India is the “Land of Spices”. Since time immemorial the country has been invaded and attacked for the myriad variety of spices available. The spicy taste and flavour is quite evident in the Indian cuisine. All across the country you would find delicious dishes with a unique blend of spices. Not just the country, but even across the states there are a variety of dishes available with unique flavors.

Well, when we talk about spice and spicy dishes, Andhra cuisine deserves a special mention. From Hyderabadi Biriyani to Gangura Pachadi, Andhra cuisine is renowned for their fiery taste and spicy flavours. Plenty of red chilli is cultivated in the lands of Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. Naturally, the spices have dominance in the recipes of the local food. If you are new to the world of chillis and spices, then please do sit down to eat with a bowl of jaggerry or glass of butter-milk to soothe your tongue every now and then. Else, it can get quite torturous.

The following is a list of delicious Andhra recipes you cannot miss on your next trip to the regal streets of Hyderabad, tranquil beaches of Vizag, serene Araku Valley or the soul-searching Tirupati temple.

  1. Hyderabadi Biriyani:

The famous biriyani is so delicious that it is a name to be reckoned with in Indian cuisine as a whole. The rich Mughlai delight is a perfect blend of masalas, rice and meat. So, after reaching Hyderabad, freshen up at an hourly hotel in Hyderabad and start your vacation gorging into delicious Hyderabadi Biriyani.

Hyderabad Biriyani

2. Kodi Pulao:

The perfect spicy blend of rice and meat is a treat for the meat-lovers. You absolutely cannot miss this meaty delight before checking into an hourly hotel in Banjara Hills to retire for the day.

Kodi Pulao

3. Royyala Yeppadu:

This spicy fried prawn curry is a delicious treat for all the sea-food lovers. After all, who does not love the spicy crunchy prawns?

Royyala Yeppadu

4. Pulasa Pulusu:

This extremely rare seasonal fish curry is very healthy too. If you visit the coasts of Andhra Pradesh during the right season, do not forget to feast on a plate of the delicious curry. So, when you relax in a beach in Vishakhapatnam, remember to have a feast with Pulasa Pulusu before retiring in an hourly couple friendly hotel in Visakhapatnam.

Pulasa Pulusu

5. Gutti Vankaya Kura:

The spicy stuffed eggplant curry is a mouth-watering delicious dish with the roasted herbs adding a rich flavor and aroma to the delightful delight. So, as you explore the beautiful city of Vijayawada, lunch on a sumptuous meal of Gutti Vankaya Kura with rice and rest in an hourly couple friendly hotel in Vijaywada.  

Gutti Vankaya Kura

6. Gongura Pachadi:

Andhra cuisine is incomplete without the myriad variety of pachadis or chutneys. One of the most unique types is the spinach pachadi. The unique flavor will fill your senses and leave you craving for more. The chutney has a tangier pickle version cooked with sorrel leaves. I am very sure that after tasting it once you would be dying to know the secret recipe and prepare your own version at home. When you order a meal in Hyderabad, remember to order for Gonguro Pachadi along. After the sumptuous meal, you must stay in an hourly couple friendly hotel in Madhapur for siesta.

Gongura Pachadi

7. Gonguro Mutton:

Andhra cuisine has a variety of meat preparations. All of them are very delicious. But, gonguro mutton deserves special mention. This delicious dish prepared with spinach has a unique spicy aroma and flavor, which is difficult to be found otherwise or elsewhere. The addition of potatoes and coconut milk enhance the taste and texture of the delicious gravy. When you explore the city of Hyderabad, dig into the appetising delight and retire in an hourly couple friendly hotel in Gachibowli.

Gonguro Mutton

8. Natu Kodi Pulusu:

Amongst a variety of spicy chicken recipes, the Natu Kodi Pulusu certainly stands out. The pepper chicken and Guntur chicken are mouth-wateringly delicious, but the chicken cooked with poppy seeds is very tasty. The poppy seeds add a rich aroma, flavor and texture to the rich and tangy taste of other pickles. You would definitely fall in love with the variety. Besides sight-seeing, have a blast in the city of Guntur with Natu Kodi Pulusu in an hourly couple friendly hotel in Guntur.

Natu Kodi Pulusu

9. Akura Pappu:

Andhra cuisine loves spinach. Another delicious recipe of Popeye’s favourite leafy vegetable is the Akaru Pappu. The dish prepared with pulses would surely make even children love their veggies. So, when you visit the holy city of Tirupati, lunch on delicious Akura Pappu with rice and rest in an hourly couple friendly hotel in Tirupati.

Akura Pappu

10. Ulava Charu:

Ulava means horse gram. The horse gram soup deserves special mention for the delicious creamy spicy taste. It is definitely a treat for our palette.

Ulava Charu

11. Pesarattu:

The Dosa variety prepared with moong dal is a delicious and healthy delight. It is a very unique variety of Dosa, native to the Andhra kitchen. In some varieties, the dosa is cooked with upma stuffing. After leaving your hourly couple friendly hotel in Nampally in Hyderabad, start your day with a healthy Pesarattu.

Upma filled Pesarattu

12. Punugulu:

The deep fried idli batter is a delectable crunchy snack. You can also eat it as an appetizer or as a side-dish during a meal. Nevertheless, you cannot miss this delicious food item.


13. Dondakaya Fry:

The stir fried ivy gourd is healthy and tasty. The nuts added in the preparation enhance the flavor and make a crispy delight. It is exceedingly healthy as well because it helps to detox the body.

Dondakaya Fry

14. Crispy Bhindi:

Besides gourds, lady’s finger is also stir fried with a variety of spices. The taste has no bounds and is loved by one and all. You must definitely visit an authentic Andhra restaurant to munch into the crispy delights with rice and pulses.    

Crispy Bhindi

15. Panasa Puttu Koora:

Jack-fruit is a delicious fruit after it becomes ripe. But, did you know that the unripe fruit can also be very tasty? Yes! Andhra cuisine has a magical recipe of the unripe jackfruit in its sleeves. The raw fruit is marinated properly with spices and cooked into a delicious curry. Due to the adequate marination, the taste of the masala seeps deep inside each fruit particle. Hence, there is a burst of flavours with each bite.

Panasa Puttu Koora

16. Boorelu:

The sweet rice dumplings are filled with coconut and pulses mixture. The mixture is sweet as well. This favourite sweet is prepared during every Telugu religious festival and found is almost every sweet shop.


17. Pootharekulu:

Popularly known as paper sweet, the delicious sweet dish is prepared with rice flour and ghee. The thin rice flour layers are layered against each other with jagerry and spices like cardamom and elaichi.


18. Spiced varieties of rice:

From curd rice to pulihora, the coastal state has a wide variety of rice recipes. A variety of herbs and spices add flavor to rice in myriad ways. Each particular preparation is tastier than the other.

The above list is absolutely not exhaustive. Almost every village has a unique recipe of their own which is equally delicious and mouth-watering. A recipe that deserves a special mention is the Kandhi Podi or gun powder. The unique mixture of roasted gram, split red gram and Bengal gram is mixed with the perfect blend and choice of spices. So, remember to buy your pack of Kandhi Podi during your Andhra Pradesh vacation. If you liked the cuisine of Andhra Pradesh, you would love the cuisine of Tamil Nadu. Hence, you must try tasting the delicacies of Tamil Nadu as well.