Gurgaon or now officially known as Gurugram is a land of historical and religious importance. In the Hindu religious text Mahabharata, Gurgaon is believed to have been owned by the Throne of Hastinapur and was handed over to Acharya Dronacharya, the royal preceptor or the Weapons Master as a Dakshina for the arms training that he imparted to the Pandavas and Kauravas. Thus, even now the city is sometimes referred to as a centre of education. In the present day, the city has developed as a corporate hub near the National Capital and every major MNC has its headquarters or regional office in the city. Gurgaon initially took off the pressure from Delhi but the massive scale of industrialisation has rendered the city into a glasshouse. While we only see pollution, dust, industries and offices in tall skyscrapers in a glance Gurgaon have more to offer. Gurgaon has many museums, temples, pubs, shopping complexes, natural surroundings and thrill-seekers spot. Gurgaon presents a mixture of best of urban life and the best of Natural environment that continues to draw tourists to this historic city. Let's waste no more time and jump towards the 10 best things to do when visiting Gurgaon.

1) Oysters Beach Water Park: This wonderful park is a water cum theme park in the middle of sector 29 in Gurgaon. The water park has a variety of rides, water slides and large pools such as the counting torpedo, thunderstorm, pirate station, cruiser, rapid racer, lazy river, rain dancing, and many more. The water park is a favourite among couples in Gurgaon. If you are visiting Gurgaon with your loved one it's going to be a perfect destination for a day's outing. The park has maximum facilities for its visitors and it provides an outstanding experience. To enjoy completely a full day would be needed to spend at the park. Just check out of your hotel rooms, enjoy the day and head back to rest. Next, you can enjoy the nightlife of Gurgaon.

Oysters Water Park, Gurgaon

2) Kingdom of Dreams: Very few places in India have a live theatre. Kingdom of Dreams is one such place to offer live entertainment, leisure activities and theatre. This one of a kind entertainment destination employs technology to brings to life a blend of India's art, culture, diversity, craft, cuisine and performing art. The different extravaganzas are named as per the performances they display namely a few are Nautanki Mahal, Culture Gully, Showshaa Theatre, IIFA Buzz. The magnificent structure glitters like a star amidst the city’s Sector 29. It aims to give a blend of both contemporary and modern India. If you really need to see something different head out to this place in the evening and you won't be disappointed.

Kingdom of Dreams

3) Cyber Hub: CyberHub is a unique, one-of-its-kind concept in India – a food & entertainment destination that aims to bring people in a social circle. The kind of luxurious feel and ambience provided by Cyber hub makes it an unparalleled experience and an ideal destination for numerous theme parties. CyberHub is located on the National Highway 8 close to both Delhi and Gurgaon alike. Gurgaon being one of the corporate hubs is full of teenagers, youngsters and the affluent making it a paradise for party animals and people who love new experiences. The cyber hub boasts of World-class design, rooftop terrace, amphitheatre and some of the best bars cum restaurants like Frazier Cafe, Hard Rock Café, Circus, Café Delhi Heights, and Imperfecto etc. Check out hotels in Gurgaon that are close to Cyber hub and also provide booking of hotels by the hour.


4) Vintage Car Museum: Any motor enthusiast out there? If yes you would love to explore the Vintage Car Museum while in gurugram. The museum showcases a mind-boggling collection of pre-mechanised and mechanised transportation comprising of automobiles, aircraft and railways etc. There are about 75 vintage and classic cars housed in the museums complex. The aviation section has a detailed history of the aircraft right from their origin. The museum also works in collaboration with several schools, colleges and research centres to work on collection and documentation of data for research on the subject.

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5) Damdama Lake: The Damdama Lake is the largest natural lake in Haryana as well as Gurgaon. The Aravalis stand tall in the background while the calm water of the lake create a serene and beautiful surrounding. The lake has a vibe to it that attracts visitors and families alike. A wide range of adventure activities are done here- Kayaking, Boating, Rock Climbing, Valley crossing etc. It was built for the purpose of rainwater harvesting in 1947 by the Britishers and later it evolved into a tourist spot. The lake's calm and beautiful natural surrounding attracts hundreds of migratory birds and is home to around 200 species of native and migratory birds. Most of these migratory birds arrive here in the monsoon season when the lake's water levels swell to the highest. A romantic spot for couples to spend a day with loved ones. Don't forget your cameras in the hotel rooms and click yourself in this picturesque location.

Damdama Lake

6) Leisure Valley Park: Amidst the concrete jungle of Gurugram lies a well maintained green patch of forest spreading over a square kilometre. It has a beautiful garden, a musical fountain, a jogging park, and a restaurant that makes it apt for a day's visit. The best time to visit this place is in the evening as the musical fountain is turned on and water sprays dance over the tune of hypnotizing music. The place is a hit among corporates and business travellers coming to Gurgaon and they make sure to visit this place for informal meetings to relax.

Leisure Valley Park

7) Aravalli Biodiversity Park: The park is spread well over an area of about 2 square kilometres. The main motive to build this park was to help build and preserve the biodiversity of the area in the barren and arid land of this region. The park was inaugurated on the auspicious occasion of World Environment Day in June 2010. The park has around 160 plant species and over 170 species of birds and animals. Nature lovers, here is your moment to click the wildlife in its habitat that too in Gurgaon.

Aravalli Biodiversity Park

8) Sultanpur National Park: This National park is a famous spot for birdwatchers and photographers who like to click raw photos of birds in their habitat. If you love nature and the birds, of course, you may head out to the Park. Several bird species such as paddy field pipit, hoopoe, little cormorant, purple sunbird, Eurasian thick-knee, pigeons, grey francolin, and black francolin can be easily spotted in this area. The best season to visit this park is in winter when most of the migratory birds visit this place. Its a treat for birdwatchers at that time. The place is around 20 km from the city centre so visitors get out of your hotels in Gurgaon early to avoid traffic delays in the city.

Sultanpur National Park

9) Iskate: Not all of us can go to the Valley of flowers or Manali for learning or pursuing Ice skating. Fret not, since Iskate in Ambience mall, Gurgaon brings forth you an opportunity to brush up your ice skating skills. Iskate is India’s first natural rink and it attracts a lot of traffic for this reason. The place also houses a cafe and is spread over two floors in the Ambience Mall. There is an inhouse DJ, bar, and karaoke bar making this place a must-visit with either your friends family or your partner. There is a lot of room for couples to enjoy their perfect day here.


10) Sector 29: Undoubtedly, Sector 29 is the heart of Gurgaon as it has everything to offer. The nightlife of Gurgaon boasts of some interesting places all housed in sector 29. There are expensive as well as affordable ones that won't rip your pockets for a night full of dance and music. Ladies head out to this place since every week there is a ladies’ night in almost all the pubs and they serve free cocktails to make you feel special. So party animals you will always have something or the other to explore in sector 29 of Gurgaon and you will always be left surprised. Some of the best pubs and bars worth mentioning are Factory By Sutra, The Walking Street, Downtown etc.

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Now that you are enlightened that Gurgaon is more than what it seems you ought to visit Gurgaon again and this time for exploring the place. Come check all of these and many more exciting places that this city has. Make sure to have enough days in your trip since Gurgaon has infinite ways to serve and bewilder you. Don't worry, there are several nearby hotels in aerocity delhi as well Gurgaon. These hotels offer early check-in too and the Metro connects both the cities seamlessly.

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