Madurai is known to be an important historical city and is famous for their textiles. The city is known for different types of sarees and silk sarees are a part of those textiles. Here we take a look at 5 of the best places in Madurai which can provide you with the best sarees that are available in that part of the world.

I. Hajeemoosa

Hajeemoosa Shop showing the image of Meenakshi Temple (Image Source:

One of the most iconic shops of Madurai, Hajeemoosa is a reliable name when comes to sarees. Starting in 1878, this shop is one of the oldest textile shops in Madurai. As the shop is near the famous Meenakshi temple, the location becomes an added benefit. This shop offers a variety of sarees with authentic textile material. You can buy sarees with price ranges from low to high. The price rates are fixed here. You can vouch for good quality textile products available here.

Hajeemoosa has a variety of textile sarees, ranging from silk-woven to cotton sarees. Presently run by the fifth generation of the founder's family, Hajeemoosa provides the best solutions to all your demands. So, when are you visiting? This walking distance saree shop from Meenakshi temple is a must-visit place for all saree lovers. Plan your trip, book an hourly hotel in Madurai and visit this amazing shop.

II. Puthu Mandapam Market

God's own dressmakers - Puthu Mandapam Market (Image Source:

Located inside the east side of the Meenakshi Temple's entrance, Puthu Mandapam Market is one of the historic markets of Madurai. Initially, the place was built as the summer home of Lord Sundareswar and Goddess Meenakshi by king Thirumalai Nayak became a venue for annual festivals of the temple(like Avani Moolam).

Standing on 124 pillars, Puthu Mandapam is now a famous marketplace. It is a diverse and dynamic market where tourists can explore traditional souvenirs, handmade products, tailored clothes, other unstitched clothes, bangles, sandalwood, etc. It's believed that this market is as old as 1920. You can explore some traditional sarees shops here too. Here, tailors available in these markets are called God's dressmakers due to their location of the place inside the Meenakshi temple compound. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip, book an hourly hotel in Madurai and visit Meenakshi temple & its vibrant Puthu Mandapam market. Make sure to book an hourly hotel from MiStay so that you can get the option of flexible check-in options.

III. Rajmahal Silks

Model wearing Rajmahal Silks' Saree (Image Source:

Founded in 1965 by a pioneer Rajaiah Nadar, Rajmahal Silks shop was opened as a small retail store. Since then 5 decades have passed, and this retail store has now become a brand in Madurai. The shops' super quality material has become its identity. This showroom in Madurai was inaugurated in 2000 under the guidance of Rajaiah Nadar's son, Muruganand Rajaiah. At present, this showroom has become the first choice of a shopping destination for silk clothes in Madurai.

There are sarees available for every price range. You can buy Kanjivarams - parampariya pattu saree style, the soft silks of the pattu poo sarees, silk cotton, designer sarees, raw silk, and banarasi sarees, tussars and linens material sarees, georgette sarees, unstitched salwar sets, semi-silk & silk printed fabrics, embellished saree belts, and lehengas for women. For your children, you can find traditional dresses with shiny patterns & borders, like skirts & tops with net dupattas (Pattu Pavadai). For men, shirts & dhotis are also available.

This spectacular showroom houses three floors of sarees, and each floor got a different range of sarees. You can move here smoothly with a lift available inside the showroom. Customers trust them with their closed eyes for their superb quality! There is even a valet facility for your car parking. So, when are you going to Madurai for your saree collection? Plan your holidays, book an hourly hotel in Madurai and visit this famous showroom that is located 1.2 kilometers from the spectacular Meenakshi Temple.

IV. Madurai Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls (Image Source:

After these traditional saree shops, you can explore new sarees shops in the malls of Madurai. You can go to Madurai Haat which is located at 34, west Marat street. In this shopping complex, you can shop for all your needs. Traditional saree shops, branded suit shops, spacious food courts, and other daily-use items, etc. all are in the Madurai Haat. Vishal De Mall is also one of the good options to shop for sarees. This grand mall houses many shops that sell a classy and unique collection of sarees and suits. Located on Gokhale road, this mall has a variety of restaurants and cafes for you to relish. Milan'em Shopping Mall is also a great place for saree shopping. This mall offers superb options for clothes, jewelry, and footwear. Located in KK nagar of Madurai, this mall also offers great gaming options for children. So, what are you thinking? Book an hourly hotel in Madurai for a stay and visit these malls.

V. Poompuhar Sales Showroom

Poompuhar Sales Showroom-A Govt. of Tamil Nadu Undertaking (Image Source:

Poompuhar Sales Showroom is an initiative of the government of Tamil Nadu undertaking. Located opposite Madurai railway station, you can shop for unstitched fabrics for women and men. A range of brass lamps, stone and wood carvings, and artifacts available here. So, when are you visiting Madurai? Plan your vacations, book an hourly hotel in Madurai and visit this showroom.

Final Words

Madurai is a city known for its traditional cultural values, art forms, and fascinating architecture. A visit to the city is a must for those who wish to witness the rich heritage of Tamil Nadu. The city is also famous for its well-known artisans who create masterpieces from traditional fabrics and materials. If you are planning a trip to the city, then you should visit these 5 shops where you will find some of the most unique saree collections from the city.