Are you or your significant other or even family and friends bored of staying at home all day, only to spend the weekend again Netflix and chilling in your room? Well, if you have no other ideas, this is your sign to go on a hike! Hiking or trekking is a very adventurous, enjoyable and athletic activity – and the best part is the stunning natural views it offers. Once you go on a hike, it will open a whole new world for you, and we guarantee it!

If you or someone you know enjoy adventurous activities, this doesn’t even require any further convincing. Just pack up you hiking gear, go to the nearest trail and begin your journey.

However, if you have never tried it before (quite a few people have not, no need to feel left out!) then we still recommend you to give it a shot! Hiking can be anyone’s game, do not be scared to try it just because you are not very athletic or because it sounds scary.

Believe us, when you see the picturesque view from that hill top after a long day, you will be thanking yourself for making this move and thanking us for suggesting this!

Hiking and trekking

Now there are two types of hikes – hikes and treks to be exact. Hikes are more casual and usually last for a day or two, following well established hiking paths. On the other hands, treks may be more challenging and span over the course of a few days, weeks, or even months, but the views are equally rewarding as well.

Picking a trail

The first thing that you need to do is pick a trail of your choice. Most major hiking locations (like the Himalayan mountain ranges) offer a multitude of hiking trails varying in various levels of difficulty – from beginner to expert. Here are some popular trekking spots!

·        Chembur peak

·        Goecha la

·        Indrahar pass

·        Doon valley trek

·        Manali treks

·        Brahmatal trek, and many more.


Now if you are a complete beginner don’t fret about opting for an easy one! The views and scenery will not be compromised just because the trail is easy – and if this is your first ever hike we very highly recommend opting for a relatively easy trek. The reason for this brings us to our next topic – fitness.

Are you fit enough?

In short, yes! Do not feel intimidated by the sheer altitude or length of your trail – an average adult can make it across a hike just fine. However, depending on you BMI or over all strength, you may need to indulge in some workouts that provide muscle and core strengthening before you embark on a hike.


The reason for this is that you may need to walk for a surplus of at least five hours a day. This will most probably be on or around mountains, and while they may not be dangerous or difficult, they do need a considerable amount of stamina. But do not worry! Unless you have an autoimmune disorder or disability that hampers you movement, you will be ready in no time! And if you do have any of those, you can still hike but you may need more strength training than other people.


If you are going on a trek or a hike for the very first time, we highly recommend going through a hiking agency or club or similar, or go ahead and grab a friend who is experienced in it. Even though the trek you are embarking on may be easy, there are still many nuances involved that will definitely put you at a disadvantage if you set out alone. Otherwise, plan your trip very thoroughly to make sure you make the most out of it. You may also need to book short stay or hourly hotels before and after your trip starts depending on your conveyance from your home city.


Lastly, we would like to give you a gist of what you will need to pack. Evidently we are not experts and everyone’s needs vary – we just want to provide you with a general idea of what the insides of your backpack will look like. Of course, if you are going along with an agency or club they will give you a much more comprehensive idea of everything you will need to pack for your specific trail.


·        Backpack: pick a good quality one that won’t collapse under the weight of your belongings or fall prey to tears easily. And make sure to keep your backpack as light as possible – even though this is going to be your only luggage on the trek.

·        Clothing essentials: keep in mind to bring athletic clothing – the sort you have to wear when trekking or hiking. You cannot really wear normal clothing for these. Other trekking gear like trekking shoes or boots, along with some comfortable socks are a must. If your trail is going to be cold, pack accordingly.

·        Self care and hygiene: now you do not need to pack your whole 10 step skincare routine for a hike, just a few essentials will suffice. Make sure to pack your sunscreen, moisturizer, wet wipes and the like.

·        First aid: though you will not be getting any injuries if you are going on an easy trail (especially if its guided), you still should pack some for the little nicks and cuts.

·        Food and snacks: You will most definitely feel hungry during hiking or trekking – those are strenuous activities! And if you are going to be out and about for over a day, you will need to plan your meals. Of course, if you sign up with a trekking organization they will take care of most of this stuff which is a good idea if you are a beginner.

·        Other essentials, like hiking gear and equipment, which are subject to your trail.

And that ends our list of all you need to know about hiking in India! Of course, this list is still more expansive. To book hourly hotels visit our website. Happy trekking!