When you are traveling, you definitely want to get the best out of everything. Be it for any purpose like Business, Vacation etc you want your trip to be flawless. For that, you have a lot of opportunities around you to explore and find which will be the best option for you. Also, you should be considering the things that could go wrong.

So have a look at the tips which could lift up your hotel experience.

Tips to get rooms for the value of money

You should know how to utilize your money and get the best out of it. And you can do that by simply browsing your phone comparing which is suitable for your stay. Hotels nowadays are being customer-centric and have various options to make your stay perfect by customizing it. like;

  • Do not settle for full day price if you are only staying for a few hours
    Most of the business trips won’t require us to stay for a whole day, so why should you pay the full day price. There have been revolutions happening in hotel reservations, booking hotel rooms on an hourly basis is one of them. MiStay is one such very user-friendly online platform to book hotels for pack of hours. So opt for these instead of paying for a full day.Use Travel Apps and explore the offers for top hotels.

  • Using travel apps is the best way to book
    Travel Apps have an array of offers and by making use of these you can go beyond your expectation with the budget remaining the same. For eg; you can book premium hotels or 5-star hotels in Delhi for the money you were about to spend on other normal hotels by simply making use of the offers.

Tips for your early arrival

Flight timings or for that matter train timings don't always match with the standard hotel check-in time. And the need at that point in time after you arrive is some peaceful rest even if it is for a few minutes. Here are a few tips on where you can be free from the hustle-bustle after arrival.

  • Load your luggage and make use of the hotel amenities
    you can always ask them to store your bags until your room is available and you can head out somewhere like the nearby restaurant to have some coffee or you can chill in the common areas of the hotel like the lobby or swimming pool.

  • Get an unbiased recommendation from people other than front desk
    If you are there new in that town, you can get the information about the place from the locals and not from the reception as they could be in a tie-up with some of the local things and can pursue you to them only. The best way to get info is to ask the waiter and cleaning staff there in hotels.

Tips for exploring additional benefits

  • Asking for an upgraded room with a view and if late check-out is possible
    So most of the times if the hotel isn't running on full occupancy they might have higher level room categories which may be vacant and you can make use of your negotiation skills to get the upgraded room. And before you check-in to the room, they assign ask them if you can get a room of the same type with a balcony or a pleasant view. Also if they are not expecting anyone for that room, you can ask for a late check-out for an hour or so depending on your plans for departure.

  • Get information on the perks of staying in their hotel and don’t ignore the front desk presentation for your stay
    Many at times we don’t ask what they have for us or we ignore their presentation when they say it to us. So to get the most out of your stay you should be asking them what are the offers they are having. Or if they have any associations with the nearby Spa, amusement parks etc so that you get an offer there as well.

Tips for safety

  • Check for all the room amenities and if they are in proper condition
    Before you straight away jump to your bed and relax, you should be taking some safety precautions and checking if all the room amenities are there.

There was an incident where the room light socket had some problems and the guest get electrocuted while trying to turn the lights on. So it’s better to get an attendant to have a look at all the amenities if they are working properly. Your safety should be your utmost priority.

Tips to enhance your stay in the room

  • Make sure your room is not near common areas
    Ask for a room change if you have got a room near the elevator because you don’t want to disturb your sleep when the people arrive late at night from the elevator. And not near to any common areas which could be a source of the noise.

  • If you want to feel like home remove all the clutters which is provided by the hotelier
    When you are away from home and you want to make it as your home then remove all those things from the room which reminds you that you are staying at a hotel like the complementaries they provide and the brochure you have all those you can put aside and feel like home.

After all, travel experiences are something which is an integral part of your sweet memories and you surely don’t want to have a bad one.