A museum is a treasure with hoarded wealth for the most valuable scientific, historical, cultural, or creative things within the world. Personally, it’s the primary place to visit as shortly as you step into a brand new destination.

But while every museum encompasses a magic and interest of its own, all museums share specific basic rules of conduct. A number of these are posted with signs like the ‘Do not touch the art’ sign, but several others have rather implicit codes that facilitate people get pleasure from their visit to the fullest while not wrecking others’ experience. And if you're in a any of those palatial hotels in Jaipur, you already feel like living inside a museum.

Make sure that while witnessing the awe-inspiring history of the place you're visiting, none of your actions should disrespect it or create any obstruction to others. So here are 8 of the things which you should always keep in mind importantly whenever you visit a museum.

Don't bring your travel luggage

Many Travelers have several reasons to inevitably carry their baggage for a whole day. However whether or not the airport lockers ceased existing or you’ve already checked out of your accommodation, you still don't have any excuse to run into a museum along with your heavy baggage.

Besides the actual fact that it’s a disrespectful behaviour, you will not even be allowed to enter. The museum might provide lockers to keep shoulder luggage or backpacks, however you’ll undoubtedly be turned away if you are trying to run in with an oversized baggage. Not only rolling suitcases and big luggage take lots of space but they will additionally irritate other guests, bump over invaluable artifacts, and harm the floor. Innumerous hotels will gladly hold your bags for the rest of the day when you’ve checked out, and if you used Airbnb, you can courteously ask any nearby hostel with a pretty smile and a pleasant tip.

No touching

Museums are for contemplation-time, not leisure. Though you would possibly assume that each one of the grownups are quite alert to this, some, apparently, are not. Selfie-addicted tourists have really damaged and climbed on artworks value many many dollars; just like the folks who allowed their child to mount a 10 million dollar modern art installation, or the scholar who bust a precious Greek sculpture while attempting to snap a photograph on top of it.

On the opposite hand, there are several museums that allow or perhaps encourage guests to reasonably act with some exhibitions. No touching doesn’t always mean no participation.

Read what's written

Every museum is full of awe-inspiring stories that can fill you up with knowledge if you welcomed them. Reading the provided information is the best way to fully grasp an exhibit.

Not skipping the text on the wall had helped visitors at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to realize that they were pranked by two teenagers who had the very least impressive visit and decided to do better than two stuffed animals on a blanket by placing a pair of eyeglasses on the floor.

Other people actually regarded it as an actual artwork while some even took photos. If there is no wall text, you might find audio guides or brochures. You can also very simply ask a museum guard who’ll guide and inform you.

Flash can be a no-go

There’s a rule that bans flash photography due to its damaging effects on artifacts and paintings. The debate over this prohibition has been debated for years now and there’s still no solid scientific proof to back it up, nevertheless, the staff will object the use of flash. If photography is allowed, enjoy taking some great pictures using the available lighting.


Shouting, laughing, and noisy sounds are always considered disrespectful and annoying. No one wants to be disturbed in the middle of an artistic moment. Unless you’re outside the museum, make sure not to talk and laugh loudly or yell, particularly if you’re in the heart of a melancholic or highly emotional exhibition. It is only acceptable to talk at a normal level, even though the entire room is in dead silence.Shall you have mercy on delicate souls!

Not okay to eat in there

Well, it’s easy to think that the staff is exaggerating, but keep in mind the huge number of weekly or even daily visitors and try to guess the amount of damage of only one of them tripping with a soft drink or sticky snack, or even ruining the art while trying to save their food!

Such incidents happen more often than you can imagine, let’s take, for example, the boy holding a soda who punched a hole into a multi-thousand dollar painting as he slipped. Luckily for him, the art piece was insured by the museum.

Take your time

Time not spent wisely at a museum is worthless. Do not rush! Take enough time to read the available texts and allow your mind to absorb the things in front of you.

Immense museums, in particular, seem too big that you want to speed up through the galleries so you can see it all, but fully enjoying a few exhibits is much better than skipping the depths of things and rushing through everything, which is also nothing.

Well, you can always pay another visit or plan to spend as many hours as possible for a great experience, just don’t forget to follow the rules.

And the next time you go to the museums, whether you are staying in the hotels in Delhi or just a a business trip where your boss paid for the spa hotels in Kochi, make sure you get an experience with the learning of time beyond your lifetime.