The coronavirus is a zoonotic virus that causes the infectious disease. It is contagious and social distancing is a major way to prevent the spread of the virus. Let's accept the fact that it would not be eradicated soon and social distancing would be the new normal. We understand that it would be difficult for you to accept self-isolation. Man is a social animal and you must be missing letting your hair loose in various parties. The lockdown can take a toll on your mental health and drive you crazy. Are you wondering about the ways to cheer up your mood? Well, we are sure the below mentioned activities would help you to pass the quarantine days happily.

Smile your way through the self-isolation, unhesitatingly
  1. Maintain a Routine:

It might sound odd, but, it is essential to maintain a routine. Once you follow a routine, you would not feel that this period is any different than your regular life. Automatically, it would help you to stay fit. This would definitely help your transition to normalcy when the lockdown is finally curbed. So put together your pen and paper and make that schedule of yours.

Make a routine and follow it

2. Exercise:

Exercise helps our body to generate dopamine. The hormone makes us to feel cheerful during all seasons. It would strengthen your muscles and make you healthy and fit. Besides developing the much required balance and stability, exercises would improve your immune system as well. Why restrict your exercises to only the quarantine period? Incorporate it in your daily routine even after the lockdown is curbed to stay healthy and fit. Do not skip exercises even while travelling. So, when you wake up in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Koramangala, start your day with exercises. You would feel fresh and it would give you a heady start.

Exercise daily to stay healthy and fit

3. Cooking:

Cooking is a stress-buster. As you sit with your family to plan the menu for the day, everyone would feel important and share a light moment. Get everyone involved in the cooking as well. It is a wonderful activity for the entire family and you all would make many memories. So, take out your aprons and test your culinary skills. You would daily learn many recipes and understand the various nuances of cooking. You might develop the knack for it and cook your meals during a vacation as well. Hence, try to stay in a kitchenette room in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Dadar or any other place and cook your own meals. This way you would bond with the local vegetable vendors and might get to know about the lesser known tourist attractions of the place. You might get many secret information, which you might not have access to otherwise.

Start cooking with your family

 4. Upgrade your skills:

The quarantine period can be a great time to upgrade your skills. Learn a new skill each day. There are many online courses available. You can learn from them for free or at a minimal cost. As you would learn new skills, it would positively affect your confidence and mood. Thus, it would lift your spirits even during the darkest days and you would feel happy instantly. You must not take a break from learning new skills even during a vacation. So, before going to bed in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Paharganj, complete at least one lesson. Trust us, you would feel satisfied and enjoy a sound sleep.

You can learn anytime and anywhere

5. Meditation:

Meditation is essential for a sound mental health. It would help you to become more cheerful and lift up your mood in the saddest of days. It would fill your life with positive energy. You would start enjoying the little things in life. Make it an intrinsic part of your life and practice it even in the post-Covid-19 era. As you would be relaxed all your glands would function properly and you would be able to perform better. Do not skip on meditation on any day, not even during your vacation. Start your day by meditating mindfully in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Yelahanka. You would be able to enjoy life with renewed vigour.

Start your day by meditating

6. Restrict social media usage:

Yes, all the news can be overwhelming. It is important to be updated. But, you need to learn to draw the line. Addiction to social media can make you feel really stressed. Consequently, it would affect your sleep patterns as well. Sleep is important for a sound mental health. This is important for your life after the self-isolation period as well. Stay away from being too active on social media while travelling. It is okay if you fall asleep in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Esplanade, without updating every event you had experienced over the day.

Refrain from using social media too frequently

7. Connect with your family and friends:

Have been planning to call a friend for a long time and could not make time for it? Well, this is the right time to phone a friend. Chat, gossip, share important things, not-so-important things and sweet nothings. No matter what you do just pour your heart out and enjoy a light and friendly moment. Trust us, it would de-stress you beyond your imagination. Why just the lockdown, a call home would always cheer you up anytime and anywhere. Even during a vacation, if you feel lonely at the end of the day in one of the hotels by the hour in Bandra, just phone anyone at home and your spirits would be lifted up instantly.

No matter the situation, the voice of a loved one would surely cheer you up

Well, the above methods are time-tested and have cheered up many people during their tough times. But, every individual has a coping mechanism. It is not necessary that the methods would definitely benefit you. You must explore your own happiness. No matter the situation, it is important to stay joyous and gay. You must also take care of your children during the lockdown by guiding them properly through the self-isolation period. Thus, this situation will pass without leaving us scarred at all.