Life gets busy as soon as you hit your 20s. You do not even realize it when you turn 40. Turning 40 is a huge milestone. Over the years, you have become stronger, wiser, and smarter. Why not celebrate these achievements by going to a fun place with the ones who supported you throughout your journey? We have the perfect six destinations for you to throw a birthday bash. Let us start exploring them

1. Bali- get a tan while sipping martinis

A tropical paradise in Indonesia, Bali is a sheer combination of nature and beauty. There are plenty of fun things to explore here, Thrilling activities, quaint culture, delicious meals, welcoming people, and budget-friendly accommodations. Take an Instagram-worthy picture on the Bali swing looking at the sunset. Go on a fun trek with your friends to the top of Mt Batur. Enjoy some lip-smacking food while looking at a waterfall, and marvel at the architecture of Tanah Lot temple that will leave you in awe.

Explore around 60 species of animals at the Bali Safari and Marine Park and show your surfing skills at the beach. Go on adventurous water rides and slides at Waterborn. Interact with one of our own- monkeys at Ubud forest. Do a bonfire at Sunday's beach club, talk with birds at Balis bird park, and swim amidst sharks, corals, and manta rays at Nusa Penida Island. The list is never-ending. What better place to celebrate your birthday?


2. Pattaya- enjoy some Thai curry

On the East Gulf Coast, Pattaya is a small city in Thailand. It is a beautiful place to visit with crazy nightlife, yummy seafood, and transparent culture. Celebrate your birthday at a club in Pattaya. The streets of Pattaya turn into a party hub at night, walk on the streets, and you will find millions of entertainment and leisure options and encounter local items, clothes, and handicrafts here. Seek the philosophy of life at the sanctuary of truth. A Temple carved only of wood. Laze around at the Jomtien beach, shop in the middle of a pond at Pattaya's floating market, watch the Tiffany's Cabaret show, and participate in exciting activities like parasailing, jet skiing, speedboating, and snorkelling.

Appreciate the marine life from a closer view at the Underwater World, shop for your birthday dress at the central Marina or look at the majestic tigers at the Siracha Tiger Zoo and Play with dolphins at Pattaya Dolphin World. Apart from this, Pattaya has several beaches and Night markets to wander in. It is a mirror image of Goa in terms a nightlife where you can take a brief stop at after residing at hourly hotels in Mumbai.

source-Jomtien Beach

3. Norway- see the Magical Northern lights

The Norway Kingdom is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. It shares the Norwegian cape with Finland and Sweden. Watching the sparky Northern lights that will leave you to spell bounded is a lit way to celebrate your birthday. Tromso, a city in Norway located in the Northern lights Oval makes it one of the leading places to see the mystical Northern lights.

Other fun activities to engage in this Norwegian country are riding the Bergan railway to enjoy a mesmerizing view of the majestic Hardangervidda Plateau, hiking or riding a mountain bike to Mount Floyen for a panoramic view, Marvel at the large organ and Ornate pupil at the Oslo Cathedral that has served the Royal Family, take the Hurtigruten Ferry and get to see some of the rare parts of Norway, scale the UNESCO World Heritage site, Geirangerfjord where you will come across peaks covered in snowy blankets, drive along the Atlantic Ocean Road and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Ski, rock climb, dog sledge, or go for a snow Safari in the Lyngen Alps. If you brew a love for writing, visit the Ibsen Museum to learn about one of the influential writers of the 18th century. Do not forget to tour the royal palace of Oslo for a dreamy experience. The nightlife on weekends is a must to experience.


4. Mumbai- The city that never sleeps literally

Mumbai, a Megacity in India, is known for its diverse culture, crowded streets, colonial architecture, welcoming but busy people, and glamour. Be careful, or you might fall in love with the city. Each person living here has a story to tell. Welcome your 40s by cutting a cake and partying on a cruise, tour the caves of Lord Shiva depicting ancient Indian art, dip your feet in the sand and enjoy a tangy popsicle at Chowpatty beach. Shop at the largest mall- Pheonix Marketcity, or bargain at the local stores of Colaba Market. Fun fact- Colaba Market is trendy among people who love street shopping for dainty jewelry and branded clothing at minimal prices.

Do not forget to explore the Khav Gallis (Food Alleys) of Mumbai, where you will taste better foodstuffs than those served at 5-star hotels and catch a glimpse of Mannat- the bungalow of one of the most loved Bollywood stars, Shah Rukh khan. The trip to the glamorous city can be inexpensive by booking hourly hotels in Mumbai. Another advantage of hourly hotels in Mumbai is that you can smoothly check in and check out with flexible payment options.

There are other beautiful cities to visit close to Mumbai such as Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune. Do check out hourly hotels in Delhi, hourly hotels in Bangalore, and hourly hotels in Pune. In case, your partner is your best friends and will be a part of your trip do browse couple friendly hotels in Mumbai.


5. Spain- live your ZNMD dream

Spain, located in the southwestern part of Europe, is famous for its museums, festivals, beaches, Monuments, and Culture. A fun way to celebrate your birthday could be smashing tomatoes at your friends at the La Tomatina Festival. Spain has many things to offer. Art lovers, visit Barcelona to see the work of Antoni Gaudi, a renowned artist of his time, football fans, cheer at the Camp Nou Stadium, witness the popular Flamenco show and maybe shake a leg while at it, groove in the clubs of Ibiza, forget all your worries while skydiving in Empuriabrava, and attend another bizarre festival- Galacia in which locals who escaped death in the previous year, are carried to Santa Marta de Ribarteme Church in Coffins, either watch a bullfight or test your luck by taking part in Fiesta de San Fermin (running from the bulls), whatever you decide All the Best.


6. Paris- La vie est belle

The capital of France, Paris, is famous for its art, fashion, culture, alluring charm, museums, and Baroque architecture. Shopping in Paris with your best friends or clicking instagrammable pictures at the Eiffel Tower are exciting ways to spend your birthday. Different amusing things to explore- stare at the fancy art in Musée d’Orsay (also homes to the famous Starry Night painting of Van Gogh). Delight your ears at the Opera Garnier or bless your eyes by watching a graceful ballet. Climb 400+ steps at the Notre Dame Cathedral for an aesthetically pleasing view.

If you are a fan of horror movies, you should visit the Catacomb called the Empire of Death, hiding 6 million bodies in its tunnels and walls dating from the 18th century. It sounds as fascinating as it is scary. Show some swag while riding a retro motorcycle in the streets of Paris. Devor on French meals while sailing on the Seine through the heart of Paris. Take a peep at the talented Claude Monet's life in Giverny. Put your brain to work by playing treasure hunt or escape room. Visit your favourite celebrity at the Grevin Wax Museum, meet Cinderella, Rapunzel, and your prince charming at Disney world, greet the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum, and marvel at the quaint interiors of Saint Chapelle.

Go to the Musée Picasso to cherish another famous artist Picasso himself. Another Museum, but this one is for all the chocolate lovers- Musee du Chocolat, gain knowledge about chocolate while chewing on some delicious samples. One museum for the fashionistas- Yves Saint Laurent Museum, learn about ongoing fashion trends, fly in the Worlds grandest hot air balloon, bake some croissants and macrons, and nibble on some delectable wine and cheese. There are so many more things to fascinate about in Paris.

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The whole point of the blog is to remind you that life does not end in your 40s. in fact, it begins there. Reserve your hourly hotel in Mumbai, hourly hotel in Hyderabad or other cities to embark on an adventurous trip with your gang.