Everybody makes Goa plans since college. Did you do the same with your friends?

Well, Goa has every reason to be the ultimate destination for party animals and fun lovers. It is very rightly called the "Mecca" for party animals. It is the perfect dream haven for anybody who wants to relax and chill with fun and frolic in the lap of nature.

Goa is popularly known as the "Vegas of  India".

There is a plethora of activities to indulge in Goa to forget your frenetic life in the madding crowd and enjoy like there's no tomorrow.


The tranquil beaches and quaint hills are a perfect weekend getaway to get a break from the mundane life. From underwater walks to exotic dishes, Goa has something or the other to keep you captivated and happy. Stay in hourly hotels and travel the entire place at ease without the worry to return back to the hotel.

Among the various attractions, the multiple music festivals stand out strikingly. There are more than a dozen music festivals held round the year. You can freely choose any one to let your hair loose.

Among all the festivals, the 3-day trance music festival, The Hill Top Festival, is particularly notable. It is a haven for all the trance lovers. If you are not a big time trance fan, you would still fall in love with the grooves. The entire experience is so different and enthralling, that you should visit it at least once in your life. There are people who visit the festival every year like an annual ritual.

Hill Top Festival

The trance music is so groovy that it will surely awaken your dancing soul. Even if you have two left feet, you will surely shake a leg there.

The festival can be the perfect romantic getaway too. You can stay at a couple-friendly hotel and enjoy your vacation while you dance along.

You should book a room to get ready in between. It is budget-friendly to book the hotel room only for the hours used.

The three days of fun and frolic can be torturous for your body. Hence, it is important to take proper care of yourself. The basic fitness routine to stay healthy during this time are:

  1. Stay Hydrated

The energetic dance moves might drain you. Thus, it is important to replenish by drinking a lot of water. There is a high chance that you would be drinking a lot of alcohol. That will dehydrate even further. Therefore, do keep a bottle of water handy.

2. Exercise

The energetic hop, skip and jump is a wonderful exercise in itself. But, you must take special care to avoid straining a muscle while twisting and twirling. You should book a room only for a couple of hours to exercise at ease. Do try a few breathing exercises, yoga and stretching to keep them relaxed. Thus, you can dance at ease for all the three days.

3. Eat Light

You would feel extremely uncomfortable if you eat a lot. You might also fall sick or feel nauseous with an empty or full stomach. It is essential to take proper care of your diet.

4. Dress Up Cool

Pack your best summer clothes for the festival.

As Goa is in the south-west part of the country, it is never too cold. Thus, you should pack your best summer clothes and beach wears. Else, it might get too cumbersome to dance at ease.

Besides taking care of your health, it is important to stay safe as well. Keep your belongings safe and stay close to your friends. Though, pick-pockets and eve-teasing are unheard of events, still "better be safe than be sorry". It is also safer to book a hotel only for the few hours you need instead of booking it for your entire stay.

While in Goa, you absolutely cannot miss the indigenous exotic spread of food.

Some of the must-try foods are:

  1. Prawn Cocktail
Prawn Cocktail

The unique form of prawn salad is a Goan special dish. Goa is no doubt famous for sea-food. But, this salad deserves a special mention.

2. Bebinca

Bebinca is a traditional Goan dessert. It is a type of tasty layered pudding.

The perfect amalgamation of Goanese and Portuguese culture is visible in Goa. The convergence of the two cultures reflect in the cuisines as well. Hence, the unique cuisines are available specifically in Goa.

The influence of the varied cultures is visible in the shops as well. There are multiple shops in the city with unique clothing and accessories available. They can make a priceless collection of memories.

  1. Sea Shells    
Sea Shells

The best way to take a piece of the beach vibes and sea moments with you is by carrying a sea shell. You can buy any of the sea shell accessories from the various markets around town. They can be a great accessory to decorate your furniture and accentuate their beauty.

2. Flavoured Tea

Flavoured Tea

A huge variety of flavoured tea is available in Goa. There is a unique tea collection available and they can be great gifts for your near and dear ones.

3. Coconut Vinegar

Coconut Toddy

You absolutely cannot miss out on buying your bottle of coconut vinegar. Goa is one of those rare places where vinegar is made of coconut toddy. It is extremely tasty and adds a different flavour to the dishes.

4. Cashews


Goa is the land of cashew trees. You can buy cashews in all forms and variety. From raw cashews to roasted cashews, the flea markets sell them in abundance. So remember to pack your packets for your family and friends.

5. Spices

Goan special Spices

A plethora of spices are available in Goa. You should pack them in plenty for yourself and gift them to your near and dear ones.

Goanese handicrafts and hats are very pretty and easily available in the flea markets. You should splurge in them as well.

In case you are planning to reach Goa via Mumbai, then do hit the road. It is one of the most beautiful road trips in the country. You can always book a hotel room for a couple of hours to rest along the way.

After reaching Goa you must freshen up at a hotel to get rid of the travel fatigue. The journey can take a toll on your health and ruin your entire vacation. Thus, it is always a wise decision to freshen up before starting any vacation.

After the Hill Top Festival, you should try to dance garba in the festive season. If you are enticed by Goa, then do visit Goa again during the Carnival.

While travelling anywhere, make it a habit to stay in hourly hotel. They are always more pocket-friendly and worthwhile.