A journey anywhere in India is on the bucket list of every true traveler all over the world. An amalgamation of adventure, food, culture, spirituality and all the other aspects a place can have is what you find here with the people up to speed with the modern era. From the highest mountain ranges to the most exotic sea-shores, this country has something to offer for everyone. If we start to list out all the places even with a two-line description, we'll fill out volumes but they still will be inadequate.

But travelling in India can make you feel lost not just spiritually, but literally too. 1.5 billion people of the world live here, and this country might be everything but predictable. So in order to feel prepared for what this big carnival called India brings to you, here are a few digital partners which will be your companions, making your journey blissful.

Ola or Uber

India is a vast country with a large number of people. There will be times when public transport can not be your answer to go somewhere, when you want some privacy or you're chasing a deadline. Though buses and the rickshaws have their own charm, but when you got to reach on time for something like a reservation at a restaurant, you should go for the taxi services. They are quick in response, and you'll feel cozier and safer. And if you're alone, share a cab!


Your solution for the problem we all face, everytime we go somewhere. Where can I stay? It is a general question, but most of the times we face difficulty in checking-in or at the time of check-out, as we have flights or trains at odd timings according to the regular mandate of the hotel. Have Mistay in your phone and overcome this issue, as they provide flexible check-in/check-out timings. Also you can stay there for short periods, paying only for the time you stay. It is a very useful app, specially for business travellers and backpackers.


A constant question everywhere is, Where can we get good food? You can find your answer here. A curated list of all the places to eat with there details like Menu, Ratings, User reviews and basically everything. Make reservations, and also get directions to the place. It is an app making your job super-easy, and all you need to do is eat. Sounds like a visit to my Grandma.


We know that while travelling it is not always possible for you to eat outside everyday, because mostly you are on a schedule and tired. Even if you know all about the city you are in, whether hotels in Kochi or hotels in Bangalore somewhere, going somewhere takes an effort no matter how cherishing the experience might be. And for times like these, go for Swiggy. Food at your doorstep from all around the city as quickly as it can be. If you're thinking how good is it, so I'll just say trust me. It has made me lazier.


Be prepared is what we have learnt since childhood and sure this application keeps us that way. While in a new city, you don't actually know where to go for almost anything. You don't even know where can you get a packet of milk, and god forbid there be a situation of medical assistance you may want something already up your sleeve. JustDial is an urban version of the directory, with all the contact information of every kind of service available in a city. It will come handy when exploring a new place and you need to be ready for anything which comes to you.


Now this is a pristine gift. By collaborating with the Tourism department, this app provides you audio tours of famous cities and landmarks of India. Just use this app and you will know everything about the place, with a step by step voice-guided navigation for the listed landmarks. Now go to Qutub Minar straight from whichever of the hotels in Delhi you are in, and relax abut any other worries like guides and tour groups. Learn about the history, culture and importance with this digital guide at your service.

IRCTC Rail Connect

Download this and make an account on this app the first thing as you think of travelling in India. A very important app which you will definitely need as Railways are an essential mode of transportation in this country. IRCTC provides a flexible way for the user to book tickets and travel. Also with all the other details like Trains, their schedule and stoppages, this app adds up information for you to use in your planning.


What's the plan for this evening? Where's the party tonight? These are some sentences which everyone wants to avoid because no one wants the dilemma of searching and going somewhere in the blind and later being disappointed. Browse BookMyShow for your answer, as it will have all the prominent ticketed events of the city and you can book on-the-go. From movies, plays, fairs to even some concerts happening around, use this app for jumping in to whichever fun ride you choose.

And here are the most essential apps you can find on the digital stores to make your journey in this country a memorable one. Sail through this sea of billions of humans and be ready to participate in the festival called India. Also comment down below if you have any travel stories to share with us and let the world know about it.