India being one of the culture rich and diverse country has dynamic nature both in North and South. South India is the land surrounded by water bodies. Its well known for its rapid development in economy, Infrastructure and Information & Technology. Though it's a conservative region it’s equipped with all the modern ideology.

Before moving to this cultural treasure there are few things you should be knowing

Not everybody knows Hindi

Folks in South India don’t consider Hindi as a supreme language. Four Indian classical languages out 5 are in South India. They are very fond of their culture and particularly their language, hence Hindi is just an additional language which they are least bothered. In cities like Hyderabad and Bengaluru Hindi can be an option to get your things done but if you don’t know the local language in some states like Kerala and Andhra pradesh, you’ll have a tough time. Respect their language and don’t be like “How can they not know Hindi”. They know Hindi is not the National language unlike North Indians who assume it to be.

There are 6 South Indian States and not all South Indians are “madrasis”

People tend to have a weak geography knowledge. Whenever a Delhi guy comes across that guy with South Indian accent, he’ll immediately categorize him as a “madrasi”. In reality, there are 6 states namely Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa, Andhra Pradesh and the newly formed Telangana. And also mostly they confuse cities for states like Hyderabad. Hyderabad is a city and the capital of state Telangana. In all such instances where North Indians just generalize South Indians, they miss out the individuality and the diversity they possess.

Normally South Indians don’t use bad words as randomly as it's used in North India

Though North Indians don’t intend those bad words literally it does come across as an abusive word. They have made it as a catchphrase and rarely people mean it. But most South Indians are very particular about what comes out of their mouth and in South India people hardly abuse and a big NO in public places. It sometimes seem to be a way to sound cool in the North like in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida to abuse but in South, it’s just the opposite. Also, it’s derogatory if you use within your friend circle and between your colleagues, unlike North India.

Rice is the staple food in the south and not roti

In the north, the food is mostly around wheat produce like Roti, Naan, Paratha, Bhatura, Kachori etc. But in South India the staple being rice they have lots of rice produce food items. Climate and geography are the influences of food so naturally, as its winter and dry in North they rely on wheat. Down in South India apart from only having the boiled rice, they have rice delicacies like Dosa, Idli, Appam etc and also differentially tempered rice like Curd rice, Tamarind rice etc.
In terms of the non-vegetarian items in North and South plates, Chicken, Mutton are the heroes in North plate and Seafood is the hero in South plate.

South Indians celebrate the funerals

Yes, you heard it right! Down in south, People celebrate the funeral as they say that even in death the person should b happy and he would be transferred to a new life with happiness.

Generally people of the south are more conservative and are not as open-minded as North Indians.

Normally people in the South are very specific about how they adhere to their values and abide by morals. They don’t really adore the westernization in terms of dressing, habits and many more. This is because they have high respect for their cultural history and wish to keep it unadulterated by mixing it with ideologies that contradict with their traditions. Still, the casteism in South India exist much more than in the North. Acceptance of inter-caste marriage is still not very common.

South Indians are predominantly introverts

To some extent, it's true that most of the South Indians are Introverts and they don’t talk. One of the reasons being their upbringing. Children of South India are taught to be humble and not showing off that they are good than others makes them introvert. Also unlike North Indian parents, South Indian parents teach their children to be simple in every aspect.

Typically South Indians often hesitate to accept other cultures

South Indians are more inclined towards their culture. And when you are too rooted in something, it's hard to accept and acknowledge the other things around you. Similarly, South Indians having their own Dravidian culture finding it difficult to digest other schools of thoughts which does not have the same wavelength. Be it the newest technology or any new ideology they have hesitance to adopt these because they think what they have in their culture is sufficient to lead the life and rest are not very useful.