There is an old humorous saying in India that whoever eats the sweet meat of marriage repents, and those who don’t eat also repent, which means people who get married eventually regret it, and those who don’t get married also regret not getting hitched. So, basically no matter what you do disappointment is involved. But this is not true for all cases we have seen many successful and happy marriages, for example, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan and many more.

Did you get married recently or plan to tie the knot? Here are a few things you should count as normal for being newlyweds.

Let’s start with the good part

1. Adjusting with your partner

We are not sure if this is a pro or a con, you decide. Since you have been alone (siblings don’t count) for most of your life, it might be tough to adapt to having someone around the whole time. Now you will be required to share a room, bed, wardrobe, bathroom and most importantly, decisions and personal space. On the bright side, you get a life-sized teddy bear, a friend and someone to share happiness and sorrows with.

2. Free holiday

Yes, we are talking about your honeymoon package. The best part is that you will not even have to pay for it. Your friends or family will take care of it. Make sure they know your desired location and how important it is to book hourly hotels in Pune, hourly hotels in Delhi and other cities.


3. Property

You can finally buy a house and live with the love of your life. Planning to move to a metro city but can’t find a permanent residence lodge at hourly hotels in Mumbai. Hourly hotels in Mumbai are affordable, and you will have to pay only for the time you stay at the hotel. Besides, hourly hotels in Mumbai also give flexible checkout options so you can go house hunting without worrying about timings. There is no hard and fast that living in a separate house is necessary for a happy marriage, you can mutually agree and stay with either of your parents.


4. Gifts

So, getting married means a big ceremony and celebration will be involved. Expect plenty of gifts from your friends and since everyone loves presents this comes at the top of our pro list. Your friends and family might gift you a honeymoon package, gold, money, chocolates, reservation in hourly hotels in Mumbai, hourly hotels in Chennai or your hometown for a staycation, gift cards, customized hampers and all other things that newlyweds could use.


5. A lot of love

Love is going to hit you like a big tornado. Your parents will be proud that you finally left the hangover life and are getting settled. The veere’s will appreciate you for the food they will hog at your wedding and your spouse’s parents will love that their beloved child finally found someone. For all these reasons, be ready to get bombarded with affection.

6. Ready to get butterflies

Finally waking up next to your partner is not a dream. You will get to see their face 24/7 for the first few days if they have taken a wedding leave. In fact, there is a chance you might even get bored. Also, the honeymoon at couple friendly hotels in Hyderabad is likely to leave you in knots.

7. Your personal roach killer

If you are scared of lizards, rats or roaches make sure to marry someone who is not and there you have your very own pest killer. If you are tender-hearted and don't want to murder these vermin you can ask your partner to at least shoo them away.

8. Have someone to share deep conversations

Share your deepest darkest secret with your spouse or maybe about the frustrating day you had at work. It is like having your own personal therapist who is not allowed to resign.


Now time for the Cons

1. Responsibilities

With great power comes great responsibility. You have to handle the house, cook and manage work. But the good part is you will have someone to divide them with. Segregate your chores. If you take up the job of cooking, ask your partner to do the dishes or vice versa. Keep alternating the duties once in a while so that life doesn't become monotonous. If you ever need something to spice up your life, take a staycation at hourly hotels in Mumbai, hourly hotels in Kolkata or wherever you reside.

2. No more room service

Remember eating breakfast in bed at your parent's house or not having to get up even for a glass of water? If you own a house, then you are obliged to do everything by yourself, including cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping. Although your partner will be dividing these responsibilities with you, there is always an option to hire help. Pro tip- buying a vacuum cleaner is better than getting a maid. You ask why? This is a discussion for some other time.


3. Fewer dates with friends

Since you just got married, you will have a lot on your hands. From adjusting to the new life, house chores, winding up and paying the ceremony bills, and making time for your spouse to work. Amidst all this chaos, it will be difficult to meet friends for a few days or weeks. Keep the girl's night or boy's weekends on hold for some time.

4. Sacrifice me time for a few days

Due to the hustle and bustle of the marriage and relatives coming in to congratulate you and your partner, you might have to compromise on me time. Don’t worry, this will last only a few days, and then you can go back to your normal routine.

A small piece of advice is to reject the traditional rules of the wife taking care of the house and the husband earning the bread. A healthy and happy marriage is an alliance between couples, and both should be allowed to do as they wish. If the groom wants to be a stay-at-home husband and the bride wants to work, there is nothing wrong with it. Do what makes you and your partner feel comfortable! Additionally, it is better to have these conversations before marriage, although it is never too late. After all, the secret to a happy marriage is communication and respecting each other’s opinions.

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