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55 Hourly Hotels in Pune
55 Hourly Hotels in Pune
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About Pune

Origin of the city name "Pune", it is situated on the confluence of mula and mutha rivers. The watersmeet / convergence of two rivers is called as punya. Therefore the name Pune. It is also referred to as Punyanagari.

Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra known as the "Queen of the Deccan," . Surrounded by many enthralling attractions, the city of Pune is highly attractive to many coming from outside, sometimes from even as close Mumbai to enjoy their weekends. Pune is clearly a place to not just spend a weekend in, but probably visit a lot often than that. It also is known for its long history and traditions from having peshwa rule and naming it as city of peshwas till the tilak era.

Punekars are often said to be synonyms for pride as they take pride in every history of theirs and whatever they are now. The city celebrates all their festivals with all their heart out some of the main celebrations being Dhol Tasha. Also as a matter of fact this city is proud about its educational institutions which has named the city as "Oxford of East". For food lovers, Misal Vada pav is something you shouldn't be missing. Being all historic place still it has many modern hubs around the city. Hinjewadi, Yerwada is one of the biggest It parks. Business travelers often fly to these hubs for their business meetings and appreciate the city as it is one of the top cities to grow old in. For business travelers you should opt for hourly hotels for your stay so that you don't unnecessarily pay for the full day at hotels. Read more...