Do you know Jaipur is not only famous for its beautiful monuments, but also its vibrant markets? So, if you are visiting Jaipur for the first time, be sure to book hourly hotels in Jaipur for an economical stay & shop in these markets. Jaipur market displays a wide range of things from home décor to personal use items.

So, let's dive into the famous markets of Jaipur that you should not miss out on if you are visiting Jaipur for the first time. I have divided these 7 markets based on their locations.

Near 'Railway Station' Metro Station

I. Aravali Bazaar

Jaipuri Printed Bedsheet (Image Source:

If you are in for beautiful & classy Sangria printed bedsheets, Aravali bazaar is your go-to place. You can find a variety of traditional sangria bagru printed bedsheets with pillow covers. Here, you can get your desired piece of bedsheet or curtain-sized cut from the whole cloth bundle.

Not only bedsheets, but you can also buy beautiful Jaipuri-printed cushions separately. Superior quality Jaipur Rajai (Quilt) is also available in this market. You can also get an array of home decor items ranging from stone-carved showpieces to woodwork statutes.

Traveler Tip- The market opens from 11 am to 11 pm. If you are coming to this market by bus, stop at Sardar Patel marg bus stop. Nectar Jaipur, Little Italy & Masala Ministry are some fine restaurants available for your hunger buds. You can book an hourly hotel in Jaipur for relaxation from MiStay.

Near 'Chandpole' Metro Station

II. Chandpole Bazaar

Jaipuri Handicrafts (Image Source: Unsplash)

Chandpole Bazaar is the closest market to the Chanpole metro station. It's just 500 meters walk from the metro. Quoted as one of the oldest markets of Jaipur, Chandpole Bazaar is the hub of artistic handicrafts, carpets, stone & marble-based showpieces, and handlooms. You can don colorful turbans & mojaris for your authentic Jaipuri style statement.

Traveler Tip- The market opens from 11 am onwards till 11 pm. If you are traveling by bus, you can stop at the Choti Chapad bus stop. Don't forget to have homely food at Shiv Shakti Pavitra Bhojanalya & delicious rabri at Om Rabri Bhandar. If you are tired from your shopping journey, relax at hourly hotel in Jaipur.

III. Tripolia Bazaar

Lac Bangles (Image Source: Unsplash)

The second nearest market to Chandpole metro station is the famous Tripolia Bazaar. It is the center of exclusive Rajasthan-originated lacquer jewelry. You can buy lac-based bangles, signature rings, and heavy & light necklaces from Tripolia Bazaar. Many to-be brides order their special choodas (set of bangles to be worn at a wedding) here & get them delivered to their homes. You can also find shops for handlooms and bandhani fabrics here.

Traveler Tip- Visit Tripolia bazaar between 10 am to 7 pm. You can stop by the Choti Chapad bus stop if traveling by bus. Don't miss savory snacks from Agarwal Restaurant & Samrat Kachori Samosa Shop.

If you are coming from Delhi to Jaipur for shopping, you can book a hotel for a few hours in Delhi at reasonable prices from MiStay. You can even book a day use hotel in Jaipur for stretching up & shop.

IV. Nehru Bazaar

Mojrai Shop (Image Source: Unsplash)

Now, your next stop from Chandpole metro station will be Nehru Bazaar. This bazaar is synonymous with the mojari bazaar. Mojari is absolute Rajasthani artisan-produced footwear. This leather-based footwear usually has intricate designs like mirrors of different shapes, shells, bells, and brass work stitched with cotton threads. So, in Nehru bazaar, you can buy handmade mojaris for you & your family & flow in the spirit of Rajasthan!

Traveler Tip- The best time to visit Nehru Bazaar is between 11:30 am to 7:30 pm. Hathoj bus stop is the nearest stop to Nehru Bazaar. Don't forget to have your lunch at Shri Mahavir Dhaba & book an hourly hotel in Jaipur after a tiring day.

V. Bapu Bazaar

Home Decor Items (Image Souce: Unsplash)

Bapu Bazaar is an all-rounder market stop for all. It's a wholesale market. Be it leather products, souvenirs, handicrafts, designer & embroidered fabrics, bandhani sarees, home decor items, mojaris, daily wear clothes, purses, handbags, perfumes & essential oils, Bapu bazaar encompasses all. Just be ready to hone your bargaining skills, as you get to use these many a time in this bazaar!

Traveler Tip- Bapu Bazaar is open from 11 am onwards. Bapu Bazaar is a hub of many sumptuous food joints, like Khau Gali junction, Valentine Cafe, Falahaar, Laxmi Misthan Bhandaar & KR restaurant. As the location of Bapu bazaar is so spectacular, you can book a hotel for a few hours in Jaipur & relax there after an exhausting day of shopping. You can even book an hourly hotel in Ajmer from Jaipur & continue your shopping hunt.

VI. Johri Bazaar

Oxidised Jewellery (Image Source:

Johari Bazaar is 3.6 kilometers & 18 minutes away from Chandpole metro station. Calling Johari bazaar a jewelry market is so apt! You can get a diverse collection of oxidized jewelry, gemstones, and semi-precious stones. The shopkeepers will give you warranty cards with the jewelry purchased. The Collection is available in a range of designs, prices, quality, and warranty periods. In this market, you can buy abstract paintings, handicrafts & handmade furniture.

Traveler Tip- The opening of the Johari bazaar is between 10 am to 11 pm. If you are coming here by bus, stop at Badi chopar bus stop. For a quick break, have your meal at Poddar Misthan Bhandara, KabulChicken Saaji, or Parantha Shop & rest in an hourly hotel in Jaipur. You can even book an hourly hotel in Delhi & travel to Jaipur for its famous street shopping!

Near 'Ajmeri Gate' Bus Stop

VII. Mirza Ismail Road (MI Road)

Blue Pottery Items (Image Source: Pinterest)

Blue Pottery is the specialty of Jaipur. So, what's the tour of Jaipur without shopping for blue pottery items? Pottery has been famous since the times of the rule of Rajput kings. The skilled artisans will use blue-colored intricate designs on the prepared pottery items. You can find a range of blue pottery items available in the shops on MI road. Wall hangings, tumblers, vases, wall clocks, candle stands, statutes, lamps, and dinner sets are some of the blue pottery objects available on MI road.

Traveler Tip- Shops on MI Road are open from 11 am onwards. Satisfy your hunger bangs in Barbeque Nation, the Yellow house & Topaz restaurant on MI road. Don't forget to book a hotel for a few hours in Jaipur for an economical stay here.

That's all for the iconic markets of Jaipur! So, when are you packing your bags & traveling there? What's the first market you want to go to for shopping in Jaipur? Do tell us in the comment section below.