Has this ever happened to you that you are hearing some songs and you picture yourself standing in a convertible car and feeling the breeze and enjoying the ride with your friends?
There are so many possibilities for road trip routes, from coast to coast or north to south. Going on a road trip will bring you new perspectives and some cheerful memories.

And there's something about this language that's absolutely divine. Especially when it's in the form of music and poems. Whatever you do decide, these songs can become your go-to mood boosters for this trip. Enjoy!

  1. Unnai Kelai
    The best travel song among the Tamil songs is this one. It is a soul-soothing melody with the ever-pleasing vocals of Hariharan and T.L Maharajan. It is a song that strikes a chord with the youth and is a hit given by Yuvanshankar Raja after a long time.

  2. OK Kanmani
    Kaara Aattakkaara - This song is by legends like AR Rahman, Mani Ratnam, and A.D.Kanagaratnam. Sung by Darshana, Shashaa Tirupati and A.D.Kanagaratnam is a flirtatious Tamil song which boosts your adrenaline rush.

  3. Kaadhal Enulle
    This song is the favorite one for many as it is that “cute song”. This song beautifully brings out the emotions of a new blossoming love through the mesmerizing lyrics.

  4. Rasali
    The potpourri of music by ARR is just perfect and as ever, it adds emotion to the Tamil words and let’s you experience the fresh air on the face as well as the complexity of a seemingly simple experience

  5. Pachai nirame
    This is one song that is evergreen like the “Pachai” in its name. This song’s lyrics are so enchanting that you’ll feel the song and get goosebumps.

  6. Kadhalan-Urvasi Urvasi
    This surely is a philosophical song which you need to hear if you are stressed out and have decided to take a car ride. Whatever happens in life “Take it easy Urvasi”. For your information on the song, the number of copies made of the song bagged in a Limca Book of Records for Rahman!

  7. Thalli Pogathey
    If you are that person who self-talks then this is your song! This song expresses the exact thing, which happens within you before you confess your love.

  8. Malargale
    This song from the movie Lovebirds is a romantic evergreen hit of the 90s. Play this on your car ride if you are traveling with your love.

  9. Munbe Vaa - Another love song which has the depth of feeling is this one. Slow and composed to soothe your mood in the drive.

  10. Namrumughaye
    It rarely happens that the lyrics and music composition of a song is equally beautiful and has that synchronization between them. This indulging song will take you to a dream world. Lyrics are unfathomable!

  11. Netrumilathe thorium
    So wonderfully depicts the feelings of a person who falls in love for the first time. Sung by the Sujata with her melodious voice.

  12. Kannalane
    And if you are upset with someone then this song will remind you of that one special person who will be there for you no matter what.

  13. Jishnu Band: kiruku siruthavale
    Want to express your naughty thoughts to your girlfriend try with this song. It's a peppy song.

  14. Kanamuchi yenada
    A song based on a Carnatic raga and sung by Chitra is an all-time favorite of many. One more Rahman hit to make your trip hit.

  15. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa - Hosanna
    The rich meaningful lyrics of Thamarrai and Rahman’s soulful tune set to the beautiful vocals of Vijay Prakash Suzanne D'Mello and Blaaze perfectly depicted the protagonist’s feelings.

  16. Un Badhil Vendi
    This song is full of promises, which anybody wants to get from their loved ones. Some songs bring out the beauty of love! That love which could transform people.

  17. High on Love
    “I could not understand the magic you are doing near me” This is the literal meaning which shows how high love can make someone. It’s actually an indulging song where the protagonist is trying to express his feelings.

  18. Innuidhm konjam nearam
    One more A.R.Rahman composed song, which brings out the sensuality through the conversation in the song.

  19. Idhayathai yedho ondru
    An out-and-out romantic number. The song brings out the emotions of a longing heart, with Thamarai's lyrics feature the longing feel of a lover.

  20. Kanave Kanave
    The delectable lyrics of Mohan Rajan and his pitch-perfect wizardry combined with Anirudh’s enchanting tune make Anjali Anjali one of the most captivating melodies of all-time.