It is said the greatest part of your road trip isn't arriving at your destination. It's all the wild stuff that happens on the way! No road trip is ever complete without a good playlist to go with it and if you are looking for a refreshing set of tunes to accompany you on the road, then this should be your go to playlist! Here’s a mix of old and new Malayalam songs to rock that long drive.

  1. Akale

    This song from the movie Charlie will kindle the wanderer in you and get you looking outside the window with dreamy eyes.
  2. Oru Madhura Kinavin

    No Malayalam playlist is complete without this classic feet tapping number in Yesudas’ voice.
  3. Manassinu Marayilla

    This is the song to make memories with on a road trip with your college friends.
  4. Malare

    You are going to play this song from Premam on loop for sure.
  5. Kuttanadan Punjayile- Vidya Vox cover

    The Vidya Vox rendition of this traditional folk song carries the soul of Kerala in it with a twist.
  6. Kili Poyi title song

    A perfect song to chill with on a boys trip.
  7. Mounam Chorum Neram

    This song from the movie Om Shanti Oshana is a blissful romantic getaway in itself.
  8. Nilamalare- Diamond Necklace

    A feel good melody, accompanied by equally mesmerizing lyrics.
  9. Oru Venal Puzhayil

    This ia a timeless romantic melody from the movie Pranayakalam.
  10. Kaanthaa

    This folk song with a twist by the band Masala Coffee is perfect to enjoy with friends or family.
  11. Thumbi Penne

    Of all the songs from Bangalore days, this rustic one is a must have on a road trip playlist mainly for Sidharth Menon’s raspy voice.
  12. Njan Uyarnu Pogum

    This song from Neram is probably the cutest song on the playlist.
  13. Mel Mel Vinnile- Ustad Hotel

    This song is sure to make you appreciate the scenery around especially if you are on a solo trip.
  14. Minnalazhage Minnumazhage

    This song in Vineeth Srinivasan’s soulful voice is all about college romance.
  15. Unnam Murannu

    This old classic from Hariharnagar is going to take you back to your young reckless college days however old you are.
  16. Payye Veeshum Kaatil

    Another perfect song from Anandam to listen to on the go. Isn’t that expected from a movie about friendship?
  17. Shyamambaram

    It is hard to choose from all the amazing songs in Thattathin Marayathu but this one is a favourite.
  18. Hridayathin Niramayi

    A melody you’ll want to listen to with your loved one when the clouds part ways.
  19. Ethrayo Janmamayi- Summer in Bethlehem

    There is no getting over the experience this evergreen melody gives you.
  20. Poomaram

    This song feels like an old familiar tune no matter which language you speak