In this contemporary world, it has become necessary for us to have a constant drive, to react to stimuli with promptness, and to be flexible and agile at the same time. As a result, in both our private and public domains, what we tend to do is hustle. With the advent of social media, there has been a radical alteration of the tenets of human interaction that was previously prevalent in the society, which has resulted in a massive change in the socio-economic domain of the entire world. While the world has come from within the reach of the individual, there is a certain disenchantment and isolation that has crept in side by side. Hence, to be able to maintain that balance, digital detox, or taking a hiatus or break from accessing social media is often recommended. Here are 5 reasons why you should probably uninstall that particular app you have been thinking of doing for a brief period.

1. Taking Cognizance Of The World Around YOU


Social media can often make you unreactive to the natural world around you, be it the urban landscape or countryside. Occasionally, it is essential to detach yourself from the constant scrolling to be able to enjoy your morning coffee in a sort of serene bliss. While at first, it must seem strange to have a little bit of free time at hand, slowly, you’ll feel more and more comfortable, and start noticing the way the particular tint of yellow in that corner of your house. If you are a night owl, you can indulge in a walk on your terrace and enjoy the quietude that descends on the entire town. You may even be able to find your favourite spot in the house! An occasional weekend getaway with your partner without any social media can be a great option. If you live in a big metro city like Delhi or Mumbai, and your work doesn't always permit you to travel much, you can always spend a day or two at a luxurious couple friendly hotel in Delhi or couple friendly hotel in Mumbai with your partner, away from social media. This has the benefit for not only cleansing your self social media and stress from work but also help in strengthening your relationship with your partner stronger.

2. Engaging With Your Immediate Family


Be it your family that you are living with or your flatmates, it is a wonderful experience to nurture a relationship with those near you. If you are staying alone, it will be helpful to develop cordial relationships with neighbours. In the world of online dating and friendships, we all tend to crave human intimacy and interaction more than we can gauge. While it is absolutely not necessary for you to go to a party, if you are introverted and are not comfortable interacting with crowds, a scrabble night with your elderly neighbours might be just up your alley. If you have are athletic, you could indulge in some badminton with your room-mate or just a heart to heart conversation. You can also randomly go on unplanned roadtrips with your friends and roommates. While it might seem a bit awkward or even stressful for some, when you're on a road trip while on a hiatus from social media, you truly have no option other than converse. This can allow you have intimate conversations on topics you have been keeping to yourself, and the same goes for your travel partners. At times putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations is the key to grow as a better person, and come out strong. Don't forget to book a dayuse hotel or hotel on hourly basis during the road trips to get adequate rests and catch some food, while exploring.

3. Indulging In Hobbies

You cannot conceive of how much time you’ll have at hand once you have taken a break from social media, and what’s better to do with that time than participate in some particular hobbies that suit your taste. If you are someone you had a consistent hobby you liked throughout childhood but were forced to abandon due to the working schedule of adult years, you could just return back: you would be surprised with how much you remember! You can also indulge in newer activities like gardening, cooking (who has seen Masterchef and not thought about garnishing their perfect meal?), reading, or learning a musical instrument. This can also serve as the chance of solo trips, on exploring the nature and yourself. If you're a active person you can opt for some hiking, or photography if you're the aesthetic kind, or just sit at grasp of mother nature and enjoy its beauty. It’s no secret that your life will be enriched and you’ll surely have a lot of fun. Just don't forget to book a room at hotel on hourly basis, to get adequate rest in between your adventures.

4. Improving Your Mental Health

Social media often tends to make our lives sedentary as we spend most of our free time lounging in the couch or in our bedrooms. Most of us leaving in urban spaces and having a fast life pay little heed to our health. While it seems perfectly fine in your twenties, constant ignorance of your health can lead to serious problems in your later years. Proper metabolism is imperative, to be able to carry on the pressure of work throughout. Well, it is never too late to start some freehand exercises or yoga routine in the morning or evening, whichever suits you best. Try to maintain a fairly regular routine, but do not a guilt trip yourself. Remember it is necessary to enjoy and exercise something other than our thumbs which have constantly pressed that like button. You’ll be able to fight diseases that are a result of sedentary lifestyles like heart diseases, diabetes, PCOS and others.

5. Relaxation And Not Doing Anything


It is necessary to be able to just chill and not consume any media for some periods in our life. Often, we are unable to regulate and tend to spend many hours on social media which can make us agitated, and unable to have the patience or a sense of calm. Therefore, it is imperative to take some time out simply for leisure. Leisure helps you cope with that hustle. So, just pour yourself a soft drink, get some food food from your favourite restaurant or hotel nearby and do nothing, and enjoy the moment, which will pass in a second.

These were way one ought to go about practicing social media hiatus. These were mere guidelines and suggestion. One must remember it is always best to do what.

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