1.0 One-day vacation that feels like a week

2.0  5 things to occupy your day with that make it feel like a Week

2.1  Fort St.George Museum

2.2Mystery Rooms Chennai

2.3 Forum Vijaya Mall

2.4 Blazze Soapy Football

2.5 Palazzo

3.0 Conclusion

Ever taken a trip to Chennai with just one day to spare, and you are at a loss for what to do to fill your day and make it memorable? Well, you're not alone in that, a lot of people travel for a reason and end up with extra time and nothing to do with it, most times they end up just going on a merry-go-round around the city and sometimes they end up staying indoors in their hotel rooms surfing the Internet and ordering room service all through.

Well if you're in this category of people, then worry no more cause in this blog I'll be sharing 5 things to fill your day with that makes it feel like a week and create memories that will stay with you for a long time. Think of it like taking a few hours break from all the hustle and bustle and that couple of hours becomes the highlight of your week so far. Sounds exciting right? Well, let's not waste more time and jump right in.


If you're lodged in a Dayuse hotel in Chennai and you've got some extra time there are a good number of things you can do to pass time or kill boredom when you get an unplanned holiday in the city of Chennai. Here are 5 things you can give a shot at.


Fort St. George Museum in Chennai. Image source: Tripadvisor

If you're a lover of History and artefacts, then this is a place for you and you need to devote a good number of hours to this, so get yourself checked in to a Dayuse hotel in Chennai, where you can leave your stuff. The fort was built in 1644 and was formerly called Madras and now it is a museum used to showcase the roots of the city as a British Military Garrison. It was also an East India Company trading Outpost when it was called Madras. Similarly, if you're booked in a Dayuse hotel in Pune, and you're a lover of history then the place to visit is the Sinhagad Fort, this is an ancient hill fortress in the southwest region of the city of Pune, India. The fort has been the location of many battles one of which was the Battle of Sinhagad in 1670. It was formerly known as Kondhana.


Mystery Rooms in Chennai. Image Source Tripadvisor

If you are a lover of games and mysteries then Mystery Rooms is the perfect one-day vacation spot for you. Mystery rooms is ranked at #2 of 113 fun and games activities in Chennai. It is a race against the clock where your only purpose is to get yourself out of a themed space before you run out of time. Picture yourself locked in a room of thrilling space with your teammates of about 2 - 8 people and you are required to use your wits, find clues, uncover mysteries and prove the power of teamwork to complete a mission in exactly 1 hour (60 mins). Similarly, if you're making use of a Dayuse room in Hyderabad and you have spare time on your hands you can check out the Mystery Room in Hyderabad. It has the same features as the one in Chennai.


Forum Vijaya Mall in Chennai. Image source Tripadvisor

The Forum Vijaya Mall is a multiplex with movie theatres and shopping malls. It is the gateway to Fashion, Entertainment and Lifestyle repurposed, with a ton of options to pick from. Visit the Forum Vijaya and fill your heart's desire. Similarly, if you're booked in a Dayuse room in Noida with time on your hands you should visit the DLF Mall of India. The mall is ranked #2 of 37 fun places to go in Noida. It is the largest mall in the land of India. it offers a perfect blend of Market Place. It is located in the Heart of Noida where it is easily accessible to everyone. DLF Mall of India has 350 brands under its roof which comprise Fashion brands, Food & Beverages, Anchors and Kid's Fashion Brands. Sounds like a Fun city right? Well, they are.


Blazze Soapy Football in Chennai. Image source Tripadvisor

If you are in Chennai and you've got a few hours on your hand, with no idea what to do with it and you're a football lover, I'll advise you to search on Google for *Dayuse rooms in Chennai* or *Dayuse Hotels in Chennai* pick the one closest to you or closest to your Fun Destination and book your self a room where you can leave your stuff for a few hours. Then head over to Blazze soapy Football. Why? Do you ask? Well, here's why.

 It is ranked #13 of 113 fun and games in Chennai. It is a centre for soap football. Soap Football is a thrilling sport for all ages, with or without any prior football experience. There are no rules in the game of Soap Football. There are 5 players on each team and one playing session is 1 hour. Your only focus is on scoring goals. You don't get hurt playing soap football so even if you slip, slide or fall you only get Wet. The floor is soft and there are inflated tubes around the field to protect players, even with this, players can still choose to use protective gear. Similarly, if you're in Gurgaon, you should get yourself checked in a Dayuse room in Gurgaon and head over to SPADA Sports Arena. It is a sports complex with a football pitch, a basketball court and a cricket pitch. Football is played with a 5-man team on a 60×100 field, with FIFA-approved surds and proper lighting for night games. You can either come with your team or come as an individual and join a team of other individuals. So go have some sporty fun!!.


Palazzo theatre in Chennai. Image source Tripadvisor

If you're someone like me then a fun day is Incomplete without a good movie or two. Palazzo is #5 of 113 fun and games centres in Chennai. It is a movie theatre at the centre of the Chennai Film Industry. It is beautifully adorned and gives off a Royal Vibe. Palazzo has 9 screens and a total of 3,010 seats. At Palazzo, you're guaranteed a bedazzling cinematic experience with its 4-way surround speakers mixed with the Dolby Atmos surround sound. The theatre has Wi-Fi enabled for visitors, to access the Wi-Fi, you just need to ask the staffs for the password.

Similarly, if you're lodged in a Dayuse room In Kolkata(Calcutta) with a few hours to spare then the movie dynasty to visit is the New Empire Cinema. It is ranked #1 of 61 fun and games centres in Kolkata. And as the name implies it is an Empire Indeed.


So there you have it, 5 things to occupy your day with to make your one-day vacation feel like a week. What are you waiting for? Book yourself a Dayuse room in Chennai, Leave your stuff there and head over to these Fun Cities!!. You can decide to give it all a shot or just focus on one or more. The choice is entirely yours, whatever you decide to do, just make sure you have fun and make memories. A little vacation never hurt anyone.

Share your experience with these activities and Fun centres if you've been to anyone. Looking forward to hearing from you.