"Don't cry because it is over. Smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss.

The famous quote is easier said than done. Almost everyone feels upset when the much-awaited vacation is over. Returning back to normal life can be difficult. As you would physically force yourself to get adjusted to your routine life, you might experience pangs of depression frequently. You might feel suffocated when your mind would wander about your vacation spots when you are supposed to concentrate on your job at hand.

Well, no matter how hard it is, you have to beat the blues and carry on with your regular mundane life. You can follow the following steps to help your transition from a rock and roll vacation to a plain life.

  1. Rest at an hotel by the hour after reaching your hometown:

Fatigue has a major influence on your moods. Hence, you must consider the idea of taking rest after reaching your city before going home. Since you have been away from home for so long, your house might not be in excellent regular conditions. It can take a toll on your health to indulge in cleaning it instantly. If you are a resident of Bangalore, take a break in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Majestic area or couple friendly hotels near Kempegowda International Airport. After freshening up in the hotel, you would feel a lot more excited to go back home.

Rest in an hotel by the hour for some time

2. Take a city tour:

You must have had a great vacation. You must be missing the place dearly now. But, have you ever noticed that many tourists visit your city as well. Maybe, you never explored your city that well. There are so many tourist attractions that you have never ever visited. If you live in Mumbai, we are sure you missed out on marvelling at its beauty in the midst of your busy life. So plan a trip around the city and let the evening sea breeze calm your senses. In the meanwhile, whenever you feel a bit tired, do check into one of the hourly couple friendly hotels near Marine Drive.

Do enjoy a city tour of the Land of Dreams

3. Go Shopping:

Shopping is a stress-buster. You would forget all your worries as you would explore the markets and bargain effectively for your best purchases. You would surely be so amused with the experience and the products that you would definitely get over missing your vacation. If you live in Delhi, there are many markets around you. So, pull up your socks and grab your bags for the perfect lightning deals. While exploring the Chandni Chowk market, if you ever feel fatigued, take a break in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels near the Chandni Chowk market.

The busy streets of Chandni Chowk Market

4. Plan your next trip:

Sometimes planning your next trip would help you get over your post-travel depression. As you would get busy pondering about funding your trip and deciding the schedule, you would slowly come out of your persistent sadness. But, do not book your hotels beforehand. In the age of micro-stays there is no point in booking for your entire stay. If you are planning a trip to the City of Joy, then you must take a break in hotels by the hour as you explore the city without the obligation to return to the same hotel at the end of the day. Thus, you can easily wake up in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels near Sealdah Railway Station and retire for the day in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels near Esplanade Metro Station.

Each time you start missing your previous vacation, indulge in making plans for your next vacation

5. Read Travel Books:

Yes, travel books help a lot in such situations. There are many wonderful books written with vivid descriptions of the vibrant cities. As you would read them, you would find yourself completely lost in those places and forget all about your personal woes. We would recommend some books that are a must-read for every traveller. You would definitely enjoy reading them. Moreover, you can also carry them along during a vacation. They can be great guide books as well. If you are travelling in Hyderabad, you can plan your day in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Banjara Hills with the help of a book.

Read Travel Books

6. Arrange your pictures:

No, it would not make you feel gloomy. Rather, you would feel productive. Thus, get busy to arrange your pictures. Decide on the ones you want to print. Zero in on the ones you want to upload on the various social media platforms to beautify your profiles. As you would ponder over the right caption for the right picture, you would completely forget your woes. It might seem a menial task, but, it would easily consume a considerable amount of your time. So, just take your camera or your phone and get going with the task.

Check the photographs taken and arrange them accordingly

7. Write about your experience:

It can get quite boring for your family and friends to listen about your vacation adventures over and over again. But, you definitely do want to share your stories, don't you? Well, you can always write about them. Start a blog or make a scrapbook. You must have taken plenty of pictures. Unleash the writer in you and get going with the much-awaited blog. Work on your creative self and do not let anything stop you. As you would get busy recounting and reminiscing your tales, you would soon stop missing the vacation adventures altogether.

Every good moment comes to an end and the acceptance of completion is very important. The earlier you get to terms with it, the easier it would be for you. It is completely natural to be upset at the end of every vacation. So, do not worry about it, take a deep breath, follow the above steps and enjoy life.