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32 Hourly Hotels in Bhopal
32 Hourly Hotels in Bhopal
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About Bhopal

This city has two sides to it one is the old city with its marketplaces, magnificent mosques and palaces and at the same time new city with its verdant, exquisitely laid out parks and gardens, broad avenues and streamlined modern buildings.

This city was established under Dost Mohammed Khan's name as he took advantage of the Emperor Aurangzeb's death and entrenched his small kingdom called "Bhojpal". The name 'Bhoj' was taken from the king's name and 'pal' signified the number of dams built around the city in that period.

Popularly known as the "City of Lakes" is the city to escape from the unstoppable rat race then do plan your next trip to amazing Bhopal. About the lakes Bhopal itself is named after lakes as it has both natural and artificial lakes in and around the city which soothes your soul. Upper lake, Lower lake, Shahpura lake, Motia talab etc are some of the most celebrated lakes. The scenic beauty from all these lakes are mesmerizing. Sair Sapata which is near to upper lake is truly like it's name which is basically a leisure place where you can get to see delightful attractions, including a musical fountain, a suspension bridge, and a toy train for joyrides. And about the climate in this city, as it is in the centre of the country it experiences a humid subtropical climate with cool, dry winters, a hot summer and a humid monsoon season. Read more...