Check this safety list a few days before you go out on the open road if you're planning a road trip with your family. Take caution when planning your next road trip: Your car is about to be converted into a mobile family room. Ensure that it is child-safe. You should begin your planning a few days before your trip, since this will probably take some time. It works like this:

  1. Get your vehicle tuned up. In order to maintain your sanity and smooth sailing (and general well-being), keep your car in good condition. Having your tires, battery, belts, fluids, and air conditioner checked by a qualified mechanic is recommended by many safety authorities. Towing a boat or trailer, or driving in a hot climate, may require you to use a motor oil with a higher viscosity.
Source: Road Safety UAE 

2. Don't forget to sleep well. Every year, 100,000 accidents are caused by driving while drowsy, according to NHTSA statistics. Whenever possible, switch off with another adult every few hours so that you are well rested.

Source: Healthline

3. Take sun safety precautions. Sunblock and sunglasses are an absolute necessity for everyone in your family - even the little ones may need hats in order to protect their heads. Consider purchasing a backseat sunshade as well. To prevent drying out safety seats that can burn a baby's soft skin, cover them with blankets when leaving the car. And perform a touch test before letting children in the car. Leaving children in a car alone is never a good idea. A parked car interior can reach toxic temperatures in just seconds, so take care.

Source: Raising Children Network

4. Prepare yourself for safety. Safety authorities recommend the following items in an emergency kit- water, warm blankets, a flashlight, jumper cables, flares, tools to change a tire, a fully charged cell phone, a first-aid kit etc. It's also smart to subscribe to a roadside assistance plan-no matter where you find yourself in an emergency, be sure you know what help you can call. This means knowing where to call in an emergency and what is covered by your policy.

5. Stay light. When storing heavy items, place them low in the seat wells to avoid becoming projectiles during an abrupt stop. Likewise, bags, strollers, and anything else stowed in those areas should also be battened down.

6.  Maintain a proper posture. You should resist the urge to slouch in the car seat, since it can make you drowsy. If you need to turn the wheel, you should bend your elbows slightly so you can use all your strength to turn the wheel. If your elbows are slightly bent, you must be able to exert strong pressure on the brake pedal.

Source: Torque

7. Break up your trip. Changing drivers every two hours or stopping for a pit stop is recommended. Furthermore, drinking water will help to keep you alert and prevent you from getting dehydrated.

Source: Always an adventure 

8. Don't look at the lights. As the old song says, "blinded by the light" is what you can experience when cars are approaching from behind you. The night-time receptors of the eyeball are highly sensitive, and they work as one unit to receive images. Focus your attention on the lower right shoulder of the road. You can maintain the right course by maintaining your peripheral vision.

Source: Go Mechanic 

9. Take a long view. The majority of drivers fail to watch the road for far away dangers. You must always look at least ten cars ahead of you when driving in heavy traffic. Reducing this length to five is a better option in traffic with higher flow rates.

10.  Avoid answering phone calls. Talking on the phone even when you're hands-free can be risky. Hearing the other side of the line decreases the activity of the region of the brain that processes moving pictures by up to one third. As if talking on the phone and watching TV at the same time were going to be equally frustrating-you'll miss something on one end or the other.

Source: Vertu Motors 

So, these were some precautionary tips to keep you safe during a road trip. Following them will make you do your own part in safety, so don’t forget them.

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