It is the merriest time of the year, you have a long leave from work, and are craving a holiday, but you cannot tolerate the cold. We agree slouching under a cosy blanket, watching Netflix and sipping hot piping brew is an amazing idea especially if you cannot tolerate the winters. However, there are a few destinations worth visiting in India, like Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad by booking hourly hotels in Mumbai, hourly hotels in Chennai, etc that are warm even during the freezing season.

The temperature in India can drop down to 10-15 degrees Celsius in December, and it is not ideal to vacay in a chilly place. You might end up with a cold, fever, goosebumps and shivering, which could spoil the holiday. Besides, wearing a lot of layers might only add up to the weight, tiring you easily, and leaving little energy for sightseeing. If you want to make the most of your winter holidays, book an hourly hotel in Hyderabad and these pleasant cities immediately.

1. Goa

Goa is a popular spot among beach and party lovers. The state is located in western India with coastlines extending along the Arabian Sea and was previously under the Portugal reign. The Portugal influence reflects in Goa’s Gothic churches, bright houses, food and culture. It is blessed with beautiful palms, stunning beaches, sumptuous seafood, distinct culture and pocket-friendly hourly hotels in Mumbai close to the place. The tropical atmosphere, carnivals and adventure water sports make it one of the top coolest, or you could also say warm weather holiday spots in India. Enjoy the sunset at the beach with your partner, go parasailing, watch dolphins happy dance or shake a leg on your favourite Bollywood number.


2. Hyderabad

A living example of the Nizams rule, Hyderabad is a city in the Telangana state of India. It has a labyrinth of alleys, lanes, chaotic roads, tombs, mosques and mesmerizing palaces. The flavourful Hyderabadi dum biryani, Haleem, Nalli Nihari and sheer khurma are foods that will leave you drooling. Learn the right way to eat the immaculate Nalli Nihari by Hrithik Roshan in Vikram Vedha. A few major attractions in the city include Charminar (the mosque of the four minarets), Golconda fort hosting a sound and light show, the marvellous Chowmahalla palace and the lovely Hussain Sagar Lake. You can visit all these spots in a few days by reserving dayuse hotels in Hyderabad or dayuse rooms in Hyderabad, which are not only affordable but also homely.


3. Mumbai

It is nearly impossible to describe this magical city in a few words. Also called the city of dreams, Mumbai has made its own place in the world because of its welcoming people, busy streets, glamorous aura and pleasant weather. You can only experience its glory and unedifying charm by being there. It is a paradise for party animals, shopaholics, Shah Rukh Khan Fans and penny-pinchers because of the hourly hotels in Mumbai.

Stroll at marine drive with your significant other admiring the city’s beauty and later continue the romance in couple friendly hotels in Mumbai, explore the Elephanta caves, take a relaxing spa at hourly hotels in Mumbai or grab a vada pav from the food stalls embellishing the streets.


4. Chennai

Gifted with lush meadows and evergreen forests, Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. Quaint cafes, bars, boutiques and modern restaurants shape the traditional and old quarters, whereas the other side boasts the British Fort of St. George. Chennai boasts monuments from the British era, gorgeous temples, exquisite museums, exceptional reserves nurturing some rare, endangered species and affordable dayuse hotels in Chennai. The well-known hogging spots can be found in Nungambakkam, T Nagar, Velachery, Alwarpet and Guindy.


5. Pune

Pune is a vibrant, rising educational, spiritual and commercial hub, growing rapidly into India’s smart city. Pune has seen many rulers and dynasties but is originally the victory of Shivaji Maharaj, who crowned it as the capital of Marathas. In 1987, the Britishers established dominance and converted it into the Monsoon capital of the Bombay Presidency. Owning to this transformation, the city flaunts splendid icons like the pristine Singarh Fort that will take you back to the historical times. If your partner is a huge history buff, surprise them with a holiday by reserving couple friendly hotels in Pune.

Apart from this, the Osho Ashram and Yoga centre of BKS Iyengar lies outside the city. Located at an elevation of 598 m, the place has cool and dry weather making it the perfect destination for people who are extremely sensitive to cold. Still, feeling a bit chilly? Don’t stress, the heaters at hourly hotels in Pune will take care of you.


6. Gujarat

The hometown of Daya ben Jayantilal Gadaa and our top pick for a comfy winter vacation. Gujarat is a state on the west coast of India and has the largest salt desert, The Rann of Kutch, which appears magnificent in the final months of the year during the full moon due to the grand celebration of Rann Mahotsav. The land here remains dry and barren almost throughout the year. However, during monsoons, the terrain gets submerged under both fresh river water and sea. You can find hand-crafted artefacts, ethereal embroidery and mirrorwork couture in the local markets.

Gujarat is adorned with shopping centres, historical and religious attractions, museums and restaurants serving yummy and authentic Gujarati cuisine like thali, khandvi, thepla, basundi, Jalebi Fafda, and so much more. Already, salivating? We forgot to mention the lip-smacking Undhiyu and Shrikhand.


7. Allepey

Allepey is located in the southern state of Kerala and is called the “Venice of the East”. The city is famous for its mesmerizing backwater rides, boathouse and tree house stays and annual Nehru Trophy snake boat race. The cool climes make the long sightseeing hours bearable and eventually warm. Dwell in the middle of the waters and wake up to the warmth of the sun or sleep under the dreamy moonlight.


These are the top destinations to win a battle against the cold. Get along your loved one since most locations have couple friendly hotels in Chennai and other cities.