Silicon Valley of India, city of gardens, Kannada, speaking city, and every conversation ending with “Kannada Gothilla”, the names are many but the feelings are the same, “Namma Bengaluru”.

The city of Bangalore is the perfect symphony of history, new age technology infrastructure, delicious food, and many more things. The city dances with the joy of liveliness. The city is a must-visit even for a limited time. It is a perfect place to be with your partner or some friends to spend some quality time together. The weather is to die for. It is perfectly pleasant the entire year making the lifestyle even livelier. There are so many things to do in and around Bangalore, choosing from so many options is indeed a very herculean task. If you are at Bangalore for a limited time like for 3 days, then it is best to plan a while before about your trip. First thing, you can always book a hotel room near Bangalore airport to limit your travel time to the airport. On a second note, you can also book hotel rooms near Bangalore railway station if you are traveling by train. Here are some of the best places to travel in 3 days if you are planning to extract the best out of Bangalore.


The 1st day calls for some time spent in the city seeing the famous monuments and gardens. If you are new to the city, the initial days require some familiarizing with the city of Bangalore. You can book a couple friendly hotel in Bangalore with your partner and plan the trip ahead for a hassle free vacation

1-Tipu Sultan’s Palace

This is otherwise known as Tipu Sultan”s Summer Palace, built in the 18th century and designed in an amalgamation of Indian and Islamic style architectural design. The structure is made of teak wood and is a 2 storied structure. The entire life story of Tipu Sultan has been depicted in the Palace in the form of photographs, pictured, sculptures, gold, and silver vessels. There was also a copy of Tipu Sultan’s Tiger, an automation toy depicting a tiger devouring a soldier.

Timing- 8:30am- 5:30pm

Entry fees- INR 15 – Indians

                   INR 200 – Foreigners

Address- KR Road, New Tharagupet, Bengaluru

2-Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Spread over 240 acres and having a species of over 1800 plants, Lal Bagh Botanical Garden is the one place one must visit if you are in Bengaluru. It is a brainchild of Haider Ali in 1760. This garden has been recognized nationally and internationally for its exceptional species of flora. The 19th-century glasshouse is one of the topmost attractions there.

Timing- 6am-7pm

Entry fee- INR 20

Address- Lalbagh Road, Wilson Garden, Near BMTC Office

3-Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park is founded in the year 1970 and is situated outside the city of Bangalore. It was declared a National Park in 1974. There are over 100 bird species in the park with animals such as elephants, leopards, Asiatic lion, Bengal tigers, peacocks, etc. the jungle safari is one of the main attraction which opens at 9 am and roughly takes 45 minutes.

Timing- 9:30am-5pm

Entry fee- Depends upon nationality, days of the week, and area of the park to be visited.

Address- Bannerghatta Road, Bannerghatta

4-Bangalore Place

Designed in the Tudor style of architecture, this palace is not like any other Indian Palace. It was bought by Maharaja Chamarajendra Wadiyar X and was completed in the year 1878. The palace was characterized by towers, turrets and the palace interiors are carved floral motifs in wood. The stained glass windows, crystal chandeliers, the Wadiyar coat of arms, trophies, and paintings of Raja Ravi Verma are the top attractions at the palace.

Timing- 10am-5:30pm

Entry fee- INR 230- Indian

                  INR 460- Foreigners

Address- Palace Road, Vasanth Nagar


After a hectic day 1 in getting used to the city, the 2nd day calls for a long journey to Mysore. If you are in Bangalore, then visiting Mysore is a must or else your trip is incomplete. Mysore is 145 km from Bangalore and will take approximately 4 hours to reach there. An early morning trip will be just the best. There are many fabulous attractions at Mysore, hence dedicating a complete day to Mysore will be a good idea. Make sure to book a couple friendly hotel in Mysore to take rest time and again.

1-Early morning trip to Mysore

Since Mysore is at a distance of 145 km from the city of Bangalore, hence you have to start traveling a bit early in the morning to make the entire day valuable. You can keep your belonging in the hotel room where you are staying. You can book a cab a day beforehand to avoid any last-minute hassles. The road trip to Mysore early in the morning is one of the best moments that you can experience.

2-Mysore Palace

Mysore is a perfect place to witness the history of the kingdom of South India, more specifically the royal family of Mysore. It is a 20th-century grandeur Mysore Palace consisting of Lake Gardens, durbar hall, royal galleries, and portraits show a unique amalgamated design of Rajput, Mughals, and Gothic architecture. It also shows some shades of European architecture.

Timing- 10 am- 5:30pm

Entry fees- INR 50- Adults

                  INR-30- children (10-18 years)

3-Indulge in good food

It does not happen every day that you are at Mysore, so trying out the best of Mysore cuisine at Mysore is one of the bucket lists. You can go to a hotel nearby and enjoy all the famous Mysore delicacies like Mysore Pak (a delicious sweet made up of ghee, sugar and gram flour) and Mysore masala dosa.

4-Mysore zoo

After a nice historical site seeing at Mysore Palace and a good hearty Mysore delicacy, the nest step might be at Mysore zoo. It is located 2 km from the Palace. It is one of the oldest and largest zoos in India. There are many endangered species of fauna are bought here for their conservation and protection.

Timing- 8:30 am – 5:30 pm except for Tuesdays

Entry Fees- INR 50- Adults

                    INR 20- Children ( 5 to 12 years)

5-Brindavan Gardens

The next place on your list should be the sprawling and beautiful Brindavan Gardens. Completed in the year 1932, it is spread across a vast 60 acres. There are terraced gardens with beautifully crafted grounds and a variety of unique flowers like celosia, marigold, bougainvillea, etc. The musical fountain show around the evening time is not the one to miss during this trip.

Timing- 6:30am- 8pm

Entry Fees- INR 15- Adults

                    INR 5- children

Musical Fountain show- 6:30pm-7:30pm

6-St Philomena’s Cathedral

It is recognized as the 2nd tallest church of Asia and was constructed to pay tribute to the catholic saint and martyr of Roman Catholic Church, Saint Philomena. The evening is the best time to visit there to experience the Neo-Gothic style of architecture.


After a couple of days of hectic travel and sightseeing, the final day calls for some relaxation by visiting the high-end pubs and shopping at the mall. With the true metropolitan vibes, food delicacies, amazing nightlife, and remarkable infrastructure, Bangalore is truly the silicon valley of India.

1-MTR-Mavalli Tiffin Rooms

After a nice sleep from the exciting and tiring trip last night, a nice Bangalorean breakfast is what the soul wants and MTR is the perfect place for it. The soft idlis, chow chow bhath, and Bangalore style dosa are a must-have at that place.

Price- IN 250 for 2 people

Address- Lakshmi Road

2-The Forum Koramangala Mall

Just for some relaxation and shopping from some national and international brands, Forum mall is one place to visit. You can chill around with your friends and enjoy some quality time eating a few good delicacies. You can also buy some gifts for your family members back home. There are many couple friendly hotel rooms in Koramangala in Bangalore that you can book and enjoy a trip to the mall.


Out of all the high-end pubs and breweries, Toit at Indiranagar is one place to be if you are at Bangalore. It has one of those cool party vibes with delicious food and perfect ambiance. They brew their beers which are worth trying for. With an addition to the beer, the chicken wings and nachos are worth trying at Toit. There are many couple friendly hotels in Indiranagar that you can book with your partner and get on with partying.

Timing- 12pm- 11:30pm – (Sun-Thu)

              12pm-1am- (Fri-Sat)

Price- 500 per person

4-Commercial Street

With delicious street food, chains of stalls, and a vibe for shopping, Commercial Street is every shopaholic paradise worth visiting for. There are some antique stores, book stores, unique apparel stores, and accessories stalls to choose from. If you are truly looking for some unique things to take back home, then this is the place for you.

5-Orion Mall

Another mall that you can add to your journey is the Orion Mall. It has some good brands to shop from. There is a lake outside the mall where you can sit and relax, especially during the evening time.

6-Skyye Lounge

Spend your last night at the plush environment of UB City is one of the best things that you can do to end your stay at Bangalore. Skyye Lounge is perched on the height of UB City which gives you an amazing view of the starlit sky and twinkling city. Perfect lighting, classy décor, and alfresco setting set the right tone to the end night.

3 days are over and with that your trip to Bangalore as well. But this is not the end. These are the highlight of what the amazing city can offer you. You can always plan a trip in the future and stay in a hotel at Bangalore and explore the city to its inception. It is indeed worth it.

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