The south Indian coastal state, Chennai is a favourite vacation destination. However, there are selected few sites in Chennai that people generally visit. Consequently, the places have become extremely congested. In a bid to click pics in popular locales, people are oblivious to the existence of some equally captivating places. So, as you plan a trip to Chennai, remember to visit the following places.

  1. St. Thomas Mount:

The caves were home to St. Thomas for many years. St. Thomas was one of Jesus Christ's disciples. The caves are maintained properly. Even the rocks with the fingerprints of St. Thomas are preserved with care. The quaint caves are the perfect getaway from the madding crowd. So, as you travel about and around Chennai, reserve a date with the caves and stay at an hourly couple friendly hotel near St. Thomas Mount in Chennai. When you visit the caves, do not forget to marvel at the mysterious small water spring which St. Thomas had created and it has not dried up ever.

St. Thomas Mount

2. Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary:

The sanctuary is a peaceful place with birds chirping and leaves rustling. There are many varieties of birds in the sanctuary and various birds migrate over to the place during the season. Visit the place to connect with nature and a tranquil evening stroll. As you leave your hourly couple friendly hotel near Ampa Skywalk in Chennai , remember to visit this place.

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

3. Bodyguard Muneeswaran Temple:

The temple in Pallavan Salai is famous for many reasons. The temple is devoted to Lord Muneeswaran. People pray to him diligently. Moreover, a British officer had tried to obstruct the construction of the temple. On the same day, the officer met with a fatal accident. This incident enhanced the belief in the lord among the devotees. Thus, the temple was popularly called Bodyguard. When you reach Chennai and check into an hourly couple friendly hotel near Chennai international airport to overcome the travel fatigue, remember to mention the temple in your sight-seeing list.

Bodyguard Muneeswaran Temple

4. Green Meadows Resort:

If you are in real mood to witness the heritage and culture of Chennai, you must visit the resort. The architecture and decor is an authentic South Indian design. After dining at a restaurant in Velachery, you might retire in an hourly couple friendly hotel near Velachery in Chennai for the day. But, do remember to visit the resort the following day without fail.

Green Meadows Resort

5. Theosophical Society:

Along the coast of the Adyar river, the society comprises of a library, memorial park, broken bridge, Banyan tree, temple, church, mosque and Buddhist shrines. The place surely has something in store for everyone. Visit the tranquil place to connect with nature in the enchanting parks. The soothing vibes would surely make you feel very peaceful at the end of the day. Trust me, the sense of peace would persist even after you have checked into an hourly couple friendly hotel in Adyar in Chennai to rest for the day.

Theosophical Society

6. Cholamandal Artist Village:

The village is developed and maintained by struggling artists, who are trying hard to leave a mark with their work. The place is full of galleries with plenty of art work. This is definitely a treat for the art connoisseurs. The place would surely appeal to your aesthetics. After spending a day at the village, you would surely be musing over all the art work as you rest for the day in an hourly couple friendly hotel near Rajiv Gandhi Salai in Chennai .

Cholamandal Artist Village

7. Broken Bridge:

You must be wondering, "what can be special about a broken bridge and why nobody is repairing it?". Well, the bridge is not used by anybody. On the other, it is quite a spectacle to see the Adyar river merge into the Bay of Bengal from the bridge. No, there are no dangers involved and you can definitely spend an evening out there, enjoying the sea breeze. So, when you take a break in an hourly couple friendly hotel in Guindy to plan out your trip further, do cross-check the broken bridge in your sight-seeing list.

The Broken Bridge

8. Muttukadu Lake:

The tranquil lakeside and the cool evening breeze can be the best place to spend a fun-filled evening. After a long hectic day, participating in water activities in the pleasant lake can be quite soothing. After a well-spent satisfying evening, you must stay at a nearby hourly hotel like couple friendly hotels in Saidapet for a peaceful good night's beauty sleep.

Muttukadu Lake

9. Armenian Church:

Once upon a time, the city was home to many Armenian people. They were mainly merchants. They built the church in 1712 in true-blue Armenian style. The architecture and decor are a reflection of the Armenian culture. The soothing atmosphere of the church has a pleasant vibe, which would make you feel very peaceful. You can visit the church to search your soul or pray to the lord. Nevertheless, you would definitely feel at ease after stepping into the church.

Armenian Church

10. St. Thomas Mount Cathedral:

In the 16th and 17th centuries there was a lighthouse in the place. The lighthouse did guide many ships. Over time it was converted into a cathedral. The structure is built with granite and has a beautifully designed arch. So, as you freshen up in an hourly couple friendly hotel in Alwarpet to start a new day, remember to keep a visit to the cathedral in mind.

Cathedral of St. Thomas Mount

11. Chennai MGR Film City:

We all know about the famous Ramoji Film City and Mumbai Film City. But, only few people are aware of a film city in Chennai. The film city has many studios and a school. All round the year, a lot of activity and film shooting takes place here. The sets are quite a fascinating sight and you can easily spend an entire day without realising the time at all.

Chennai M.G.R. Film City

So, the next time you want a break from your frenetic mundane life, plan a trip to Chennai and visit the offbeat tourist spots in the city. Enjoy the trip to the fullest with the delectable cuisine of Tamil Nadu.