please don't forget to put the volume at 20% and this is not a joke. JBL has been synonymous with Bluetooth speakers for a while now, and the JBL charge is one of the best it provides in that category. With a 7500mAh battery, this loud boy is going to stay for a long time playing beats. The JBL charge 4 is best when you're traveling in big groups as you can use its full potential, just be careful you're not disturbing people with the loud music and the heavy bass. It is waterproof with IPX7, in case you were scared of someone spilling drinks on it during a party and has a 30 feet strong connection radius. And the tip of the iceberg is the JBL connect+ which allows you to connect up to 100 JBL speakers together (no joke).

Price- ₹ 12,799.00 on Amazon

5. GoPro Hero 7 Black

While the phone cameras have become better and better, having a good camera still has its charm, especially if you are going hiking or trailing. The reason GoPro Hero 7 Black is a great choice, is because you can use it in all kinds of traveling and don't have to worry about dust or any water spillage. The Hero 7 Black's USP has HyperSmooth stabilization, and this remains a very good reason to choose it over older models or its cheaper rivals. The GoPro allows you to have a stabilized video or photos even when you are trekking on your trip to the Sikkim or takin a dive at the beach of a couple-friendly hotel in Chennai. The GoPro Hero 7 Black allows for a 4k video at 60 FPS with its 12MP sensor, live streaming, and the new HyperSmooth feature as mentioned before. It is waterproof down to 10ft with the solid build quality and new UI, this is a solid buy for any kind of traveler.

Price-₹ 28,900 on Flipkart

As time passes, tech is going to be a more core part of traveling and with more technological advancement tech devices are becoming more affordable. Let it dabbling between dayuse hotels during a business or going on a romantic trip with your partner to a couple friendly hotel, tech devices makes everything easier. These were the few of the many tech devices you can opt for, and your choice of a device might be different depending on the very specific type of traveling you do.

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