Mumbai, is the land of dreams. Everything about Mumbai is larger than life and grand. On a similar note, the shopping experience in Mumbai is equally grand. Yes, the city is growing fast and full of skyscrapers. Malls are replacing the traditional markets. But, certain markets are still very popular. Shopping in such grand markets is an experience that you must not miss. So, plan a trip to Mumbai and splurge in the markets.

Shop till you drop in Mumbai
  1. Mangaldas Market:

The market has been around for more than a century. It is vast and almost all items are available there. From attire to handmade home decor, you would find all your required items there. There is something for everyone. So, take your bags and head straight to the market to test your bargaining skills. Grab a bite every now and then to avoid fatigue. At the end of a long and hectic day take a break in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels near the Fort in Mumbai Precinct.

Mangaldas Market

2. Zaveri Bazaar:

The market is the ultimate destination to shop jewelries. After a survey, it has been discovered that almost 65% of all the gold trades occurring in the country is held in Zaveri Bazaar. The market was established in the 19th century. It has remained popular ever since. You might just find your dream jewellery in the market. So, grab your bags and splurge on your desired jewels. Even if you do not buy any jewels, walking down the lanes of the market is an enchanting experience. It can quite a once in a lifetime experience that you might remember even after checking into one of the hourly couple friendly hotels near Dharavi.

Zaveri Bazaar

3. Crawford Market:

The market is 150 years old. Over time it has diversified and expanded. It is a popular place to buy anything you require. From fruits to perfumes, there is a lot for everyone in the market. The market was named after Arthur Crawford. He was the first Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai. Now, the market is also popularly called Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai. The market has historical significance as well. Every lane recounts a story. There are many street food vendors. Mughlai food is particularly famous here. At the end of an engaging day, rest awhile in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels near Crawford Market.

Crawford Market

4. Linking Road:

Do you dream of possessing drop-dead gorgeous designer clothes? But, budget comes in the way of realising your dreams? Do not worry when Linking Road is around. The market is the ultimate solution for all your woes. You would easily find all your dream accessories and attires at affordable rates. There are many restaurants in the market that are great places to just hang out and chill. The food is also delicious. You would surely enjoy your day with great food and an awesome shopping experience. Whenever you would feel exhausted take a break and rest awhile at one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Khar.

Linking Road

5. Chor Bazaar:

Are you searching for antique and vintage items to take home as memory? Then this is the perfect place for you. You might even find typewriters that are a century old. Exploring the market and discovering unique items is an experience in itself. Even if you are not in a mood to shop, you must still visit the market to dig into the delicious street food and discover marvellous antique products. You muse definitely muse over the experience when you rest in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels near the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport of Mumbai.

Chor Bazaar

6. Colaba Causeway Market:

The market is one of the oldest markets in the city. The entire area was built during the British era. You must visit the place to marvel at the magnificent Victorian buildings, if not for shopping. It is a great place to buy gifts for your family and friends. Besides street shopping, there are many designer showrooms in the area as well. It can be quite an experience of a lifetime. You would definitely enjoy each moment out there. Whenever you feel tired, take a break in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Colaba.

Colaba Causeway Market

7. Hill Road:

One of the most fashionable markets in the commercial capital of the country is the Hill Road market. You would find all your fashion requirements in the most reasonable rates. The street food stalls of the market are particularly famous. Explore the market munching on delicious snack and discovering new designs and accessories. If you can bargain efficiently, then you might be able to purchase some great items at throw away prices. You would definitely reminisce the experience fondly in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Bandra Kundra complex.

Hill Road

8. Fashion Street:

The fashion style of the commercial capital of the country is famous beyond measure. This market is another market to put an end to all your fashion woes. The market is a beautiful amalgamation of street hawkers and standalone shops. The delectable delights are another major reason to visit the place. You would definitely fall in love with the market as you would roam around the streets. Avoid travelling around the market at a stretch and rest awhile in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Marine Lines.

Fashion Street

9. Dadar Flower Market:

The market is completely dedicated to flowers. If you love flowers then this market is a land of dreams for you. Else, you must still carry a camera along with you. The vibrant market would definitely provide the perfect frame for your Mumbai memories. Flowers are a stress-buster. No doubt you would enjoy walking along the alleys of the market with the colourful flowers. You would definitely check into one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Dadar happily and with a sense of satisfaction.

Dadar Flower Market

Besides the above mentioned markets there are other famous markets like Lokhandwala Market and Hindmata Cloth Market. You must visit them as well. During your Mumbai vacation, do explore the city on foot and sight-see some of the under-rated tourist spots. Have a great vacation and enjoy it to the fullest.