If you are here, you have probably already heard of this term. Destination weddings. It is all the craze nowadays, among the newly wed and those yet to marry, and especially amongst celebrities and those who love trends. Keep on reading to find out more and have your questions answered!


What exactly is a destination wedding?

Simply put, a destination wedding is a wedding celebration or ceremony that takes place in a location other than the resident city or hometown of the bride and groom. There are many different options people choose from when organizing a destination wedding, and due to the sheer amount of arrangements required to host a wedding in a completely unfamiliar location, most people hire wedding organizers to help them out.

Are wedding organizers necessary?

In one word, no. There is no absolute need of a wedding organizer or planner as per say, but it sure is a big help for any wedding. The thought of planning a wedding from scratch on your own might interest you, but believe me no bride, groom or their relative would enjoy spending the special day all worried about the arrangements.

Also another thing to note is that wedding planners come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and even if you are a little tight on your budget, you can still get an affordable one. Of course, don’t expect Band Baaja Baarat-esque stuff at your wedding.

Especially in the case of destination weddings, hiring a wedding or event organizer is highly recommended. There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, hosting a wedding in an unfamiliar location, as mentioned before is a tough task. You will either have to ascertain everything online or on phone, or actually have to visit the location, maybe even multiple times. Secondly, you simply wouldn’t know any local vendors or decorators and you might end up getting the short end of the stick. Thirdly, many resorts already offer a wedding package or such where they organize most, if not everything for you, and if that’s not convenient I don’t know what is.

Mistay tip: you could visit your location of choice to ascertain your decision. Consider booking couple friendly hotels by the hour to save some funds.

How long are destination weddings?

Standard answer: three days. Actual answer: depends on what you want. Most people go for a three day long wedding, in the Indian context, where one day is either for preparation or any mehendi/haldi ceremony, second day for the wedding itself, and third for the reception. These do vary depending on the couple but generally follows this pattern.


Of course it is possible to extend the wedding longer, if you plan on having breaks in between or want to have more ceremonies, but keep in mind it might end up costing you.  A lot.

What people envision for destination weddings are Luxurious resorts and Royal Havelis, and these can cost a fortune if you decide to lengthen your stay. If you are paying for the accommodation of your guests in the same hotel/resort, it will cost you even more. Plus people will have to take extended leaves from their prior arrangements.

Guest list

Speaking of guests, most resorts and hotels cap at 150 attendees. So you would need to either cut down on your guest list, or confirm with different hotels if they will be able to accommodate all your guests.

Also, don’t expect all of your wedding guests to show up. It can be difficult to travel to whole different city/state/country just for a wedding, and they may not be able to make it due to other reasons as well.

Mistay Tip: inform your guests that you are planning on hosting the wedding at a different location well in advance, atleast 4 months, so that they can free up their schedule and confirm if they will be able to make it or not.

Pros of a destination wedding

·        You get to marry in the location of your dreams, surrounded by exotic scenery, we don’t need to convince you on this one.

·        Exploring a new place can be done even at this occasion.

·        It’s trendy, and trends usually are trends for a reason (except you tidepods).

·        With a smaller guest list, you can avoid the people you don’t want there.

Cons of a destination wedding:

·        It can get expensive, reconsider if you have a really tight budget.

·        People you want to be present may not be able to make it.

·        You may feel a bit out of place

·        You most probably won’t be able to confirm the arrangement in person yourself.

·        Guests may have to arrange travel means and costs themselves.

All in all, are they for you?

If you and your partner really love the idea of getting hitched in an exotic location, by all means consider this seriously. You will get amazing views and the pictures will be out of this world. On top of that, it will be a more intimate wedding, with guests feeling special themselves and getting to experience a new city.


However know that it may not be the most budget friendly option out there, and be ready to hire a wedding planner if you have any qualms about the arrangements. If you do go ahead with one, start planning early. Like really early.

For ideas on what location to pick for your destination wedding, check out our blog on The 7 Most Popular Destination Wedding Cities Across The Country. If you do plan on visiting your location city beforehand, have a look at couple friendly hotels and hourly hotels on our website. Wishing you the best!