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What is MiStay?
Mistay is an online hotel booking platform which allows you to book a hotel room by slots of hours. You get flexibility in check-in & check-out time and pay only for the time slots you book. A complete day has been divided into 3 slots:
  • Morning (8 am – 11 am)
  • Day (12 noon – 7 pm)
  • Night (8 pm – 7 am)
How do you pronounce MiStay?
MiStay is short for Micro Stay. The pronunciation of MiStay is "maɪsteɪ” or “MyStay”.
How is MiStay different from MakeMyTrip, OYO Rooms, and Goibibo?
MakeMyTrip, Oyo & Goibibo primarily target travelers who are looking for hotels for more than a day or two with their rigid check in & check out time.

MiStay, on the other hand, gives you the flexibility & fairness into hotel bookings letting you select the check-in time as per your requirement and pay for the time you stay at the hotel. We are not the only ones in the market getting eye-raising attention amongst the audience, brands like Brevistay, Stayuncle & Frotels have positioned themselves as couple friendly and challenging the status quo by offering rooms by the hour/slot pricing and promotes microstay in the Indian hospitality industry.
Can I book a room for few hours using MiStay?
Yes, absolutely. We have designed our slots for guests who are looking for hourly hotels and thus by paying only a fraction of the full-day tariff.
In which cities is MiStay currently present?
The network of MiStay hotels includes 800 hotels spread across 75+ cities. We are present in Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mysore, Lucknow, Pune, Kolkata, Jaipur, Goa, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Aurangabad, Nasik, Ooty, Udaipur, Vadodara and many more.
What are the benefits for a business traveler?
MiStay has created an exclusive platform called MiStay for Business travellers who require transit hotels, day use rooms to freshen up before catching a connecting flights/trains with the following benefits:
  1. Flexible check-in and check-out facility
  2. Dedicated Relationship Manager
  3. Discounts and cashbacks catered exclusively for corporate travel needs
Why do people need hotel rooms on an hourly basis?
The concept of providing hotel room to guests on an hourly basis is called micro-stay. Micro-stay concept became famous in Europe during the economic downturn when fewer people were traveling. This concept has gained more attention in India and America from the past few years. Capitalizing on this opportunity MiStay introduced a technology platform that solves the problem of a new age traveler who seeks accommodation for a few hours. MiStay is designed in a way that works best for guests with a long transit layover or business travelers who have scattered meetings. Many hotels located near the airport and stations offer these facilities and are MiStay partner hotels as these guests are willing to pay to spend a few hours in a hotel rather than using the lounge.

Furthermore, we have a diverse portfolio of hotels under our umbrella that we cater to different types of customer like-
  • Backpackers
  • Leisure travelers
  • Bleisure travelers
  • Student travelers
How do I make a booking using MiStay?
Step 1
  • Select your destination, check-in & check-out date, time, no. of guests, rooms required, and click on ‘find hourly hotels’.
Step 2
  • Select the hotel of your choice from the listing page
Step 3
  • Provide your details at the confirmation box and click on “Pay Online” or “Pay @ hotel”.
Step 4
  • You will be directed to the checkout page where you simply have to follow the steps to complete your booking. The checkout process is securely managed by the payment gateway so you’re in safe hands.
Step 5
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you. Keep this email as a reference as it has all the information you need. Check the details carefully to make sure months and dates are correct.
Who do I write to in case I face problems while booking?
Just reach our MiStay Helpline number at +91-9821344568 or drop us a mail at hello@mistay.in and get all your queries answered.
I am unable to make a reservation on the website/app. What should I do?
Send us a request at hello@mistay.in, mentioned the below details and we will revert to you with options as per your requirements.
  1. City, Preferred location
  2. Check-in/ check-out date & slot details
  3. Number of guests, rooms required, any additional requests
I want to check-in at 6 AM in the morning, but there is no slot as per my preferable check-in time.
As per our current slot, we have a night slot from 8 PM and a morning slot from 8 AM. Therefore, early check-in is based on the availability of the rooms at an additional rate as per each hotel policy. We recommend you to contact our MiStay helpline number +91-9821344568 to help you out further.
Will I get free meals with my booking?
You may avail Lunch/Dinner at the hotel and separate billing will be done for that. However, in selected hotels, your breakfast would be inclusive of the rate if you're booking the morning slot.
Can I get an airport pick up & drop facility from the hotel?
Concierge desk of the hotel you have booked can arrange transportation at an additional rate. In case you are unable to connect with them, call us on our MiStay helpline number +91-9821344568, our executives will help you further.
Are visitors allowed in MiStay hotels & will I be charged extra for that?
There are 2 situations here:
  1. If the hotel charges the same rate for single occupancy and double occupancy rooms then you can book the double occupancy room and the visitor will not be charged any amount as the guest has already paid for the same.
  2. However, if the hotel charges different rates for single occupancy and double occupancy rooms then the guest on bringing the visitor along with him/her, needs to pay the respective amount being charged for a particular slot booked in double occupancy room.
Also, If the visitor happens to be female and the guest already booked through the hotel is male or vice versa then some hotels may demand Local IDs or other verification in accordance with the hotel policies mentioned in the hotel policy section of hotel profile page in MiStay website.
Can unmarried couples book a hotel through MiStay?
Yes, absolutely. To identify these hotels, select “Couple friendly” in the filters when searching for a hotel in a city. Whether it be lazy Sundays or valentines day couple retreat. All those occasions for couples are made glamorous yet tranquil by providing short stay hotels with tasteful suites, tranquil swimming pools, and heady ambiance.
What is the minimum age to book an hourly hotel room?
According to Government regulations, you need to be above 18 years of age to be allowed to check-in. However, there are some hotels which have an age limit greater than 18 years. All the above conditions apply equally while booking an hourly hotel room through MiStay.
My partner is below 18 years and does not have an ID proof; can we still make the booking?
No, all the guests checking in must be at least 18 years of age to be able to check into the hotel. And, it is mandatory for guests to present valid photo identification at the time of check-in.
Are MiStay hotels safe and secure for couples?
All the hotels we partner with, understand Indian jurisdiction and abide it with the utmost respect. The safety of the guests while they are staying in the hotel and their belongings are of utmost importance and the hotel management takes the requisite steps in providing a safe and secure environment for the guests not limiting to couples itself.
Can people with local ID book a room at MiStay?
The right to admission of whether to allow local ID holders, unmarried couples always lies with hotels. Even if the hotels accept local ID cards but they think that there’s something suspicious about the guests, they have the right to deny the room. If there is no mention of restrictions related to allowing local IDs or unmarried couples in the hotel policy section of the hotel profile page in our website, it means those hotels accept local ids or unmarried couples. A large network of couple-friendly hotels partnering with MiStay accepts guests with Local ID cards.
How can I modify/amend MiStay booking?
You can easily get in touch with us on our MiStay helpline number +91-9821344568 for any amends. However, booking amendment is the right of the hotel and subject to availability of the room.
Can I provide a photocopy of my ID during check-in?
It is a statutory requirement to show your original identity proof during check-in. The same is verified by the front desk staff at the check-in counter.
If a couple is booking, do you need both the id proofs?
As per the Government regulations, it is mandatory for all guests to show an original identity proof (passport & Visa for foreigners) at the time of check-in.
I’d like to have a room decoration for a special occasion, Is that possible?
Contact us at hello@mistay.in or +91-9821344568 for the possibilities for the celebration of your special occasion.
Is it possible to extend my stay to the next slot?
You can extend your booking subject to availability at the hotel. You can easily get in touch with us on MiStay Helpline number +91-9821344568 for the extension. However, the next slot price is going to be at the discretion of that particular hotel.
Can I request a late check-out?
Late check-out is subject to availability and chargeable. It is advisable to discuss the possibility of this with the Front Office team at the hotel.
Though I have booked the entire slot, I would be staying only for a few hours. Can I be charged according to that?
We are bringing the first level of flexibility by breaking a day into 3 slots based on the peak requirements. There may still be cases when your timings do not exactly match with the slot timings. We request you to select the slots whose timings are closest to your requirements. It will be at hotels discretion if they can offer you room slightly outside the slot timings depending on availability.
Is it ok if I check-in after the standard slot timings that I booked?
Yes, guests have the flexibility to check in within their reserved slot timings, beyond that extension charges will be applicable as per each hotel’s policy.
Where can I find the details of my booking?
On the homepage of the MiStay website, login with your registered mobile number and click over the "My Account" section on the top right and Click on "Upcoming", to view the details of your booking.

In the MiStay App, you can go to the “My Account” then select the "Bookings" section to view the details of your booking. You can also call on our Customer Helpline number to know the status of your booking.
Where can I find the invoice for my stay?
The invoice for your stay will be provided by the hotel during checkout. Make sure you collect it at the hotel.
My invoice has an incorrect amount mentioned with no GST details. What do i do?
According to government regulations, hotels with a tariff below Rs 1,000 a day are exempted from GST. therefore, the invoice will not have GST details. And, for invoice related issues contact our MiStay Helpline number +91-9821344568 and our executives will assist you further.
What are the payment options available while booking on MiStay?
Customers have the option to either make an advance payment or pay at the hotel during check-out. They can make advance payment through the card (debit as well as credit), net-banking or third-party wallet. The wallets accepted on MiStay are Payzapp, Ola Money, Freecharge, SBI Buddy and Vodafone mPesa.
Do you accept international Debit/Credit Cards?
MiStay allows its customers to make payments using all international personal credit and debit cards. This includes Visa, American Express, and MasterCard that is issued outside India.
Why is my online payment transaction failing?
Some reasons for the payment failure could be an unstable internet connection, authorization failure, a delayed notification from the bank or payment gateway failure. However, you need not worry; do let us know via hello@mistay.in or call us on +91-9821344568. We will check the issue and revert to you with the resolution.
I have not received the booking confirmation email after making the payment.
For a booking confirmation to be generated, it is necessary that after making the payment you are redirected back to our app or webpage for us to know that the payment has been made. If during this stage something goes wrong (i.e., power failure, or a slow internet connection) and the connection breaks down, our system won't know that the payment has been made and your account is debited. In such a scenario the booking Id won't be generated.
However, you need not worry; do let us know via hello@mistay.in or call us on +91-9821344568. We will check the issue and revert to you with the resolution.
Can I choose to pay the entire amount at the hotel?
Pay at hotel option is applicable to select hotels with some minimum amount to be paid while booking in order to reserve the room and balance amount to be paid at the hotel.
What is the cancellation policy at MiStay?
All hotels have different cancellation policies with deducting a particular percent of your total booking price based on the time you will cancel your confirmed booking before check-in. The same will be mentioned in the cancellation policy section of the hotel profile page on our website.
How do I cancel my booking?
Canceling MiStay room is as quick and easy. Use any of the following ways to cancel based on the booking channel:
  1. For website: Login into your account, click on “upcoming”, then select 'cancel booking' and state the reason for cancellation.
  2. Android App: Go to “My Account” by clicking on the profile icon you see on the home screen and click on your “bookings” tab, click on “upcoming”, then select 'cancel booking' and state the reason for cancellation.
  3. You can also cancel your booking by calling on our MiStay Helpline number- +91-9821344568 from your registered mobile phone.
I am unable to cancel my booking online. What do I do?
Write to us on hello@mistay.in or call us on MiStay Helpline number +91-9821344568. Our executives will help you cancel your booking.
I have canceled my booking, when can I expect a refund?
After reviewing cancellations, we take at least 5 to 7 business days to process refunds for bookings canceled online.
I just canceled my booking, but it does not show in my bookings page.
Once the booking is canceled it doesn't show in your upcoming or past bookings page. However, you will receive a cancellation number on your registered email id for your future reference.
I still have not received my refund. What do I do?
We're extremely sorry for the delay. Call us on MiStay helpline number +91-9821344568 or drop in a mail to us at hello@mistay.in and let us know your concern. Our team will get back to you pretty soon.