Hill stations are aplenty in India. From the high rise north Himalayan hill stations to the lush, green, southern hill stations – India has something to offer for all kinds of travelers if they are looking for some destination at an altitude.

What’s more, a lot of these make for perfect vacation or honeymoon spots with your significant other, with their romantic hilly views and the most serene sunsets and sunrises. Hill stations are already very popular among couples, and rightly so, with their abundance of all things couple friendly, from activities to couple friendly hotels for all kinds of budgets.

Apart from their signature scenic views, hill stations are also popular for a range of activities like hiking, trekking, skiing, ice skating, and a lot more. With all this and the rich culture of each location, hill stations make for perfect romantic destinations. But don’t worry about your pocket – whatever your budget mistay has got you covered! Our site offers a plethora of couple friendly hotels on the hourly basis.

Below is a list of the top 6 romantic hill stations in the country – so get packing!

1.      Shimla


There are many spectacular hill stations that you should visit, and Shimla is definitely one of the more popular ones. Known as the ‘Queen of Hills’, Shimla is a picturesque city surrounded by thick forests of cedar, rhododendron, fir and the Himalayan oak trees. It is undoubtedly one of the most romantic locations in the country..

In the days of the British Empire, Shimla was declared as the summer capital due to its tranquil beauty in the caress of the nature.

It is a great destination for couples as it offers a variety of activities and is bustling with tourists, so you will get the best of both worlds.

2.      Ooty


Ooty, officially known as Udagamandalam is located on the Nilgiri hills of the Western Ghats, and is known across the country as a beautiful southern hill station. It is covered with beautiful pine and eucalyptus trees with a multitude of waterfalls, botanical gardens, dams, and lakes. It is a must visit if you live closer to the south and want to experience the lush green hills and tea plantations. There is also a toy train which connects Ooty to Coonoor so that you can enjoy the romantic views.

3.      Manali


Manali has an indisputable reputation as the backpacking – and honeymoon hub of the country! The township is located in the serene Beas river valley surrounded by scenic mountains.

Manali has everything to offer that any exotic hill station would – from providing picturesque scenes for those who are looking for a relaxing respite, to adventurous sports that can knock your socks off. Seriously, this place will need you to wear multiple socks if you don’t want cold feet. And since it is also a popular tourist destination, you might need to book your couple friendly hotels in advance.

4.      Gulmarg


Literally translating to “the meadow of flowers”, Gulmarg is a quaint little town hill station situated on the Pil Panjar ranges in the western Himalayas. It is a very popular skiing destination with many skiing resorts, and also offers tobogganing, snowboarding and heli-skiing. It is also situated in the boundaries of the Gulmarg wildlife sanctuary. It has been called the ‘heartland of winter sports’ in India by the CNN and was rated 7th best skiing destination in Asia.

It is a highly recommended location if you and your partner are into adventurous winter sports.

5.      Munnar


One of the most popular hill stations in south India, Munnar is a highly sought after honeymoon destination and is also known as the Kashmir of south India. It lies at a whopping altitude of 1600 meters, it is also covered with the blue Neelakuranji flowers every twelve years. There is Eravikulam National Park close to Munnar, so if you and your partner want to witness some rare wildlife hop on!

6.      Srinagar


The winding waterways of the Dal Lake, Nagin Lake, and Jhelum River have earned Srinagar its much coveted crown as the ‘Venice of India’.

Srinagar is another location on our list that features entrancing snow capped mountains. In addition, the Venice-like waterways and the 400-year old Mughal gardens are some of the key features of this popular destination. The Mughal gardens again have a romantic backstory, that of Jahangir and Noor Jahan. Srinagar has many beautiful couple friendly hotels, some of which can be booked on an hourly basis on our website.

And that ends our short and sweet list of the most romantic hill stations across the country. Head over to our website for more such articles!