They say that the only thing more important than the wedding itself is remembering the anniversary. Making it worthwhile can be a herculean task in itself, which is why many people opt for trips around the country.

We have carefully curated a list of the best 5 cities in India to spend your anniversary in so that you and your significant other can enjoy your special day blissfully. So pack up your bags and head out for the anniversary celebration like no other in these breathtakingly beautiful destinations across the country!


First on our list is Darjeeling, and why would it not be, with over 80 sprawling tea gardens that make you feel like you are in the middle of a wonderland, living out your cottagecore dreams.


Its picturesque British architecture gives a tinge of regal touch to the otherwise very soothing natural landscape of the town. Moreover, you can stay close to these buildings as there are easily available couple friendly hotels in the vicinity, being a popular honeymoon spot.

Darjeeling also harbors the third highest mountain in the world, mount Kanchenjunga, so if you and your partner are into the mountainous sort of adventures then this is the location for you.


Who said Goa is only for a friends’ trip? Goa is undoubtedly one of the best seaside locations in the country, and is therefore an idle location if you’re looking for a celebration, no matter how relaxing or exhilarating you need it to be.


From soothing spas with a view of the changing tides, to the sunny beaches where you can try your hand at all sorts of water sports, Goa has it all no matter what your itinerary demands. Moreover, being already such a popular tourist city, Goa has its fair share of attractions that cater to visitors. Married or unmarried folk need not fret as couple friendly hotels are an easy find here.


How could we make a list without including Agra?

If you are looking for a place that harbours one of the Seven Wonders of the World with as romantic as a backstory can be, look no further than Agra. Along with the timeless Taj Mahal, there are numerous other places to explore in the city that remained the capital of the Mughal Empire for a surprisingly long time (history nerds this is for you!).

Agra also has an impeccably delicious and vast cuisine, so if you and your partner are foodies this is the place to highly consider!


Manali has an indisputable reputation as the backpacking – and honeymoon hub of the country! The township is located in the serene Beas river valley surrounded by scenic mountains.


Manali has everything to offer that any exotic hill station would – from providing picturesque scenes for those who are looking for a relaxing respite, to adventurous sports that can knock your socks off. Seriously, this place will need you to wear multiple socks if you don’t want cold feet.


The winding waterways of the Dal Lake, Nagin Lake, and Jhelum River have earned Srinagar its much coveted crown as the ‘Venice of India’.


Srinagar is another location on our list that features entrancing snow capped mountains. In addition, the Venice-like waterways and the 400-year old Mughal gardens are some of the key features of this popular destination. The Mughal gardens again have a romantic backstory, that of Jahangir and Noor Jahan.

With that, we end our short and sweet list of what we think are some of the best destinations to celebrate your anniversary at. If you haven’t reached the anniversary mark yet, try reading our blog on places to propose your partner at.

In all honesty, you should be booking a couple friendly hotel room as soon as possible in one of these spectacular locations to make your next anniversary celebration truly special and forever memorable.