What is MiStay?

Mistay is an online hotel booking platform which allows you to book a hotel room by slots of hours instead of full day. You get flexibility in check-in & check-out time and pay only for the time slots you book. A complete day has been divided into 3 slots:

  • Morning (8 am – 11 am)
  • Day (12 noon – 7 pm)
  • Night (8 pm – 7 am)

You can select one or a combination of multiple slots based on your needs

If I book room for less than a day, do I pay less than the normal full day tariff?

Yes, absolutely. On booking room for less than a day, you pay only a fraction of the full-day tariff.

How can I book a room?

To book a room, you can follow the steps below:

  • Select the city, check-in date, slots, the no. of rooms & guests, and click on ‘Search’
  • Select the hotel of your choice
  • Provide your details at the confirmation box and complete the booking
Can I book multiple consecutive slots together?

Yes. You just need to click on all the consecutive slots for which you want to book the hotel room.

There is 1 hour interval between the slots. If I book the room for multiple consecutive slots, do I need to vacate it during the 1 hour interval?

No. If you have booked multiple consecutive slots together, you do not need to vacate the room during the 1 hour interval between the booked slots. The check-in time of the first slot and check-out time of the last slot will be the period for which the room will be booked for you.

Can I do full day booking at MiStay?

Yes, certainly. You can select any 3 consecutive slots and you’ll be charged only the tariff for one day.

E.g. – If you want to check in 12 noon on 25th April and check out at 11 am on 26th April, you can select the following 3 slots:

  • Day slot of 25th April
  • Night slot of 25th April
  • Morning slot of 26th April
Can I book multiple slots which are not consecutive?

You’ll have to do separate booking for the non-consecutive slots.

The hours for which I require a room does not exactly match with any of the listed slot timings. What shall I do?

We are bringing the first level of flexibility by breaking a day into 3 slots based on the peak requirements. There may still be cases when your timings do not exactly match with the slot timings. We request you to select the slots whose timings are closest to your requirements. It will be at hotels discretion if they can offer you room slightly outside the slot timings depending on availability.

How is MiStay different from other hotel booking websites?
  • Only pay for the time you stay: We advocate fair pricing. Why pay for entire day if you use room only for few hours? At MiStay, you pay only the time-slots you book.
  • Flexibility in check-in & check-out time: You don’t need to wait till 12 noon to check-in. You don’t have to check-out at 11 am if your flight is in late evening. You can select the slots that suit your timings.
  • Delightful Hotel Experience: We only partner with the best hotels. Our hotels’ average rating on TripAdvisor is 4+. We ensure the staff, location, amenities & services at hotel are such that you’ll love to come back.
I want to book room for less than a day in a city not listed in your website. What shall I do?

We are constantly expanding our operations to partner with hotels in new cities so that more people can benefit from our product. In case you don’t find you city in our website yet, do write to sandeep@mistay.in and we’ll try our best to start operations in your city at the earliest