Sitting is the new smoking. As industrialisation expands, more people join the urban workforce. The regular urban working style is necessarily a desk-job. Lack of physical activity and mental stress is inevitably taking a toll on our health.

But, what is the solution? Can we change the course of development? Well, I guess the answer is "NO". But, we can always take charge of our life-style. An easy solution to live a healthy life is to include yoga in our daily routine. Yoga enhances your concentration power, inner peace and muscle strength. Thus, all the hormones are in equilibrium. It is a wonderful tool to ward off the various lifestyle diseases that have become very common now.


India is the cradle of the art of yoga. There are many lucrative destinations in the country for the perfect stress-buster vacation. You can always learn it from YouTube and practice at home. But, the sense of harmony in a group practice is an unparalleled feeling altogether. As everyone starts feeling very positive the affirmative vibes energise the atmosphere. Imagine a vacation with a similar affirmative feeling. Sounds tempting, right? Well, here is a list of places you must visit to awaken your inner yogi.

  1. Rishikesh

Rishikesh is popularly known as the "Yoga Capital of the World". The Beatles is a famous English song band. In 1968, the band lodged at the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Instantly, the city in Uttarakhand got international recognition. The yoga culture was quite profound there. But after the visit of the Beatles, the tradition was enhanced even further. Many Yogis and Gurus opened yoga ashrams and centres there. You can stay in an hourly hotel in Rishikesh and practice yoga in any ashram or centre. The serene landscape and quaint mountains accentuate the positive spirit. Trust me, it can be your life-changing moment as well. Most visitors meet their inner soul and feel the priceless inner peace.

You can always rest at an hourly hotel in Delhi before embarking on your northbound journey. The transformation of the city cacophony to solitary quietude is blatantly visible in the journey.

Yoga sessions in Rishikesh

2. Kerala

Kerala is known as "God's own country". Bordered by the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea, the state has a serene diverse landscape. The tranquil surroundings make the place a popular destination for yoga retreat. From Zen meditation to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, the state promotes all forms of yoga to attain discipline.

There are many yoga retreats in Trivandrum. You can practice at any of the centres and rest in an hourly hotel in Trivandrum. You can also stay at a couple-friendly hotel in Trivandrum. After reaching Trivandrum you can check-in at an hourly hotel near the Trivandrum airport. It would help you to overcome the travel fatigue and enjoy the vacation better.

Kochi is another yoga hot-spot in Kerala. You can join any centre to seek peace and rest in an hourly hotel in Kochi at ease. There are many couple-friendly hotels in Kochi as well. Marine Drive is a beautiful place in Kochi for the romantic spiritual getaway. There are many couple-friendly hotels in Marine Drive, Kochi.

A yoga centre in Kerala

3. Goa

Goa is famous as the "Mecca" of all the party-animals. Almost every college student plans a Goa trip. It is inevitably the beach destination for all the adventure-lovers. From water-sports to music festivals, Goa would never disappoint you. But, did you know that amidst all the fun and frolic Goa is also a yoga destination. Some of the best teachers have opened their centres there. It can be quite an experience to practice yoga amid the tranquil beaches and quaint hills. You would feel at peace with yourself and nature at large.

You can practice yoga all day and rest in an hourly hotel in Goa. There are many couple-friendly hotels in Goa as well. The Anjuna beach is a very scenic place in Goa. You can also book hourly hotels near Anjuna beach in Goa. Calangute beach is another golden beach adorned with palm trees. You can stay at a couple-friendly hotel in Calangute, Goa for your romantic vacation.

A beach yoga session in Goa

4. Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India. Like every other capital, Delhi is a busy city. It never sleeps. Behind all the glitz and glam, the city has a quieter side as well. It is a major destination in the journey of the spiritual traveller. There are plenty of parks hosting yoga events round the year.

Delhi is a destination for all kinds of travellers. For the budget-friendly, there are many hourly hotels in Delhi. Being a cosmopolitan city, there are many couple-friendly hotels in Delhi. There are plenty of hourly hotels in Paharganj, the backpacker's ghetto. You can easily find couple-friendly hotels in Paharganj.

After reaching Delhi, you can relax and freshen up at an hourly hotel near the New Delhi railway station. The couple-friendly hotels near the New Delhi railway stations are also very hospitable.

A yoga session in Delhi

5. Kolkata

Bengal is the land of the youth icon and revered spiritual guru, Swami Vivekananda. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal. You absolutely cannot miss Kolkata in your mystical journey. From Belur Math to Bistu Ghosh's Yoga School, the city is always at its spiritual best.

If you are travelling on a shoe-string budget, then you absolutely do not need to worry. There are many hourly hotels in Kolkata. They are extremely hospitable and pocket-friendly. The City of Joy is extremely weloming to couples as well. There are many couple-friendly hotels in Kolkata.

After reaching the city you can rest at an hourly hotel near the Howrah railway station in Kolkata. A long journey can get quite tiresome. Nevertheless, you can always rest at the end of the journey to fight the fatigue effectively.

Yoga session on International Yoga Day

6. Bangalore

The IT hub of India has unexpectedly become the Yoga hub of the country as well. Unable to manage stress, many high-tech professionals have quit their plush jobs to become full time yoga trainers. They found peace with yoga and meditation. Thus, they dedicated themselves to the mission of practising and preaching yoga.

Bangalore is one of the most technically advanced cities in the country. Why pay for a hotel room for the entire day in the city where you can even rent furniture by the hour? It is any more sensible to stay at an hourly hotel in Bangalore. There are many couple-friendly hotels in Bangalore as well.

Yoga session in Maple Tree, Bangalore

7. Auroville

Any spiritual traveller's journey is incomplete without a visit to Auroville. The city is very rightly called the City of Dawn. Built on the visions of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, the city has a harmony of its own. You can feel the yogic air the minute you step inside.

For a pocket-friendly trip, you can stay at an hourly hotel near Auroville. There are many couple-friendly hotels near Auroville as well.

The easiest way to reach Auroville is always via Chennai. You can stay at an hourly hotel in Chennai or in couple-friendly hotels in Chennai. The road-trip from Chennai to Auroville is a revelation in itself.

Yoga session in Auroville

I am pretty sure that you found your inner soul after the trip to all the yoga destinations of the country. You must also visit Bihar during Chhath Puja to awaken your spiritual self.