Come summer and everyone is eager to go on a holiday. You might just travel to your grandparents’ house or take a road trip or embark on an exotic tour to one of those fancy destinations. Well you have worked so hard all year along, you certainly deserve a refreshing break.


Your preparation for a fabulous holiday starts with, ‘Where to go?’. The selection of the destination depends upon your interests and your budget. Once decided, you prepare a whole list of ‘To Dos’ as a part of your trip planning. You checkout travel apps to grab the best hotel booking deals, food and activities to enjoy at the destination you are heading to.

While going on international holidays, you heavily rely on flights and sometimes they can play a spoil spot. When you are at the airport waiting for your connecting flight or a return flight home, the last thing you would wish for a delayed flight. Yes, even the thought of it can drain the fun out of a travel plan. It is a situation none of us want to be in but sometimes it becomes inevitable.

If your flight is delayed for 30 minutes to one hour for some technical reasons, you can just take a big walk in the airport, grab a quick meal or even do a bit of shopping. But it’s the long delays that leave you clueless as to how to kill time while you wait for your flight. This becomes a daunting problem if you are traveling with kids, parents or your spouse because you wanted to relax and enjoy your holiday.

Sometimes a vague question might flash in your mind, ‘Can you book a hotel room for few hours?’. We are glad to tell you that - YES! You can book hotel rooms on hourly basis in many of major cities in India. Travelers can now stay at good hotels for less than a day’s duration and pay only for the number of hours stayed. This kind of accommodation option is best suitable for all including singles, business travellers, couples, and families waiting for their delayed flight.

Now you might be thinking, why should you again need to spend on a hotel room when you have already invested so much in planning this holiday. You are absolutely right, the delayed flight is not your responsibility but the people what you travel with are! When you are traveling along with your family or kids or even if alone, it would be unfair to spend 6-8 hours in an uncomfortable airport seat. By spending a little more from your pocket, you can relax while you wait. Lets see a few valid reasons why it’s a good idea to book hotel rooms on hourly basis while you wait.

You need a calm place:

When faced with a stressful situation like this, it is natural for you to fret and you need a calm and peaceful place to relax. So go ahead and book a hotel room on hourly basis and give yourself the space to regroup your thoughts. Don't let this one unhappy incident spoil your whole vacation or over shadow all the good memories you have gathered.

A safe place for your loved ones

When your flight is delayed or cancelled for some reason and you’re traveling with loved ones such as your spouse or kids, hourly hotel booking can be your best bet. Give your friends and family the peace of mind they need. They would like to take a good nap, a shower and even eat some snacks in a cosy and private place, away from the noise at the airport. A short stay at a hotel for a few hours will leave them feeling refreshed before their next connecting flight.

Put your time to good use:


What all can you do once you have booked a hotel room on hourly basis? Whatever you want! You will have all the freedom and flexibility to use your time your own way. Sleep if you wish to or order some delicious meal. Relax in the Jacuzzi or laze around watching your favorite sports or a Bollywood movie on TV. Or simply make a list of your next travel goals you want to accomplish! If traveling with kids, just let them play around of sleep for a while. Basically you can do anything that enjoy which you won't have the pleasure of doing, at the airport.

Enjoy additional services:

Most of the hotels have free WiFi, gym, swimming pool, a bar, restaurant, spa and many other things that you can indulge in. While doing hourly hotel booking you need to ask for those free services. If your flight is delayed for more than just a few hours, you can better find something interesting to do.

Stay close to the airport:

There are a plenty of hourly basis hotels just close to the airport. Without a struggle, you can book a hotel for a few hours in Mumbai, Delhi or any other major cities in India, and still stay close to the airport and that will make you feel comfortable too. Staying close to the airport is the best option as you can get back quickly once your flight is rescheduled. Even the activities you plan should all be concentrated around the airport and not far into the city. If your hourly hotel offers free pickup and drop from the airport, it would be an added advantage.

Spend just a little:

Yes, you do get to save when you book a room on hourly basis. Even if your flight is delayed for 10-12 hours, you don’t to pay a whole day’s rent when you have stayed for just a few hours. That is why some hourly basis hotels are very much in demand these days. You pay for the number of hours spend and still enjoy a calm and relaxing stay.