Destination weddings are all the craze right now – and why not? Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their special day in a place they love and have dreamed of visiting? Along with a spectacular, scenic venue, each destination wedding also offers its own unique features. Read on to find out more about inarguably the most popular wedding destinations across the country!

1.     Goa


Goa is the definition of a fun wedding destination. Want to know why? You can have the most romantic wedding at the beaches or churches of this city, and then go on to have the best party, and after party, and after after party, since its Goa we’re talking about!

Goa is undeniably the perfect location in the mainland to tie the knot at a beach wedding, with its clear blue waters and the most authentic tropical feel, along with plenty of cultural and historical background.

The best time to organise a wedding in Goa are the winter months, since its gets very hot (or very rainy!) the rest of the year. But be wary for the availability of hotels for weddings!

Popular venues: Vivanta by Taj, Panaji Grand Hyatt Resort, Hotel Goan Heritage

2.     Udaipur


Even though all the locations in this list are popular, we have to surrender the ultimate destination wedding crown to Udaipur.

Udaipur is all about pretty wedding and regal venues.

Udaipur (along with our next entry on the list) is the top pick for luxurious wedding. If you are going to spend lavishly to make your day memorable theres no better place than Udaipur. Take your wedding vows amidst historical monuments, lush greens and the most royal and romantic aura that a place could ever have.

To enjoy the vibe of Udaipur to the fullest, it is best to avoid the time period from march to august since the weather can become very hot and bothersome.

Popular Venues: Bhairav Garh Resort, The Oberoi Udaivilas.

3.     Jaipur


Jaipur and Udaipur go hand in hand in the luxurious, royal and romantic wedding destinations. These are the go to places for the true ‘big fat Indian’ weddings.

Much like Udaipur, Jaipur also has its fair share of historically rich forts and palaces, and the lushest of greens paired with clear skies and of course, our favourite, the regal yet romantic feel of the whole city.

The clear weather and the breath-taking gardens of the venues are the highlights of a Jaipur destination wedding. Some of the most lavish hotels for weddings are situated here.

Much like Udaipur, the best time to host a wedding in Jaipur is anytime after the scorching summer months to keep the heat at bay.

Popular Venues: Shiv Vilas, Jai Mahal palace, Fairmount.

4.     Kerala


Kerala, ‘God’s own Country’, is a comparatively newer and offbeat wedding destination compared to the entries above, but is in no way less suitable for a wedding nonetheless.

This is more of an exotic and tropical location on our list. If you have ever been to Kerala, you would know it is known for its inexplicably lush greenery, the beautiful beaches and tranquil waters and houseboats. If you and your partner want a delicate touch of nature (and maybe even fresh seafood) in your wedding, this is definitely for you.

It would be best to avoid the monsoon months in Kerala as the rains can get unpredictable. Opt for August to March.

Popular Venues: Taj Bekal, Kumarakom Lake Resort, The Raviz Kovalam.

5.     Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Now what speaks more tranquil and secluded than getting hitched in a secluded island? If you are one of those people who are tired of the city life and want something tropical, beachy, yet secluded and serene look no further than our beloved Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Even though most of the islands are not open for tourists, Havelock and Port Blair are immensely popular wedding destination that are available. The lush green forests and white sandy beaches are perfect to make your wedding memorable.

Much like Kerala, it is recommended to avoid the monsoon months here as well for obvious reasons. You might also want to check out the location prior to the wedding by booking short stay hotels.

Popular Venues: Havelock Island Beach Resort

6.     Jim Corbett


If you want something truly exotic, more exotic than exotic itself, then this is the dream destination for your wedding. Jim Corbett may be known as the spectacular National Park and Tiger Reserve, but it has its fair share of luxurious resorts.

Now you won’t get to tie the knots amidst the tigers themselves (I wish) but what Jim Corbett does offer is the backdrop of splendid hill, deciduous forests, and maybe the soft flow of a stream at your wedding destination.

This is also a good pick for those who want more of an offbeat and sparsely populated option.

Popular venues: Corbett River Creek Resort, The Riverview Retreat

7.     Shimla


We all know this list wouldn’t be complete without a snowy abode. And when it comes to mountains and resorts and all things hilly, there is no better option than Shimla.

Shimla is already a very popular tourist destination with ample couple friendly hotels. For a wedding, there are plenty of options to pick from. If you are looking for a cozy yet majestic wedding celebration in the lap of mountains surrounded by alpine trees this is the pick for you. There can be nothing more romantic than taking your nuptial vows in the splendid Shimla.

For organising a wedding in Shimla, it is best to go for the summer months to have a cool yet not freezing cold temperatures.

Popular Venues: Radisson Jass, Taj Theog Resort and Spa.

With that we wrap up our list on the most popular destination wedding spots across the country. A parting tip we would like to give you is to check the location yourself beforehand to avoid last minute mishaps. Make use of short stay, couple friendly hotels for this purpose. Let us know if you liked it or found it helpful!