Maharashtra is one of the biggest states in India with rich natural, cultural and geographical landscape. The state is the largest producer of wines in India with the majority of Vineyards in Nashik earning it the title of Wine Capital of India. Then there is Pune which is called the Oxford of the East because of the presence of several well known educational institutes. The state is also rich in Natural resources and is crisscrossed with rivers, mountains, plateaus, forests and varied kind of geographical structures. The western front is bordered by the western ghats running along the coastline and the home to the best regions of the Shyadris range. The state also has a rich cultural heritage and has a significant contribution towards shaping India of today. Home to the great Maratha Chatrapatti Shivaji Maharaj and Bajirao Peshwa, the land of Maharashtra has produced many figures who inspire the younger generation even today. All these factors make Maharashtra a place worth visiting and we are here to help you choose from a plethora of destinations. So here we go with the list of 7 must-visit tourist destinations in Maharashtra.

1. Alibag, Raigad

Alibag is one of the crowd favourite places to visit in Maharashtra. There is the Kulaba fort, Andheri fort and the Murad Jinjara fort which attract the history geeks with its intricate design and massive walls. For the one's who love the sea and beautiful beaches, there is the Nagaon beach, Alibag beach and Varsoli beach. Just stay till evening and watch the sunset on the beaches which is one of the most scenic pictures that will never go away from your mind. The Alibag region becomes most beautiful in the monsoon season. The town goes for a complete change and the colours present a contrast: the turquoise blue water with light green leaves reflecting over it. It is simply the best view you can ask for. Alibag is just 98 km from Mumbai and just a 2-3 hour drive will take you to this awesome beach town.


2. Amboli, Sindhudurg

The Amboli highlands are one of the most unexplored natural places in Maharashtra. In recent times, it has become one of the most frequented places. The highlands lurking into the clouds seem like the throne of Gods and you could feel the ethereal aura in the air. At a distance of 489 km from Mumbai and 345 Km from Pune, Amboli higlands present a wonderful opportunity for a roadtrip. The intoxicating fresh climate and the misty Sahyadri hills cast a spell around Amboli that makes this place a beautiful one and one look in the nearby areas from the top is sure to leave you spellbound. You can watch the sunrise and sunset from the top and never get bored of it. There are also numerous waterfalls lined on the hill that give it a pristine look. If you visit Amboli be sure not to miss Moti Talao, Terekhol Fort, Sagareshwar Beach and Sindhudurg Fort.  


3. Panchgani, Satara

Panchgani is a hill station in Satara district in Maharashtra, India and is about 100 km from Pune and 250 km from Mumbai. The pleasant weather in Panchgani attracts tourists throughout the year. The name Panchgani is derived from the fact that it is nested in the centre of five hills in the Sahyādri mountain ranges. The Krishnā River flows in the valley on which the Dhom Dam has been built which makes the area a highly beautiful one. Panchgani is famous for its lush greenery, pleasant weather, various sunrise and sunset points and astounding views. The place is perfect to get lost in one another and is a spiteful escape from the buzz of the city. Couples barge on to this valley and celebrate your love in Nature's lap. You can leave the comforts of your couple friendly hotel in Pune and you won't regret it even a little bit.


4. Thoseghar Waterfalls, Konkan  

The Thoseghar Waterfalls is located at a distance of 276 km from Mumbai and 133 Km from Pune. If you are coming via road, you have to come via Satara to get to the waterfall. Situated deep amidst the western ghats, the waterfall is a beautiful feat of nature and one gaze at it is sure to leave you awestruck. The prized Jewel of the Konkan area, Thoseghar Waterfall is a rather unexplored destination in Maharashtra that is very less crowded. So if you are looking for a peaceful sojourn in the lap of nature, the waterfall is your goto destination.


5. Lavasa

Lavasa is a city being privately developed in a planned way as India's newest hill station in Mose Valley at a distance of 65 Km from Pune. The city mimics an Italian town Portofino. The city covers 7 hills and has a massive area of 25000 acres making it a perfect combination of natural beauty with modern amenities. The city has a lot to offer from ranging from beautiful hills covered with greenery to hotels, resorts, bridges over lakes and all sorts of an enchanting landscape. Lavasa is the perfect place for you to walk hand in hand with your lover and that too without spending too much. You can rest beside the lake and watch the sun go down the waters and turn the lake red. You can also indulge in a candlelight dinner with your date in the perfect English styled restaurants. Without any doubt, this would be a wonderful and memorable date with your partner. We get it that your couple friendly hotel in Pune is perfect but you can also consider staying a day or two here in Lavasa.


6. Khandala

Who wouldn't remember the iconic song of Aamir Khan "Aati kya Khandala". Khandala is really a beautiful place worth visiting and there is no way anyone can deny coming to Khandala. Pun Intended. Khandala is home to various trekking ranges such as Visapur, Rajmachi, Lohagad and more. If you come to Khandala, do visit Bedsa caves, Duke’s Nose, Karla dam and many more attractions. Khandala is just 80 km and 70 km from Mumbai and Pune respectively. Thus it is an ideal weekend destination for people staying in these cities. However, being close to Lonavla, it is visited by a number of tourists who come to visit Lonavla. If you are visiting Khandala with your partner, book a couple friendly hotel in Mumbai. You can also stay in a couple friendly hotel in Pune depending upon your itinerary.


7. Lonavala

Located on the Mumbai-Pune expressway the popular hill station is the perfect weekend getaway for all the youngsters and families alike from both Pune and Mumbai likewise. The fog rising from the backdrop of Sahyadri hills, waterfalls gushing down on the road, beautiful lakes, reservoirs of huge dams and countless other exotic locations atop the Lonavala hill make this a perfect romantic spot for couples. Lonavla is an excellent spot for campers, hikers, trekkers alike. Photography, camping, rappelling, zip-lining, etc are some of the recreational activities that you can enjoy over your here. The most fun and amazing thing is the night trekking here and camping overnight amidst the starry sky in Lonavala hills provide the best panoramic view of the surroundings. Famous tourist attractions here are Tiger’s Leap, Bushi Dam, Lonavala Lake, Lohagad Fort, Karla Caves. For saving those extra bucks, don't pre-book your entire stay. You will find a plethora of couple-friendly hotels in Pune where you can book hotels by the hour so you can go on to your destination freely. Arrange for your ride and camping and rather stay here overnight and immerse yourself in love amidst the beautiful surrounding and starry sky.


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