Planning a wedding takes months in some cases, though it can even take a year for some couples. Let's face it, it takes A LOT to be "the bride". Nevertheless, the most important thing for any bride is to spend time with her loved ones. The time you spend with your family, friends, and pets is worth it, right?

It is of great importance to enjoy our last few days of singlehood with our girl squad as we say goodbye to our singlehood. Each one of us dreams of planning a bachelorette party someday. Let's plan a bachelorette trip that will be a lot of fun together so we can get a break from wedding preparations. We can rescue you with intimate bachelorette trips.

No one will deny how strange the year 2020 has been for everyone, but couples hoping to get married this season have been severely affected. In addition to the many couples who have postponed their weddings to next year, those who have chosen to go ahead find that they are deviating from their original design plans as a result of the safety regulations and restrictions required for now.

Make note of these expert insights that we have gathered in five key points below, and you will be able to plan just the perfect one for you and your girlfriends. Keep these points in mind to plan just the perfect one.

1. Prioritize Safety

Our sense of hygiene provides an important component of our well-being now, and we do not need to be told that. Ensure the company's website features the latest safety procedures and only shortlist those that best comply with state and federal safety guidelines. Hotel staff have been trained in special safety programmes, and they are strictly maintaining all hygiene procedures after reopening after the lockdown. Touchpoints need to be cleaned and hand sanitizers installed at strategic spots, masks are required, guest service areas need to be regularly disinfected, and social distancing must be observed, among other things are some of the key features.

Source: Hospitality Net

2. Make it Small and Cozy

Without all your girlfriends, and maybe even a few relatives and cousins, a bachelorette trip is impossible! For now, you should keep it small and intimate because larger groups will be challenging to handle on your part, and much of the venue won't permit them.

Source: Wedding Sutra

3. Pick an accessible destination

There is a likelihood that Indians will be unable to travel internationally for some time, either due to closures or difficulties generated by international travel regulations. Due to relaxed quarantine rules and the reopening of borders, more women are going to make the most of the opportunity to initiate a road trip to nearby destinations that will provide a fun, yet intimate bachelorette experience. By choosing a destination that is convenient for all of your group members, you'd also have less time wasted on annoying logistics and more time to enjoy your bachelorette weekend.

Source: Travel Triangle

4. Choose A Standalone Villa

In contrast to a large resort or hotel with hundreds of guests, a smaller, standalone hotel is more likely to follow all safety protocols and provide a more intimate and personalized experience. Recently, a plethora of such standalone properties have popped up all over India, many of which boast stunning settings and world-class amenities and services. Just choose the option that best meets your needs.

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5. Have Engaging Experiences

It might be necessary to go wild with party games at a bachelorette party, in addition to drinking and dancing. However, the current climate makes it hard for such traditional must-dos to be undertaken. Instead, it is best to engage in more compelling and wholesome activities. Maybe you can have picnics and treks, which are also really fun. Adventure sports are also fun with your girlfriends. These can be followed by cocktail evenings and some dancing.

Source: The Urban List

So these were some basic tips if you are planning a bachelorette post lockdown, or for that matter, any type of trip. Also, if you are interested in hourly hotels booking, go check them out at MiStay’s website, India’s largest hotel booking platform.

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