Delhi has always been a food lovers paradise. Let it veg or non-veg, everything tastes amazing in 'Dil walo ki Dilli'. One such dish for which Delhi is renowned for is its juicy kebabs. It doesn't matter if you are on a business trip or visiting a relatives/friend's place or on a vacation with your partner staying at a couple friendly hotels in Delhi, if you're visiting this city you must try their kebabs, just like the lip-smacking momos at Delhi. So to make things easier and save your time on scavenging through the thousands of restaurants or hotels in Delhi, here is a list of best places to have to some true mouth-watering kebabs in Delhi.

1. Lalu Kebab

Seekh Kebab

Lalu Kebab, a small kiosk in a street where everywhere you look kebabs are being prepared. Situated in Urdu Bazar, Lalu kebab is famous for its boti kebab which is tender yet crispy, not to mention they come at a pocket-friendly price. While there is no seating place due to its small size, it doesn't stop the kebab hungry crowd from hoarding the shop. If you are staying over at a hotel in Delhi, near Jama Masjid, Lalu Kebab is a must-visit, especially considering this place is filled many more kebabs shops with their own specialty.

Address- Urdu Bazar Rd, Jama Masjid, Old Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110006

Price- Rs. 120 for 1 full plate Bade K Kebab

2. Ghalib Kabab

Seekh Kebab

Situated opposite the Markazi mosque in Nizamuddin, Ghalbis Kabab has been serving the hunger of people in Delhi for the last 45 years. While the joint does serve Chicken and Mutton Korma biriyani, the standout dishes as the titles of the blog would suggest are it is Tikia, Shami, and Seekh Kebabs. Another joint on the list with inexpensive prices, this place also offer seating option for the one who loves slowly devour their choice of Kebab. The Shami Kebab is made of minced lamb meat while the seekh and tikia kebab is made of buffalo meat (chicken options are there). If you are staying over a hotel in Jangpura, this joint would be a 10-minute walk for a good evening heavy snack.

Address- Mirza Ghalib's Grave, Nizamuddin, Nizammudin West Slum, Nizamuddin West, New Delhi, Delhi 110013

Price- Rs. 50 for 4 sticks of Buffalo Seek Kebab

3. Qureshi Kabab Corner

Seekh Kebab

Another kebab place at Jama Masjid, Quresh Kabab Corner is a legendary Kebab shop, with humble beginnings. In an interview with NDTV Food, Abdul Ghani the owner stated the business of selling kebabs was started by his grandfather who went by the name Choti Kebabi. His grandfather in turn trained his father, who in turn taught Abdul the fine arts. He even claimed the renowned lane, Gali Kababian in Old Delhi is named after his family because during partition everyone in the area fled to Pakistan, apart from their family and his grandfather was the first to start selling Kebabs in the area around that time. While the joint doesn't look flamboyant, it lets its food speak for itself. If you are a chicken lover this place is a must-visit with it, with over the top seekh kebabs and chicken rolls at very cheap prices.

Address- Opposite Gate 1, Jama Masjid, New Delhi

Price- Rs. 30 for 1 seek Kabab, Rs. 45 for 1 chicken seekh kabab roll

4. Al Kauser

Seekh Kebab

The lips-smacking Al Kauser has been enchanting the South Delhi foodies for a long while now. With a very strong reputation, the famous joint has figured out how to attract kebab lovers from various pieces of the city throughout the years. Situated in Chanakyapuri, this is a perfect place to have dinner if you are staying over at a hotel in Hauz Khas. Al Kauser serves amazing Mughlai cuisine and while it is more on the costlier side in this list, the money you spend is going to worth the foodgasm you experience. Kakori and galoti kababs a must-try if you are coming here to dine.

Address- Vasant Place Market, 30, near Malai Temple, Sector 6, Rama Krishna Puram, New Delhi, Delhi 110022

Price- Rs 230 for 2 pieces Kakori Kebab

5. Karim's

Seekh Kabab

The Original From Jama Masjid, Delhi 6. Karim is a legendary restaurant chain that everyone has heard of. Karim's server a succulent mutton seekh kebabs, that'll make you forget all your worries. If you ever feel flooding yourself with awesome taste and aroma of chicken then this is the perfect place for you. This is the most comfortable option in the list, perfect to go with family. This is also the third joint on the list near Jama Masjid ( I think we are seeing a trend here). If you staying over a hotel in Paharganj, this is perfect for a grand meal with friends and family.

Address- Karim's Hotel Pvt Ltd, 16, Gali Kababian, Jama Masjid, New Delhi, Delhi-110006

Price- Rs. 240 for 4 pieces of Dil Pasand Seekh Kabab (mutton)

6. Khan Chacha

One of the oldest joints in Delhi, Khan Chacha is an iconic restaurant. Once a plucky underdog stall among the other tony restaurants in Khan Market selling their tikka and roomali rolls to students and celebrities, Khan Chacha is now a restaurant chain with 12 restaurants all over Delhi. It serves succulent Kebabs and is renowned for its chicken seekh Kebab. While there has been some change of ownership, and dispute behind the scenes in recent years, that hasn't changed the quality of food Khan Chacha has served. If you're staying over at a hotel in Connaught Place, the original Khan Chacha (their main joint) is just a 10 minute drive away.

Address- 50, Khan Market, Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

Price- Rs. 240 for 1 plate seekh Kabab

Boti Kebab

These were just a few of many amazing Kebab joints that are operating every day to feeding the hungry Delhi locals and tourists. There are Kebab joints and restaurants for every kind of taste and flavor all over Delhi, you just need to go search for it. Apart from Kebabs Delhi has been food hub for dishes, like parathas, Chat, butter chicken, Chole bhature, and most importantly Momos. One thing is sure if you visit Delhi you're always going to get good food, no matter where you stay or visit.