Vacations are memories. We make some of our favourite and best memories during a vacation. Do we not want to take a slice of our vacation home with us? Are you wondering how to do that? Well, the solution is shopping. While shopping you also get to know the habits and cultures of the place. The vibrant markets are a reflection of the rich heritage and history of the city. Many modern shopping malls have mushroomed over the years. But, the markets still remain relevant because of their vast collections and excellent quality of affordable products.

Grab your bags for the perfect purchase

Hence, you must indulge in a shopping spree when you go on a vacation to Chennai. Pump up some energy and harness your negotiation skills for an adventurous day at the markets. Trust me, the investment of a day and buckets of sweat would be worth it. The following markets are a must-visit for that perfect purchase.

  1. Pondy Bazaar:  

Considered to be one of the best markets in Chennai, Pondy Bazaar is the dream place for all kinds of shoppers. From authentic silk and cotton sarees to trendy jewelries, there wondrous mazes have a fascinating collection. The market proves that shopping is an art and it takes a lot of effort to find your ideal items at the best price. The place is dotted with many restaurants, cafes and street food vendors. At the end of the day, when you would rest in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels near Pondy Bazaar, you would definitely reminisce the day happily.

Pondy Bazaar

2. Ritchie Street:

The market is the ultimate shopping destination to purchase electronic gadgets and accessories. You need to be careful in Ritchie Street. There is a high chance of getting duped in these markets. So, you must check the items cautiously before purchase. You might be able to buy some great gadgets at throw-away prices if you can bargain efficiently. If you can buy smartly, you would marvel over your purchase not just in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Egmore but for the years to come as well.

Ritchie Street

3. Anna Nagar:

The market is one of the major shopping hot spots in the city. In the 1970s, the World Trade Fairs were held in this area. Thus, the  place became very popular. The market is full of famous global brands and local hawkers. There are many popular restaurants in the area as well. After enjoying your day in the market, you must take a break in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Anna Nagar. This market is definitely a great place to buy some souvenirs and gifts for your family and friends.

Anna Nagar Market

4. Parry's Corner:

Any shopping experience is incomplete without shopping in a wholesale market. So, you must visit Parry's Corner without fail. Think of any item that you might require in your house. Trust me, you would find it there in all shapes and sizes, and in all possible ranges. From utensils to decor, there is not a single thing that might be required at home and not available in the shop. The rates are also extremely reasonable and you would not feel the urge to bargain at all. After shopping to your heart's content, take a break in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Guindy.

Parry's Corner

5. Maroma:

In this fast track life we often forget to take care of the nature. There are things we cannot change. But, there are many little things we can do to help the environment. Using eco-friendly products is one major step we can take to help our Mother Earth. Maroma is a shop that sells handmade eco-friendly products like cosmetics and bags. The purchases would surely make you feel happy and responsible. Explore the enchanting shop and take a break at one of the hourly couple friendly hotels near Velachery. Another noble fact about Maroma is that the company employs the local women of Auroville.

Women at work in Maroma

6. Naturally Auroville:

If you want to buy eco-friendly handicrafts, then this shop is the ultimate place for you. Besides handicrafts, the shop also sells home decor items. This is a great place to connect with nature and feel responsible towards the environment. Do not miss to drop by the store, even if it is on your last day of stay. Buy your desired products and head straight to one of the hourly couple friendly hotels near Chennai International Airport to pack your treasured purchases.

A Naturally Auroville Store

7. Kumaran Silks:

The silks of Chennai are particularly famous, especially Kanchipuram silk. Your trip to Chennai is incomplete without a trip to a saree emporium or store. The place has a wonderful collection of budget-friendly silk sarees and other dress materials. It is a place where you can buy many gifts for your loved ones. After buying all the desired sarees and dress materials, take a break in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Alwarpet.

Kumaran Silks Store in T Nagar

8. Thyagaraya Nagar:

The market is a major shopping hub in the city. The quality of the products is also excellent. Almost all products manufactured under the sun is available in this market. You can be sure to get your money's worth here. You must buy gold jewellery from the shops in this market. You should explore the market even if you do not want to buy anything. Every lane has a story to tell. The place is dotted with cafes, restaurants and street vendors. Grab a bite each time you feel hungry and explore the market with renewed energy and vigour. Whenever you feel exhausted or fatigued, take a break in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in T Nagar.

Thyagaraya Nagar

So, when you pack for your vacation in Chennai, remember to take a few extra empty bags along. Chennai is no doubt a great place to shop till you drop. While exploring Chennai remember to savour the delicious delectable delights of the city. You would definitely have a great time in the city.