Once upon a time, people used to live in the same locality all their lives. They would attend the local school and nearby college. When they were grown up enough, they would either join a local company or join the government to help develop the locality.

Were those golden days?

I guess some of you would agree while some would not. It is completely okay. But, such a situation is barely possible today.

The world is globalising very rapidly. We bet, almost each one of you want to be a global citizen. The first to globalisation is being mobile. You would need the courage to pursue your dreams. Besides courage, you would also need to be flexible to travel to new places to realise your dreams.

We have heard quite often that people travel to different locations to give job interviews. Today, you also have to travel for an entrance exam. No exam is held in every corner of the country. In case you do not find a centre near your locality, do not skip the examination entirely. Follow the following steps and get ready to travel to your exam centre at ease.

Study hard and follow the tips for an outstanding performance in your examination
  1. Do not carry all your books:

Sleep is essential to calm your nerves and help your brain to function properly. All your preparations would be in vain if your brain fails to function properly in the examination hall. Hence, if you are travelling a day before the examination, do not carry any study materials. Maybe you can carry an exercise book to browse through the important points and formulas. But, it would be wise to avoid revising or learning a day before the examination. Sleep tight and relax to let your brain perform the magic in the examination hall. Trust yourself and have faith in your preparation for the magic to unfold. If your examination centre is near Aerocity in Delhi, freshen up in one of the hourly hotels in Aerocity before heading towards your examination hall. Irrespective of the location, you would find hotels by the hour  everywhere. There is actually no point in booking a hotel for the entire day when you have the option to pay only for the required hours.

2. Double check essentials

From admit cards to calculators, there are many essential items required to successfully give an examination. It is important for you to double check them after packing. Make a list of the absolutely necessary items and cautiously pack them. If you miss out anything, either you would lose your chance to give the examination or you would panic beyond bounds. The latter one is dangerous as it would blind you of finding any solutions altogether. These days there are hotels by the hour available everywhere. After reaching your destination, check into one of the hotels by the hour near your examination hall to relax and freshen up before the examination. When you check into one of the hourly hotels in Paharganj, do check on the required essentials. If you find something amiss you would still have the time to take a print or buy the necessary items.

Recheck all your belongings before heading to the examination centre

3. Carry spare clothes and accessories:

You might have the plan to return back home right after attempting the examination. Still, carry a set of extra clothes. Change into a new pair after reaching your destination. Check into one of the nearby hotels by the hour and change into fresh clothes. Trust us, you would feel a lot better. As you would feel good, your mood would be brighter. Hence, you would be able to concentrate better in your examination paper. In case you are travelling during the rainy season, it is advisable to carry an extra pair of shoes and all. You definitely do not want to write an exam in wet clothes. It would adversely affect your concentration and thus your productivity. We understand that it is a lot of burden, but, we still suggest you to carry an extra pair. Hence, check into one of the hourly hotels in Electronic City, if your exam centre is nearby and relax and change into new clothes. Concentrate on your exam without taking the stress of it and you would surely succeed with flying colours.

De-stress and write exam in fresh clothes

4. Online payment:

Given the times of the coronavirus, it is advisable to refrain from the use of cash. But, beyond the pandemic, it is still best to go digital. The digital payment platforms have advanced a lot over the years and have become extremely secure. Carrying excess cash entails many unique risks. It can even hinder your productivity as you would be involved to think about its security constantly. Today, almost every shop and hotel accepts digital payments. Hence, it is advisable to go digital and carry as less cash as possible. When you check into one of the hourly hotels in Bandra or any other location to freshen up, you absolutely do not need to fret about cash. You can pay online at ease. You can even order food in most places and pay online for it.

A mobile phone is enough to pay for all your requirements

5. Cross-check the location of the examination centre:

Of all the steps that you follow, it is essential for you to cross-check the exact location of the examination hall a couple of times. Nothing can be worse than reaching the wrong location and not having the time to make it to the correct examination hall. It can get quite devastating even if you reach the exam hall in the nick of time after realising the mistake. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to cross-check the examination hall location and stay in a nearby hotel by the hour to avoid any further travel fatigue. Thus, the minute you get the admit card, verify the location properly. If it is near Salt Lake, book one of the hourly hotels in Salt Lake and freshen up to give your best.

The above list is not exhaustive. You also need to take proper care of your physical and mental health. There is no end to advises. So, relax, smile and enter the hall with confidence. By the way, carry a travel book of the destination, in case you plan to visit the major tourist spots.