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18 Hourly Hotels in Noida
18 Hourly Hotels in Noida
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About Noida

Noida is an abbreviation to New Okhla Industrial Development Authority. As per the official data, Noida Authority is one of the richest civic bodies in India. Noida is best known for its modern infrastructure as it is reflects best in class amenities. This is majorly because it is one of the planned cities in India. About the setting-up of the city, it was established during the controversial period when our then prime minister Indira Gandhi had declared emergency. It is also classified under Special Economic Zones.

In terms of climate, Noida experiences extreme weather conditions like if it's summer, then the weather remains hot and the temperature ranges from a maximum of 48 °C to a minimum of 28 °C. And if it is cold then it falls to as low as 3 to 4 °C. The cold waves from the Himalayan region makes the winters in Noida freezy and brisky.

There are numerous of things to do in Noida as the place is packed with green parks, gardens and gaming zones. Though this industrial city doesn't look like it has many resources but it extends a good mix of indoor and outdoor activities that are sufficient to keep you occupied all day. Especially the fun rides at F9 Go Karting & mdash, bowling sessions at Appu Ghar just adjacent to the TGIP mall. For those who are slightly more adventures, Worlds of Wonder and Wonder Speedway are a ultimate way to enjoy a wide range of rides and vibrance around. Read more...