Located in the center of India, Ujjain is known as the city of temples and is popular amongst tourists. There are 6 must-see attractions in the city, covering religious and secular activities. Explore the city's famous monuments and have a glimpse into its history.

I. Visit to Mahakaleshwar temple

Mahakaleshwar Temple (Image Source: www.tripadvisor.com)

One of the 12 Jyotirlingas (devotional depiction of God Shiva), the Mahakaleshwar temple is an iconic religious place in Ujjain. The lingam present at the temple is said to be swayambhu (self-manifested) gaining energy from within. Mahakaleshwar temple is regarded as one of the 18 shakti-peeths (seat of spiritual powers) of India. One significant feature of this temple is that idol of the God Shiva is dakshin-Mukha (south-facing) which is an exception.

You must not miss the fascinating Bhasma-aarti of the Mahakaleshwar temple. The bhasma-aarti (prayer) is one of its kind in which the idol of God Shiva is worshipped with sacred ash bought from the ghats. So, when are you visiting? Plan your vacations, book an hourly hotel in Ujjain ,and visit the revered temple.

II. Visit to Chintaman Ganesh temple

Chintaman Ganesh temple (Image Source: www.hindi.holidayrider.com)

The Paramaras dynasty constructed the Chintaman Ganesh temple during their reign over the Malwa region between the 11th and 12th centuries. The temple lies 6 kilometers from the Ujjain city's center. It houses one of the magnificent idols of God Ganesha, son of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Also known as Bade Ganeshji ka Mandir, this temple is 20 minutes' distance from the popular Mahakaleshwar temple by cab. The temple architecture is simplistic in design. In the temple's center, you can view a unique statue of Lord Hanuman with five faces symbolizing loyalty, courage, devotion, righteousness, and strength. So, when are you planning to go here? Book an hourly hotel in Ujjain and visit this historic temple.

III. Visit to the Harsiddhi Mata Temple

Lighted towers during Aarti ceremony (Image Source: www.navrangindia.in)

The astonishing temple showcases the dark red-colored idol of Goddess Annapurna who was believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Parvati. Lies near the Rudra Sagar lake, Harsiddhi Mata temple is considered one of the fifty-one shaktipeeths (devotional places) of India. As per the holy book Shiva Purana, the burned elbow of Goddess Sati (manifestation of Goddess Parvati) fell here at this temple place when God Shiva was carrying the burned body of Goddess Sati in grief. The Harsiddhi Mata temple was once in damaged condition. But when the Marathas were ruling over Ujjain, the rulers decided to rebuild the temple. So, when you are visiting the temple premises, you can appreciate the Maratha artwork on the erected pillars. Even today, the lighted lamps on these pillars add to the beauty of the temple. So, when are you visiting? Plan your vacations, schedule an hourly hotel in Ujjain and visit this spectacular temple.

IV. Visit to the Kal Bhairav Temple

Kal Bhairav Temple (Image Source: https://rgyan.com)

Located 5 kilometers from the Ujjain city's center, Kal Bhairav temple is one of the most visited religious places. Bhairav is the fiery form of Lord Shiva. Kal Bhairav is the most important form of all the eight Bhairav forms. Interestingly, you can perform a rare tradition in which you can offer liquor to the deity! When are you going to experience the divine vibes of this temple? Pack your bags, schedule an hourly hotel in Ujjain and visit this unique temple of God Shiva.

V. Spend some time at Pir Matsyendranath

Pir Matsyendranth (Image Source: www.trawell.in)

Located 5 kilometers from the Ujjain city center, Pir Matsyendranath is a blissful place to visit. Not a very known place, but this place is surely an off-beat location to sit quietly near the banks of river Shipra. This place is dedicated to the greatest heads of the Nath sect of Saivism-Matsyendranath. You can explore some antiques dating back to the 6th and 7th centuries that are found during excavations of this place. Sounds so historic and peaceful, right? You can plan your vacations, stay cost-effectively in an hourly hotel in Ujjain and visit this serene place.

VI. Go for holy dips in Ram Mandir Ghat

Ram Mandir Ghat (Image Source: www.tripadvisor.in)

Located 2 kilometers from the Ujjain city's center, Ram Mandir Ghat is one of the symbolic religious places for the Kumbh Mela which happens once in 4 years. It's believed that dipping in the waters of river Shipra at Ram Mandir ghat will repent you from all your sins. Don't miss out on the breathtaking view of the sunset from the ghat. You can walk to reach the nearby Harsiddhi Mata temple which is 350 meters from this ghat. You can witness the awesome sight of the Ganga river aarti that happens every day in the evening. So, when are you planning to visit? Schedule an hourly hotel in Ujjain from MiStay so that you can check in at the hotel at any time you want & also get to pay for the time you stay.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our article on six must-see attractions in Ujjain. If you're planning a trip to Ujjain in the future, please consider adding a few of these attractions to your itinerary! Ujjain is often overlooked as a tourist destination because it is not one of the more popular cities in the state. However, because of the beautiful architecture, the historical monuments, and the temples that are located here, we think you will find that Ujjain is an interesting place to visit. It is also a popular site for pilgrims who come to visit the Mahakaleshwar Temple. We hope that you will come to visit Ujjain soon and book an hourly hotel in Ujjain from MiStay so that you can get a flexible check-in facility and pay only for the time you stay.