The world has industrialised and globalised rapidly after the industrial revolution. Urbanization has helped more people to join the workforce. With more multi-national companies blossoming around town, the work-life is no longer bound to a particular location and routine. As we work in tandem with people across the globe, we might have to work for later hours. Well, companies have become extremely protective and flexible with the options to work from home, official drops and the likes. But, in case you face a situation where you have to travel at night, is it safe? The risks get riskier if you are alone. Why just restrict risks to travelling on official purposes? Travelling late at night is not safe even during a vacation. Well, the following points explain the reasons to rather stay put in a place than travel to a different location.

  1. Easy availability of hotels by the hour:

Earlier people preferred to return back to their original hideout because it was a wastage of money to book a hotel for the entire day. With the advent of the concept of micro-stays, it is affordable to stay in an hotel by the hour for the night. Hence, it is advisable to avoid booking hotels for your entire stay. Explore the place in a carefree manner and when you feel that it is too late to travel any further, check into a nearby hotel by the hour. Say you got stuck in office or at a party and it got really late. It would be wise to book a hotel for the required hours and travel after dawn. No matter the situation, better be safe than be sorry any day. If you are in Delhi, you would find many hotels by the hour around. Say you are in Aerocity and you realise that it has got quite late, stay back at one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Aerocity and travel again after dawn.

Stay back at an hotel by the hour.

2. Sparsely populated public vehicles:

Well, we are all familiar with the Nirbhaya incident. We must never ignore it as a one-off event. It is any day a wiser decision to be cautious and take necessary precautions. During the late hours at night the public vehicles barely have any passengers on board. It is best to avoid them completely. Though, you can board an uber or avail other similar ride-hailing cab services, it might still be risky with all the emergency security checks in place. Until or unless, it is absolutely necessary for you to travel, try and avoid it. It is best to stay put in a nearby hotel by the hour. In case you are in Paharganj, stay in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Paharganj and travel again during the day. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise from your hotel room and start on your journey.

Stay back and relax in an hotel by the hour

3. Lack of knowledge of the place:

It is obvious that if you are travelling in the same route daily, you would be familiar with the place. You might even rent a car-pool or travel with people who happen to traverse the same route around the same time daily. You would eventually be in a large group of acquaintances. Consequently, you would be able to avoid all risks. But, that is not the case when you are on a vacation or at a new place. You have absolutely no idea about the surroundings. You do not have a clue about the risks associated in the lanes and by-lanes of the place. You would never know the exact routes to avoid and the ones to follow. So, if you are in Dwarka and you know that you might have to travel far, stay in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Dwarka. You can always travel when the dawn breaks and a new day starts. Well, yes, accidents might happen even during the day time. Still, the probability is less.

It is always safer and affordable to stay in one of hotels by the hour at night 

4. Skewed Police to civilian ratio:

The police to civilian ratio is drastically low in India. The population of the country is approximately 1.3 billion. There are only 138 personnel to police a lakh people. That is sad. Most police would prefer to patrol the posh localities as it involves less trouble. Thus, it is not necessary that the place you are exploring or got stuck in, is a properly policed area. Quite probably, it is under-policed. That entails huge amount of risks while travelling. But, you can always avoid a dangerous situation by opting to stay in one of the hotels by the hour over travelling in the dark. So, in case you are in Mahipalpur, you would be smart to stay in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Mahipalpur. Freshen up, unwind and relax because you always have a new day for a new start of the journey. If there are no hard and fast rules to reach a certain place, then it is best to move indoors following a Cinderella hour. You always have another day to reach your destination. Nevertheless, security is a genuine concern in this country.

Not every area is properly patrolled, so stay in hotels by the hour to avoid risk

5. Poverty:

We understand that it sounds rude, but, poverty of the country should be a major motivator to avoid travelling late at night. Many workers and labourers work hard all day and they drink all night to forget their pain and sufferings. They might possess a risk factor as they are not in proper senses. They might harm us in more ways than one. As we covered in the previous point that there is a dearth of police personnel in the country, not every area is properly policed. So, it is best to stay in an hotel by the hour instead of travelling at night. Say, you are near Vasant Kunj, stay in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Vasant Kunj and travel the following day.

Hope, the above points would help you to be more cautious than before. There are a plethora of reasons to avoid night-travel. The mentioned ones were just a few of them. If you are a student and planning to travel to take an exam, then follow a few more steps along with the above mentioned ones. No matter whatever you do, we pray you travel safe and stay blessed.