Human beings are omnivorous. We enjoy eating exotic dishes at new places. A major attraction for travellers are trying new varieties of food. But, many people have become conscious about animal rights. They have not just become vegetarians but vegans.

Veganism is here to stay. It is on the rise and would become mainstream very soon. Now, as a vegan you might feel that it is a daunting task to travel. You might worry about your diet. But, trust me, it is not at all difficult to travel as a vegan. Rather, it is much easier. You can easily find vegan food at every corner of India.

Some of the hacks to travel on a vegan diet are:

  1. Learn local phrases

It is essential to learn the local phrases for egg, meat, fish, dairy and other non-vegan food items. Communication gap might become a barrier. You might miss out on tasty vegan food because you thought that it was non-vegan. Similarly, you might end up buying non-vegan food because you could not communicate your vegan requirements properly.

Thus, while you plan your trip to Kolkata, remember to learn the local Bengali terms for egg, fish and other non-vegan food. This way you can avoid ordering "maccher jhol" at your hourly hotel in Esplanade or couple friendly hotel in Park Street.

Vegan food

2. Carry vegan snacks

Remember to carry vegan snacks along with you. In case you might feel hungry in between a meal and unable to find a vegan snacks anywhere.

There are plenty of street foods in Delhi which are pure vegan food like samosa. So, as you leave your couple-friendly hotel in Paharganj or hourly hotel in Connaught Place, remember to munch on the nearby pani puri or samosa.

A pure vegan paani puri

3. Carry your own soy sauce

Not every restaurant has soy sauce. It is always a good idea to carry your own soy sauce. You can always order grilled vegetables and have them with soy sauce. It surely does make food instantly tasty.

So, as you leave your hourly hotel in Indiranagar or couple-friendly hotel in Koramangala to eat at a famous food junction in Bangalore remember to carry your soy sauce.

Remember to carry soy sauce

4. Lodging with kitchen

If possible try to find an apartment or hotel with an attached kitchen. That way you can cook your own food. That is a safe way to ensure that you can maintain your vegan diet.

During your romantic Mumbai trip, try to find hourly hotels in Bandra or couple friendly hotels in Dadar with a kitchen. Thus, you do not need to hunt for a vegan restaurant every time and can eat at ease in your hourly hotel.

Kitchenette hotel rooms are a viable option

5. Contact Local Vegans

Try to contact local vegan people. They might be able to guide you on the best vegan restaurants. Moreover, they might even invite you home. You might eventually taste tasty local vegan food.

During your next visit to Pune, remember to inquire about vegan communities at the hourly hotel in Viman Nagar or couple friendly hotel in Hinjawadi. You might not be able to imagine the vegan treasure trove you might stumble upon with a simple conversation.

Strike a conversation at the reception about vegan food

6. Download the correct application

There are multiple vegan food guide applications available. Applications like HappyCow and VegGuide are very authentic and helpful. The applications are very handy and can help you in any situation. Trust me, with the application in your phone, all your necessary information is just a click away.

So, remember to check your application to make your travel plans in Hyderabad before leaving your hourly hotel in Banjara Hills or couple friendly hotel in Madhapur.

Do not forget to check the applications before you leave

7. Carry your own cosmetics

You would never know which cosmetic is tested on animals. These cosmetics do not abide by the animal rights laws. They are sometimes quite cruel on animals. Hence, it is best to carry your own cosmetics instead of buying on the go. Though people have become very cautious and there are many budding vegan cosmetic brands, you should still take that extra measure to be sure that the cosmetics are not tested on animals.

If you are on a vacation to Chennai, remember to carry enough sunscreen lotions. You might never know whether the local sunscreen lotions are tested on animals or not. So, when you leave your couple friendly hotel in Velachery or hourly hotel in Saidapet remember to apply your own sunscreen.

Though vegan cosmetics have become very popular, you should still avoid to buy it on the go

8. Accommodate your diet accordingly

You might not get cooked vegan food everywhere. You should learn to adapt to a salad and fruits diet. You can always be sure of healthy vegan food if you live on fruits for breakfast and vegetable salads for lunch and dinner. You can always snack on dry fruits and other vegan food bars.

Remember to snack on dry fruits as you visit one famous tourist spot after the other in Kochi. If you are really confused about the food served in the city, you can always order salad in your couple friendly hotel near Ernakulam Junction or hourly hotel in Thrippunithura.

Fruit salads are a healthy option any day!

9. Visit the local markets

As a vegan, you might cook your own food or munch on healthy salads. Do your bit of research of the local and seasonal fruits available in the area. Then, visit the local markets to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also prepare your food for the day and carry them along in boxes.

Goa is the land of exotic varieties of food in India. It would be a reasonable decision to prepare your own food in Goa. So, remember to buy the necessary fruits and vegetables before you check into an hourly hotel in Calangute or couple friendly hotel in Anjuna.

Even if you are not a vegan, it is always safer to travel as a vegan. There are less chances of falling sick of food poisoning. If you are passionate about the environment, then you must also learn the tips to travel as a responsible tourist.