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16 Hourly Hotels in Lucknow
16 Hourly Hotels in Lucknow
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About Lucknow

Often overlooked by travellers, Lucknow is a hidden warrior. Rightly said by Rosie Llewellyn-Jones Lucknow is a "City of Illusions". This British author visits the city often and has authored many books on the same. And those books are stunning photographic and historical journey through the city.

Also often referred as "Nawabon ka shahar", Lucknow is famous for its traditional cuisine, fine arts and the most courteous people you will ever find in India. It still retains it's its old world charm which is inherited from the Nawabs. The cultural heritage of Lucknow was pretty much influenced by the Nawabs and you find that Nawabi and Mughal touch in every aspect of Lucknow. Be it the mouth-watering cuisines, the lakhnavi classical music or dance forms or the conversation language, everything has a touch of the royal splendor that Lucknow once flourished in.

People in this city are very humble and courtacious and are popularly known for their linguistic capabilities of having a very clean Urdu and Hindi. They are the best linguistically charged people in the whole country. It is the most sophisticated and preserved cultures of the Indian subcontinent, the kingdom of Awadh. The nawab who established Lucknow was Nawab Wazid Ali. Read more...