For a woman, maintaining healthy hygiene during traveling is very much challenging than their counterparts. A woman should consider all the possible circumstances and situations and then be prepared to avoid any unnecessary issues like contaminations, bacterial infections, and serious health issues while traveling. Maintaining proper travel hygiene means to upkeep, care, and maintain your hygiene while traveling. Whether you travel by air, road, rail, or water, you will end up facing many hindrances that will eventually make your travel experience a nightmare. Right from traveling in the road to staying at Hotel nearby, every moment needs some special care. Hence it is very important to take care of yourself.

Here are the top 10 hacks for females to maintain hygiene during traveling.

1-Pack a standard hygiene kit

Make sure to pack a separate essential hygiene kit while traveling. Include all the important hygiene products in it. From having menstrual cramps to maintaining the hygiene of your intimate areas to skincare and underarm sweat, the ladies always find it tough to deal with the travel-related hygiene problems than the men. This standard hygiene kit must include the best of hygiene products that women can use while they are traveling. Many hotels like Hotels in Delhi or Hotels in Mumbai do provide you or help you in getting a hygiene kit while you check-in.

2-Some must have hygiene products in your kit

A traveling kit must contain a handy period pain-relief patch, intimate wipes, multi-use regular wipes, underarm sweat pads, and waste disposal bags. Since vaginal hygiene must be taken seriously, an Intimate wash should be there in your kit at all times. This will help you to avoid all kinds of infections. Keep a pack of antibacterial wet pipes. Using these is much better than using dry handkerchiefs, towels, or even paper napkins. Keeping a hygienic touch-free soap dispenser and a sanitizer in your kit will help you to avoid all those dirty soaps in the public restrooms. Waterproof toilet seat or Flush-able toilet seat cover will make your usage of public toilet hassle-free during any emergencies. Ziploc bags and talc are the other two important stuff that you can keep as well.

3-Dealing with going to the bathroom

Whenever you are using public bathrooms or in a hotel nearby, make sure to follow some instructions. Most of the time the seat is unclean and stained. During this time, a disposable toilet seat cover might help you. Disposable and convenient, the waterproof toilet seats are great while traveling long distances. Make sure to use an adequate amount of sanitizer to get rid of any micro-organisms contact/

4-Focus on staying clean

Always keep a strict eye on the hygiene of your body as well as your surroundings. Make sure to ask for clean and disinfected towels when you are staying in a hotel on an hourly basis or day use hotels during your trip. Check the room for sanitization and if there are any hygiene issues, make sure to inform the hotel staff regarding that.

5-Stay away from sweating, chafing, and dampness

If you are traveling to a tropical area near to the coasts, then there will be some changes in the weather. The weather in such areas is more humid and hot. Hence, one is bound to sweat a lot. Especially the females, they get lots of sweats in the intimate areas and underarm area which eventually leads to chaffing and dampness. It further causes itching leading to infections. Hence, if you are traveling there make sure to take special care of your body. Keep changing your inner-wear and clothes in between during heaving sweating. Use antibacterial talc and wet wipes for cleaning.

6-Take extra care during your Periods

Period cycles can be an extremely hectic thing to deal with while you are traveling. Menstruation weakens the female body and the amount of pain also increases with strong menstrual cramps and bleeding. Make sure to book hotels on an hourly basis or day use hotels during your trip and rest for a while. It will be helpful to give your body some rest and sleep at that time before you can continue with your trip. Make sure to carry the right menstrual material in your travel kits like pads, tampons, or ruby cup. Many trekkers prefer pads/tampons for their ease of use. Do not forget to dispose of them adequately wrapped in Ziploc bags.

7-Wash your hands regularly

Hands are one of the primary organs which cause communication of infections very easily. Make sure to clean your hands at regular intervals while you are traveling. Mostly after touching any things or before eating. This will prevent you from many communicable diseases.

8-Clean your nails / keep them short

Females tend to keep long manicured nail as a thing of their beauty regime. But little did we know that if they are not cleaned or maintained regularly they end up becoming the prime vehicle for many deadly communicable diseases. With dirt, soil, and microorganisms inside the nails, they will end up entering your system somehow. Hence, it is always advised to shorten your nails or clean the long nails regularly.

9-Eat a healthy diet and stay hydrated

Make sure to have a balanced and healthy meal every time you are on a trip. a balanced diet will help you in reducing the period cramps and make you feel less weak during your periods. Keep yourself hydrated as much as you can while on a trip. This will beat the hot and humid weather and will keep your body cool. The amount of sweating should be immediately replenished by having double the amount of water intake.

10-Give special attention to hygiene while eating

Last but not the least, make sure to keep a special check on the source of your food. Do not end up dining somewhere which has a high level of hygiene issues. This will take a heavy toll on your health. Make sure to eat packaged and clean food from hygienic places. Keep dry food with you if you are on a road trip. Also, make sure to drink clean packaged mineral water while you are traveling.

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